Thursday, April 4, 2013

Camp has begun!

Well, we're four days into camp, and I'm ahead of schedule.  I challenged myself to write 30k words this month, and I'm already over 5k.  Having the list of plot points that I wrote last month is really coming in handy.  I'm just writing random scenes from that list in whatever order I feel like it, and I'll fit them into the manuscript later.  I don't feel rushed or stressed this time, and I think the time I spent preparing for it was really worth it.  Of course, already knowing what the book was about and being familiar with the characters and setting help too.

The weight loss has really slowed down, but that's because I had several days of eating off-plan, but I'm back on target now.  It really does make a difference!

My sleep pattern has totally switched again.  I'm staying up all night and usually crashing in the afternoon and waking in the evening.  Not good for me, and it sure makes the day fly by quickly.  I wake up, and soon afterwards, everyone is ready for bed.  I'm getting good writing time in, but I don't want to mess up my health.

Had a dream the other day in which I was walking down the grassy median in a street pushing a cart, like a shopping cart, but different.  At one point, I "woke up" (in my dream) and was just standing there with my cart while traffic went by.  I truly hope that doesn't mean I'm going to end up as a bag lady!  I don't think it meant that, as the cart wasn't filled with my only belongings.  I had been shopping or was moving something from one place to my home/new home.

Still working on the map of the town in my book, but I did finish designing the block that her shop is on.  Trust me, it looks great :)

Back to work...

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