Wednesday, March 27, 2013

5 Days 'til Camp

Camp's coming up just around the corner, and I'm really looking forward to it, though I am a little stressed.  We can choose our own word count goal this time, and I'm going for 30k words rather than 50k.  That should give me some free time to continue the plotting and editing that I've been working on this month.  

When I began the book in NaNo 2011, I pantsed it.  For those of you who aren't familiar with the term, it means that I flew by the seat of my pants without doing any planning or plotting beforehand.  This time, I'm plotting.  It seems to make more sense, since I am now well-acquainted with the characters and the plot and basically know where I'm going with it.

I've filled many pages of my book journal with notes, to-do lists, character lists, and plot points that I want to hit and have been busy researching different topics for the book.  Research is wonderfully fun, but I can get lost for an hour at a time just learning about one thing, and I have to drag myself back to the work.

Our cabinmates have been assigned, and though I was able to get into a cabin with one writing buddy, the other one that I requested got sorted into a different cabin, but we have not abandoned her.  We've set up a group where the three of us can stay in touch through camp, which would be difficult otherwise, since we are all in different time zones.  It's great fun exploring our little world, and I look forward to exciting times ahead.

I have an almost full jar of coffee, boxes of Crystal Light Peach Iced Tea, a variety of herbal teas, and Russell Stover's Sugar Free Chocolate to keep me going through camp.  Now if I can only stock up on some Honey Crisp apples!

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