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Books Read - February 2019

Bradbury, Laura
  • My Grape Escape *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Grape memoir series.  Laura and Francke buy a dilapidated stone cottage to renovate in order to rent it out to vacationers.

  • My Grape Paris *****
Fiction.  Second in the Grape memoir seres.  Laura is in her third year of college and taking a year studying at the Sorbonne.  She’s wondering where their relationship is going and whether Franck will be returning to Montreal with her at the end of the year or if he will be staying in Paris without her.

  • My Grape Village *****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Grape memoir series.  Laura and Francke and their two young daughters move back to France to renovate another rental cottage and also to buy their own home in Burgundy.  The girls starts school at Sacre Coeur, where Laura had spent her one exchange year in high school.

  • My Grape Wedding *****
Fiction.  Third in the Grape memoir series.  Laura and Francke are in England, while Laura finishes her first year as a law student at Oxford.  They’re engaged now, but Laura is too busy stressing over school to concentrate on their upcoming wedding in Burgundy.  

Cleeland, Anne
  • Murder in Hindsight ****
Fiction.  Third in the New Scotland Yard police thriller series.  Doyle has been approached by Savoie, the French gangster, who tells her not to trust Acton.  Williams has also told Doyle the same thing.  Acton still holds secrets from her, and when he takes up with a newspaper woman determined to be the next Lady Acton, Doyle is angered but determined to trust him.

  • Murder in Retribution ****
Fiction.  Second in the New Scotland Yard police thriller series.  Deaths in the Russian and Irish mob are still happening, and Acton and Doyle are on the trail of the killers.  But Doyle suspects not all of the victims were killed by the mob.  Perhaps one was killed by her own husband in retaliation for an attempt on her life.

  • Murder in Thrall ****
Fiction.  First in the New Scotland Yard police thriller.  DCI Doyle has been handpicked to work with DI Acton but has no idea he has been forming an attachment to her.  In the midst of several related murders, Doyle becomes a target.

Coehlo, Paulo
  • Veronika Decides to Die ***
Fiction.  A young woman decides to kill herself but ends up at a mental asylum where she gets to know the other patients.  Her doctor tells her she has only a week to live, because the overdose she took adversely affected her heart, so she determines to figure out who she really is and what her purpose in life is.

Davenport, Kiana
  • Song of the Exile *
Fiction.  Dismal tale of the atrocities suffered by prisoners at the hands of their guards in concentration camps.  Had nothing to do with the Hawaiian culture.

Dennison, Hannah
  • Murder at Honeychurch Hall **
Fiction.  A woman travels to Devon to talk her mother into moving back to London but gets embroiled in a murder case where everyone is lying.  Couldn’t stand the mother, rude and obnoxious and a ditz.

Edwards, Martin
  • The Coffin Trail ****
Fiction.  An Oxford don and his partner leave the big city to buy an old cottage in the Lake District.  He remembers the cottage from a short period of time that he spent there as a child.  His friend, Barrie, lived in that cottage, but when a woman is found murdered, Barrie is suspected of being the killer.  But Barrie died that same night.

Garrett, Danielle
  • Newly Wed and Slightly Dead ****
Fiction.  Second in the Touch of Magic paranormal cozy mystery series.  Anatasia is working on a wedding for a high-society vampire and his human fiancee.  The groom’s mother is very much against the wedding, but when she turns up dead at the rehearsal dinner, the bride is suspect number one.

Hanna, H.Y.
  • Dark Witch & Creamy ****
Fiction.  First in the Bewitched by Chocolate paranormal mystery series.    Caitlyn travels to the small Cotswold village of Tillyhenge to try to find information about her birth family.  She had been found as an infant on the side of the road and adopted by an American singer who recently passed away.  In Tillyhenge, Caitlyn is drawn into a murder mystery, during which she discovers magic and possibly the secrets surrounding her birth.

  • Witch Mocha Morsel ****
Fiction.  Book 2.5 in the Bewitched by Chocolate paranormal cozy series.  Caitlyn chases after Nibs, who runs off into the forest at night.  She traces him to a cave under a bridge and finds herself face to face with a troll.

Hannah, Mari
  • The Murder Wall ***
Fiction.  First in the Kate Daniels police mystery series.  A serial killer is on the loose, and Kate and her team are working hard to identify and stop him.  When her former lover becomes a possible suspect, Kate works without the bounds of the law to try and rescue her.

Harper, Karen
  • Shattered Secrets *****
Fiction.  First in the Cold Creek mystery trilogy.  Tess returns to Cold Creek to sell her mother’s house, but she’s terrified of the memories, or lack of memories, she has of being abducted as a child.  When another child go missing, Tess works with the local sheriff to try to find her.

Heckart, Kelley
  • Cat’s Curse ****
Fiction.  First in the Dark Goddess fantasy trilogy.  Cardea was a high priestess of Astarte many centuries ago, but she has been cursed to spend the rest of her days as a bloodsucker who must stay out of the sunlight.  Aedan is a prince whose clan has been cursed by Cat Anna to turn into a cat if he ever touches a woman.  Cardea and Aedan meet and fall in love, but their relationship is doomed from the beginning.

Hoffman, Alice
  • At Risk ****
Fiction.  A family is struck by tragedy when their 11-year-old daughter contracts AIDS through a blood transfusion.  Each member of the family has a different reaction and coping method, but they’re trying to keep the family together.

Lackey, Mercedes
  • A Tangled Web *****
Fiction.  Tangle tale of the Gods of Olympus, a Valkyrie, and her mortal husband.  Persephone is in love with Hades, but Demeter is trying to keep Persephone safe at home.  Hades comes up with a plan to have his love join him in the Underworld.

Larmer, C.A.
  • The Agatha Christie Book Club ****
Fiction.  First in the Agatha Christie Book Club cozy mystery series.  Alicia decides to start a book club featuring her favorite author, Agatha Christie, but when reality begins to follow fiction, the whole club is swept up in an investigation.

  • Evil Under the Stars ***
Fiction.  Third in the Agatha Christie Book Club cozy mystery series.  The club attends a cinema in the park, but when a body is found just a few feet away, they jump into the investigation despite the police warnings to stay out of it.

  • Murder on the Orient (SS) ****
Fiction.  Second in the Agatha Christie Book Club cozy mystery series.  The club is on a 4-day cruise from Sydney to Auckland, when the wife of the captain is lost at sea.  It is unknown whether she committed suicide, it was an accident, or is was murder.

Martin, Faith
  • The Birthday Mystery ***
Fiction.  First in the Jenny Starling cozy mystery series.  Jenny is a traveling cook who is hired to cater a birthday party for a wealthy set of twins at The Beeches.  On the morning before she arrives, a body is found in the pond, but the party is still scheduled to happen.  When both of the twins are poisoned, Jenny assists the local coppers in solving the murder. 

  • The Winter Mystery ****
Fiction.  Second in the Jenny Starling cozy mystery series.  Jenny has been hired to cook at a farm over the Christmas holiday.  Two brothers run the farm, along with the younger generation.  One of the brothers, Sid, is a very kind, caring person.  His younger brother, Stan, on the other hand is feared by everyone.  When Sid is found dead at the kitchen table, Jenny steps in to help the police discover the murderer.

Swan, Penelope
  • The Netherfield Affair ****
Fiction.  Fan fiction of the Pride and Prejudice world.  Elizabeth Bennett travels to the next mansion to care for her ailing sister.  While there she uncovers the theft of jewelry, though she is thought to be a suspect herself by her hosts.

Vanderah, Glendy
  • Where the Forest Meets the Stars *****

Fiction.  Jo’s cancer is in remission, and she’s getting caught up with her graduate studies by spending the summer doing research in southern Illinois.  She’s staying at a cabin owned by a professor, and one evening she is surprised to see a young girl hanging around the cabin.  She tries to get the girl to go home, but the girl insists she is an alien from the Pinwheel Galaxy and cannot go home until she witnesses five miracles.

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Reading Challenges 2019

Total books for the year

2019 - 61/100
2018 - 339/100<b>completed</b>
2017 - 347/100 <b>completed</b>
2016 - 136/100 <b>completed</b>
2015 - 276/100 <b>completed</b>
2014 - 206/100 <b>completed</b>
2013 - 134/100 <b>completed</b>
2012 - 104/100 <b>completed</b>
2011 - 156/100 <b>completed</b>


2019 My Ancestry Around the World 1/12
Read at least one fiction and one non-fiction set in each location.

I always choose four or five reading challenges for the year, but this year I decided to combine several and to also do something different.  I’m fascinated by genealogy and DNA and studying different cultures, so I’ve chosen twelve cultures that my own ancestors lived in to read about.  A fictional book set in each location, as well as a non-fiction to learn more about the cultures.

F - 
NF - Hawaii’s Story by Hawaii’s Queen by Liliuokalani

F - 
NF - Philippines Culture Smart! by Graham Colin-Jones

F - 
NF - Spain Culture Smart! by Belen Aguado Viguer

F - 
NF - My Grape Year by Laura Bradbury
France Culture Smart! by Barry Tomalin

F - Rising Tide by Susan Roebuck
NF - 

F - The Invisible Guardian by Dolores Redondo
NF - 

F - 
NF - China Culture Smart! by Kathy Flower

Puerto Rico
F - The House on the Lagoon by Rosario Ferre
NF - 

F - Cuba Libre by Elmore Leonard
NF - 

F - 
NF - Ghana Culture Smart! by Ian Utley

F - 
NF - Italy Culture Smart! by Barry Tomalin

F -
NF - Norway Culture Smart! by Linda March

2019 Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell Books 0/13

1. Man and His Symbols by Carl G. Jung
  1. Memories, Dreams, Reflections by Carl G. Jung
  2. The Red Book: A Reader’s Edition by Carl G. Jung
4, The Portable Carl Jung by C.G. Jung and Joseph Campbell
5, The Hero with a Thousand Faces by Joseph Campbell
6, The Power of Myth by Joseph Campbell
7. The Hero’s Journey by Joseph Campbell
8, Goddesses: Mysteries of the Feminine Divine by Joseph Campbell
9. Primitive Mythology by Joseph Campbell
10. Occidental Mythology by Joseph Campbell
11. Oriental Mythology by Joseph Campbell
12. Creative Mythology by Joseph Campbell
13. The Way of the Animal Powers by Joseph Campbell

Read 100 books already in my iCloud 0/100

Books Read - December 2018

Charles, Ann
  • Don’t Let It Snow in Deadwood *****
Fiction.  Tenth in the Deadwood Humorous cozy mystery series.  The kids and Aunt Zoe are already at Violet’s parents’ house in Rapid City, but Violet, Doc, Harvey, Nat, and Cornelius are stuck in the snow on the way there.  Reid and Coop come to the rescue in a snowcat, but Violet’s worried that her sister Susan will ruin Christmas all the same.

Craney, Glen
  • The Fire and the Light ****
Fiction.  The Catholics have condemned the Cathars, and Esclarmonde de Foix has been caught up in the ongoing battle to save her people.

Flowers, R. Barri
  • Dead in Pukalani **
Fiction.  First in a mystery series.  The main character, a private investigator, is hired to find out who killed a woman’s sister. The sister was involved in gunrunning but was also having an affair with a married man, so there are many suspects.

Galenorn, Yasmine
  • The Longest Night ***
Fiction.  Short story in the Starwood pagan series.  

  • A Shadow of Crows *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Wild Hunt urban fantasy series.  Ember is shocked to find out that Herne has a daughter that he’s never known about, and as they’re getting acquainted with her, they’re in search of a missing man whose fiancee has come to them for help.

Garrett, Danielle
  • One Bad Witch ***
Fiction.  Ninth in the Beechwood Harbor Witch cozy mystery series.  Holly gets an extra assignment by the SPA to keep an eye on a new resident at the manor.  When the new resident takes up with Nick, Holly is torn between doing her job and keeping her friendship.

  • Tide Dance ****
Fiction.  Tenth in the Beechwood Harbor Witch cozy mystery series.  A mysterious girl appears in town and needs Holly’s help.  She’s a selkie and has lost her pelt.

  • When Good Ghosts Get the Blues ****
Fiction.  Third in the Beechwood Harbor Ghost cozy mystery series.  All she wants is a quiet romantic vacation with her boyfriend in New Orleans, but when a man is killed and the only witness is a ghost, her boyfriend is the prime suspect.

Goddin, Nell
  • The Third Girl ****
Fiction.  First in the Molly Sutton mystery series set in France.  Molly is newly divorced and has moved to a village in southern France where she’s bought a house with a rental cottage on the property.  A young woman attending the local art school has disappeared, and it turns out she is the third one who has gone missing in the past several years.  When the girl’s parents rent Molly’s cottage for their stay, she is drawn into the mystery.

Hoover, Colleen
  • Verity *****
Fiction.  A mediocore writer is hired to finish the last three books in a series by an incapacitated well-known author who was in a car accident.  She travels to the author’s home to go through her  records and acquaint herself with Verity’s books, but when she finds an autobiography, she realizes the horrifying truth.

Kinsey, T.E.
  • In the Market for Murder ***
Fiction.  Second in the Lady Hardcastle mystery series.  Lady Hardcastle and her main, Armstrong, are asked by the local constable to assist in a robbery case at the rugby center.  While solving that case, they are drawn into the larger mystery of a murdered man.

Lavene, Joyce
  • Dae’s Christmas Past ****
Fiction. Sixth in the Missing Pieces cozy mystery series.  Demon horses are called forth to kill humans in Duck, and Dae has to face an old shaman to rid the town of the beasts.

  • A Finder’s Fee ****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Missing Pieces cozy mystery series.  Dae puts on an antique amber necklace and connects to Maggie, a tavern wench who lived 400 years ago.  Maggie begs Dae to help her retriever her bones so they can be buried next to her pirate lover.  The mayoral election is drawing near, but when Dae finds an old race car belonging to her opponent while searching for Maggie’s bones, she also uncovers the skeleton of a race car driver that sends her opponent to jail.

  • A Haunting Dream ***
Fiction.  Fourth in the Missing Pieces cozy mystery series.  Kevin’s fiancee who he hasn’t seen in several years has shown up in town and puts the breaks on Kevin’s and Dae’s relationship.  A young girl goes missing, and several men have been murdered.  Dae is busy campaigning for re-election the next year.

  • A Spirited Gift ***
Fiction.  Third in the Missing Pieces cozy mystery series.  A fierce storm brews through town and brings a pirate ghost who needs Dae’s help.  During a meeting of mayors at the Blue Whale Inn, one of them is killed, and Dae needs her ghost relative to help her solve that msytery.

  • A Timely Vision ***
Fiction.  First in the Missing Pieces cozy mystery series.  An elderly woman is murdered on the beach, and when her sister is accused of the crime, the mayor stands up to the police chief and refuses to let her be taken into custody.

  • A Touch of Gold ***
Fiction.  Second in the Missing Pieces cozy mystery series.  Dae touches a piece of old gold, which leads her on a quest to solve a murder and to find a missing person that everyone thought was dead.

  • A Watery Death ****
Fiction. Seventh in the Missing Pieces cozy mystery series.  Merfolk appear in Duck after the captain of a gambling ship is found murdered, and Dae must prove their innocence.

Leigh, Lora
  • Shattered Legacy ***
Fiction.  First in the Legacies erotic fantasy series.  Four daughters of a sorcerer marry four immortal warriors.  An evil being, Jonar, is out to capture his granddaughter, one of the daughters.  The warriors set forth to beat him in battle.

Levy, Marc
  • The Last of the Stanfields ****
Fiction.  Set in England, France, the US, and Canada, this mystery spans several generations and bounces back and forth between the 40’s, the 80’s, and the present time.  Beginning during the second world war with a young American pilot who crash lands in France, missing art and several love affairs tell a fascinating tale.

MacInerney, Karen
  • Iced Inn ****
Fiction.  Ninth book in the Gray Whale Inn cozy mystery series set on Cranberry Island in Maine.  Gwen’s wedding is just a few days away, and the in-laws and wedding guests are showing up to the inn.  In town, someone has stolen all of the toys people have donated for a fundraiser, and it’s up to Nat to find them.

Neal, Toby
  • Wired Courage *****
Fiction.  Eighth in the Paradise Crime thriller series.  Sophie gives birth to her daughter Momi, only to have her ripped from her side by her evil mother, Pim Wat.  Pim Wat plans to keep Momi for her own, but Sophie and her cadre of fighting men, headed by Jake and Connor, rush to find and save her.

Obama, Michelle
  • Becoming *****
Non-fiction.  The story of America’s first black First Lady, an amazing woman who has led an amazing life, and who continues to give back to the people of this country.

Pandian, Gigi
  • The Accidental Alchemist *****
Fiction.  First in the Accidental Alchemist series.  Zoe has been running for years, but settling in Portland is her shot at a normal life, or so she thinks.  When she opens one of her shipping crates, expecting to find some alchemical ingredients, she finds a stone gargoyle, one who comes to life right in front of her.

  • Artifact ****
Fiction.  First in the Jaya Jones mystery series.  Jaya’s ex-boyfriend sends her a mysterious and very old ruby bracelet for safekeeping.  When she finds out that he has been killed, she travels to Scotland to find out what really happened and where the bracelet came from.

  • The Masquerading Magician *****
Fiction.  Second in the Accidental Alchemist series.  A traveling magic show has come to town, and Zoe suspects the magician of being an alchemist.  Hoping he’ll be able to help her decipher the codes in Dorian’s book, she unwittingly lets her secret be known.

  • Pirate Vishnu ****
Fiction.  Second in the Jaya Jones mystery series.  Jaya receives a treasure map from a man who is murdered that night.  It leads her on an adventure to India and back to San Francisco.  The mysterious Lane appears once again to save her life but soon disappears again.

  • Quicksand ****

Fiction.  Third in the Jaya Jones mystery series.  Lane sends a first-class plane ticket to Jaya, and she jumps at the chance to visit Paris even though the school semester has just started.  When she arrives at the hotel, she finds out that the ticket hadn’t come from Lane, it was from a man named North, the man Lane had been hiding from for years.  He coerces Lane and Jaya to help him steal a treasure from Mont St. Michel, but an encounter with a rising tide brings danger to them all.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Books Read - November 2018

Allan, Barbara
  • Antiques Maul ***
Fiction. Second in the Antiques cozy mystery series.  Mother and daughter decide to run a stall at a local antiques mall.  When the owner of the mall is killed and her dog is the suspect.  Mother and daughter work together to solve the mystery.

Amitrani, Riley
  • The Haunting of Alfred House **
Fiction.  A young couple move into a house only to find it already inhabited by a taxidermist and his subjects.

  • The Haunting of Carver’s Arms Pub ***
Fiction.  A rash of burglaries in a small village bring two out of town police officers to investigate.  When the ghost of a murdered woman announces her presence, an old crime is finally solved.

  • The Haunting of Excelsior Hotel ****
Fiction.  A hotel has an infamous reputation that everyone who stays in room 33 ends up dead, but when a young woman is desperate for a place to stay, the hotel owner agrees to rent her the room.

  • The Haunting of Luciano House **
Fiction.  A childless couple moves to their dream house in England, where they run into the ghosts of an angry man who killed his wife.

  • The Haunting of Magnolia House **
Fiction.  A little girl has gone missing, but years later when a new couple move into the house they realize she’s still there.

  • The Haunting of Perry Property ***
Fiction.  A young pregnant woman moves to a lovely little cottage not knowing that it was once the site of a cult’s mass murder.

  • The Haunting of Prescott House **
Fiction.  Three college girls rent an abandoned mansion to study up for their exams.  They don’t know a family was murdered there years ago until the ghosts come calling for revenge.

  • The Haunting of Sanderson Mansion ***
Fiction.  A family moves into a home where a man and his mistress were once murdered, and when the homeowner begins having affairs of his own, the dead mistress comes calling.

  • The Haunting of Shawcroft House ****
Fiction.  A couple renovates an old school only to find that the ghosts of the children are coming after them.  

  • The Haunting of Sunnyday House ***
Fiction.  When a former POW returns home to find his wife remarried, he murders the whole family.  When a college freshman is hired to dog sit, she finds that the POW is still roaming the house.

  • The Haunting of Westmore Hospital ***
Fiction.  A mad doctor is responsible for six murders, and years later when a young woman ends up in the hospital, he comes calling again.

  • The Haunting of Woodchester Mansion **
Fiction.  A young couple set up shop at an abandoned mansion to see if they can draw out any spirits who happen to live there.  They do.

Aukes, Rachel
  • The Tidy Guide to Writing a Novel ***
Non-fiction. Guide to writing a nonvel.

Avey, Sydney
  • The Lyre and the Lambs ***
Fiction.  Sequel to The Sheep Walker’s Daughter.  A Basque woman moves into her daughter’s house and tells the story of a troubled young man who dies in the back yard.

Black, J. Carson
  • Dark Side of the Moon ***
Fiction.  Second in the Laura Cardinal police procedural.  A young couple is murdered by a lake, and Laura is called in to solve the case.  A group of ecoterrorists steals plutonium waste, and when the two cases come together, Laura is caught up in the race to solve the crimes.

Bledsoe, Alex
  • Back Atcha ****
Fiction.  Third in the Witch Tales series.  Tanna and Ry are involved in three more cases.

  • The Book of Cunning Women *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Witch Tales series.  Tanna and Ry are involved in three cases.

  • Croaked *****
Fiction.  Second in the Witch Tales series.  Tanna and Ry get involved in three new cases.

  • The Hum and the Shiver *****
Fiction.  First in the Tufa fantasy series.  Bronwyn is a war hero newly returned home to Needsville, Tennessee, but not everyone is glad she’s home.  As she recuperates from her vast injuries, and old boyfriend comes calling.  The family has receives signs that a death is coming for one of them, but when it happens, Bronwyn is fired up to see justice done in the Tufa way.

  • Sight for Sore Eyes ****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Witch Tales series.  Tanna and Ry are back for three new stories.

  • Time of the Season ****
Fiction.  Three short stories, one standalone, one in the Tufa series, and one in the Witch Tales series.

  • The Firefly Witch ****
Fiction.  First in the Firefly Witch story collection.  Ry Tully interviews the Firefly Witch for his newspaper, and she asks for his help in doing some research.  They fall in love.

Brackston, Paula
  • Return of the Witch *****
Fiction.  Sequel to The Witch’s Daughter.  Tegan is living in Willow Cottage not realizing that Gideon has returned and is hunting her.  Elizabeth returns hunting Gideon and is hoping to save Tegan.

  • The Winter Witch ****
Fiction.  A young mute woman is married off to a widowed drover, and while she has powers of her own, she runs into trouble from one who is even more powerful and wants what she has.

  • The Witches of the Blue Well ***
Fiction.  Short story of a young girl who loses almost everything before coming into her own power as a witch.

  • The Witch’s Daughter *****
Fiction.  Elizabeth is being hunted as a witch, but she can’t let herself be caught, so she escapes in the only way she knows how.  Three hundred years later, she’s working as a doctor, but there’s a warlock hunting her who won’t stop until she is his.

Charles, Anne
  • A Bunch of Monkey Malarkey ****
Fiction.  Second in the AC Silly Circus paranormal series.  Madam Electra and Bruno have to solve the mystery of one of the monkey brothers being stuck in a catatonic state after a half-finished spell has gone crazy.  

Clarke, Alexandria
  • Missed Connections Book 0 ****
Fiction.  First in a trilogy.  Veronica Bauer is taking revenge on the men who raped her and murdered her mother years ago.  When she finds herself in trouble with the police, an old friend comes to her aid.

  • Missed Connections Book 1 ****

  • Missed Connections Book 2 ****

  • The Professor Book 0 ****
Fiction  First in a trilogy.  A woman working on her Master’s degree gets caught up in an on-campus secret society that enables the rich and powerful.  Before too long she finds her life and that of her boyfriend in danger.

  • The Professor Book 1 ****

  • The Professor Book 2 ****

Coyle, Cleo
  • Through the Grinder ***
Fiction.  Second in the Coffeehouse cozy mystery series.  Clare manages the Village Blend coffeehouse, but when three of her customers end up dead from apparent suicides, which the police believe might be homicides, and her new boyfriend is the main suspect, Clare goes out of her way to prove him innocent.

Crabtree, Elisabeth
  • Deadly Magic ***
Fiction.  First in a cozy mystery series.  A woman working at a toy store gets swept into a murder mystery and becomes a target for the murderer.

Creech, Sarah
  • Season of the Dragonflies ***
Fiction.  Magical realism story of a family of women who run a perfume company using magical flowers.  Selling it only to wealthy women, the perfume has special attributes.

Crosby, Bette Lee
  • Memory House ***
Fiction.  First in the Memory House series.  Annie is getting over her failed relationship with Michael and is looking for something new in her life when she finds Ophelia and the Memory House.  She finds she has a lot in common with the older woman, and they form a close friendship, which ends up changing Annie’s life for the better.

Galenorn, Yasmine
  • Fury’s Mantle ****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Fury Unbound urban fantasy series.  Fenrir the Wolf has returned to the world and is bringing on Ragnarok.  They lycanthropes are rampaging through the forest and villages, and Lord Tam decided to return the Underbarrow to the Shining Lands.

Gruley, Bryan
  • Bleak Harbor ***

Fiction.  A teenager is kidnapped in a small town, and there are many suspects, but no one suspects the one person it truly was.  A genius on the autism spectrum.