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Books Read - September 2019

Alabaster, Stacey
  • Bitten on the Beach ***
Fiction.  Eighth in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series.  Alyson wants to run for mayor, but a misguided accusation can spell her downfall. When two people are supposedly killed by a shark, the town reacts out of fear and sets out to cull the sharks.  Alyson wants to prove the victims were murdered, but not by a shark.

  • Bodies on the Beach ***
Fiction.  First in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series set in Australia.  Claire returns to her hometown to figure out what she wants to do with the bookshop her grandmother has left her, but she knows she’s only in town for a few days then will return to her high-profile life in Sydney.  Alyson has missed her old best friend since she moved away, and when she finds a dead body, she turns to Claire to help her.

  • A Deadly Development ***
Fiction.  Second in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series.  A real estate developer plans on building a mall and cinema in Eden Bay, and Alyson attends a protest at the construction site when a fellow protester is killed.  Alyson once again recruits Claire to help her solve the crime.

  • Dying for an Education ***
Fiction.  Tenth in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series.  Alyson spends a week at university trying out different classes to see if she really wants to enroll the next semester, but when a well-liked professor is killed, she is determined to find the murderer.

  • Homicide on the Hunt ****
Fiction.  Sixth in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series.  A treasure hunt is being held, and Alyson teas up with Toby, while Claire and Matt form a team.  But when last year’s winner is found dead at the first clue, the women are torn between following the hunt clues, and following the clues to the murderer.

  • Marriage and Murder ****
Fiction.  Eleventh in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series.  Claire agrees to host a wedding in her bookstore, but the bride disappears, then the groom is found dead in the alley.  The ladies are determined to find the killer, and Claire and Matt have some talking to do about their own impending wedding.

  • Milkshake Murder ***
Fiction.  Ninth in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series.  Matt serves a customer a milkshake that kills him, and the ladies join forces to find the truth and save Matt’s job.

  • Murder and Manuscripts ***
Fiction.  Fifth in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series.  When a member of Claire’s book club is found dead in her shop, she begs Alyson for help in finding the culprit.

  • Slaying at Sea ***
Fiction.  Third in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series.  Alyson finds the survivor of a shipwreck the day after she finds part of the boat in the water.  When Claire finds a dead body who turns out to have been on the same boat, they begin to wonder if it was actually a crime instead of an accident.

  • Slaying in Sydney ****
Fiction.  Seventh in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series.  Alyson is entered in an international surfing competition in Sydney, and Claire goes along for the trip, but when the woman in the next room is found dead, the women are pressed into discovering the murderer.

  • Surfboards and Suspects ****
Fiction.  Twelfth in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series.  Alyson is getting ready for her wedding, but a cruise ship is stranded in town to have a gas leak fixed and the passengers are rooming with the townsfolk.  When one of them steals one of her surfboards, Alyson and Claire chase him onto the cruise ship, only for him to be killed and the ladies are suspected of his murder.

- A Time for Murder ***
Fiction.  Fourth in the Hang Ten cozy mystery series.  A time capsule is dug up that contains a threatening letter addressed to Alyson claiming that someone she knows will die within a week.  Fearing for Claire and for her family, Alyson is determined to find out who wrote that note before someone gets killed.

Collins, Danielle
  • A Body Below Ground ***
Fiction.  Fourth in the Hearts Grove cozy mystery series.  Henrietta visits a friend who is having trouble and receiving threats in the mail. She works for the Port Angeles Underground Museum and Tunnels, and when a worker is found murdered, Henrietta has to save her friend from jail.

  • Break-ins and Bloodshed ***
Fiction.  Second in the Hearts Grove cozy mystery series.  People are breaking into wealthy home and robbing them, and Henrietta and Ralph go in search of the robbers.

  • Heirlooms and Homicide **
Fiction.  First in the Hearts Grove cozy mystery series.  Henrietta and Ralph find a missing girl and open a puzzle box.

  • Lights Out at the Lighthouse ***
Fiction.  Third in the Hearts Grove cozy mystery series.  A lighthouse owner is killed, and his daughter seeks out Henrietta and Ralph to solve the mystery.

Cromer, T.M.
  • Summer Magic ***
Fiction.  First in the Thorne Witches paranormal romance series.  Summer has been in love with the sheriff since they were children, but after he rejected her in high school she vows to never let him hurt her again. 

Galenorn, Yasmine
  • Witching Bones *****
Fiction.  Second in the Witching Hour urban fantasy series.  Raven is still having problems with her neighbors, but there is also a land wight lurking in the park that she needs to get rid of.

Garratt, Charlie
  • A Shadowed Livery ****
Fiction.  First in the James Gavin crime series set in England.  A mother shot her son then shot herself.  The son’s fiancee commits suicide.  But all is not what it seems, and James has to finagle his way through all the clues to discover the culprit.

Hamilton, M.L.
  • Murder on Alcatraz *****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Peyton Brooks crime series.  Someone is killing child molesters, and when the team heads out to find the murderer, they put themselves in the crosshairs.

  • Murder in Chinatown *****
Fiction.  Sixth in the Peyton Brooks crime series.  A cold case in Florida might prove integral in a new murder in Chinatown, but Peyton has other things on her mind, foremost the growing distance between Marco and her.  She doesn’t understand what the problem is, and he is unwilling to acknowledge it.

  • Murder in the Painted Lady ****
Fiction.  First in the Peyton Brooks crime series.  A realtor is strangled at a listing, and Peyton and her partner, Marco, are assigned to the case.  They need to find the murderer before he kills again.

  • Murder on Potrero Hill ****
Fiction.  Second in the Peyton Brooks crime series.  A lawyer is killed in a hit and run.  A young woman dies supposedly with a ruptured aneurysm.  But when the woman’s husband becomes the prime suspect, he goes on the run, trying desperately to prove his innocence before he ends up in prison.

  • Murder in the Presidio *****
Fiction.  Seventh in the Peyton Brooks crime series.  Peyton and Marco are after a serial killer who keeps changing his method of killing.

  • Murder on Russian Hill *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Peyton Brooks crime series.  A rockstar is charged with killing his ex-wife, but he has no memory of it.  A videotape put him at the scene, but Peyton just cannot believe he’s guilty.

  • Murder in the Tenderloin ****
Fiction.  Third in the Peyton Brooks crime series.  A young girl is traumatized after killing a gangster, and the gang is still after her.  Peyton and Marco must find the head of the gang in order to save the girl’s life.

  • Murder on Treasure Island *****
Fiction.  Eighth in the Peyton Brooks crime series.  Peyton is suffering from PTSD after being kidnapped and almost killed.  They’re still looking for the Janitor, a serial killer who preys on child molesters and wife beaters.  But he has an ultimate target in mind.  He’s after Peyton.

King, Kerry Anne
  • Everything You Are ****
Fiction.  A cursed cello might be responsible for the deaths of a woman and her son, but the agony of the father and daughter to find themselves can only be mended by the music.

Maher, Tegan
  • Curses and Cauldrons ****
Fiction.  Anthology of Halloween-themed stories by various authors.

Marple, Mona
  • The Curse of Mystic Springs ****
Fiction.  Third in the Mystic Springs paranormal cozy mystery series.  A witch has put a curse on a haunted house, and when a despised real estate tycoon visits the house and ends up dead, everyone suspects the witch of his murder.

  • Santa Claus of Mystic Springs ****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Mystic Springs paranormal cozy mystery series.  Sage’s husband is back in town making Patton very nervous.  Connie is still fighting her attraction to Taylor’s babies.  But the sisters must join forces again when Connie’s friend is suspected of murder.

  • The Witches of Mystic Springs ****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Mystic Springs paranormal cozy mytstery series.  Violet and Ellie are invited to attend a gathering at their old witches’ school set on an island, but when the headmaster is found dead, the ladies prove they’re up to the task of solving the case.

May, W.J.
  • Dark Nebula ****
Fiction.  Second in the Chronicles of Kerrigan series.  Rae is back for her final year at Guilders, where she meets a strangely familiar boy who asks her to be his mentor.  Recognizing his feelings of “newness” to the school, she agrees.  But when she discovers what his tatu is, it might be too late to safe Devon.

  • End in Sight ****
Fiction.  Sixth in the Chronicles of Kerrigan series.  Rae is reunited with her mother, but when they return to Guilders, she needs to concentrate on finishing out her year before graduation rather than continuing the search for Cromfield.

  • House of Cards ****
Fiction.  Third in the Chronicles of Kerrigan series.  Rae is working for the Privy Council and is happy to be working with Devon, but when he breaks up with her, she is devastated.  She meets her new trainer, Jennifer, who begins training her fighting skills.  She fulfills her first assignment from the PC, but when it involves what she thinks is a picture of her mother in a 500-year-old document, she has no idea what is going on.

  • Royal Tea ****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Chronicles of Kerrigan series.  Rae and Devon are on a mission to protect the future Princess of Wales by posing as her old friends.  Luke contacts Rae and tells her he has a special locked box that he believes belongs to her, so he travels to London to hand it over.  Inside they find Rae’s mother’s old PC files, and Rae senses a code in them.  But Luke is attacked, and Rae finds him holding a scrap of paper with an address in France written on it.  She believes she knows who is waiting there for her.

  • Under Fire ****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Chronicles of Kerrigan series.  Rae, Devon, and Carter head to France to find her mother, but she is horrified to find that her mother has no memory of her.

Muir, L.L.
  • The Gathering ****
Fiction.  First in the Culloden Ghosts series.  The Culloden 79 meet Soncerae and watch her grow into a young woman.  At sixteen, she returns to set them all free, but each warrior must perform a brave deed before he is free to either cast revenge on Bonnie Prince Charlie or move on into the unknown.

  • Jamie ****
Fiction.  Jamie is returned to his home where he frees the ghost of his love and walks off into the bright light with her at his side.

  • Lachlan ****
Fiction.  Lachlan is transported to Salt Lake City where he saves a young woman from a tyrannical step-father.  In the end, she offers herself to Soni to save Lachlan’s life, and her sacrifice allows Lachlan to spend the rest of his days with her.

  • Payton ****
Fiction.  Payton poses as an heiress’s boyfriend when she attends her sister’s wedding with her disapproving family.

Pearson, David
  • Murder on the Old Bog Road ***
Fiction.  First in the Hays Irish crime fiction series.  A woman is found dead in a ditch, and Hays and his sergeant must find the culprit.

Pope, Christine
  • Unquiet Souls ****
Fiction.  First in the Project Demon Hunters paranormal series.  Audrey is hired to be a co-host on a reality show that tours and clears demon-inhabited buildings, but on her first day, the demon targets her, and when it follows her home, she relies on Michael, the other host, to help save her.

Richey, Sheri
  • Welcome to Spicetown **
Fiction.  First in the Spicetown series. Stolen goods are recovered.

Smith, Luanne G.
  • The Vine Witch *****
Fiction.  Elena survives a curse and returns home only to find her beloved vineyard has been sold to someone who believes only in science.  Her status as a vine witch holds no interest for him until she proves once and for all that she has value.  But the vineyard is still under a curse, and when Elena is thrown in jail, Jean-Paul doesn’t know if he can save her.

Swift, Olivia
  • Almost Picture Perfect ****
Fiction.  Miller is dating Jules, but when his ex-girlfriend finds out, Miller loses her job and her house is trashed.  The two lovebirds decide to combine their two businesses but first they must deal with the mob.

- The Secret of Chestnut Hall ***
Fiction.  Jasmine Summer takes on the job of renovating a garden at Chestnut Hall and ends up in danger as a long ago mystery comes to a head.

  • The Secret of the Jewel Shop ****
Fiction.  Carly has opened a new shop selling her jeweled creations, and Dex has been very helpful.  The scent of lavender permeates throughout the shop, and Carly believes it is the ghost of a woman who used to live in the building when it was a hotel.  She can’t rest until she solves the mystery of what the ghosts wants.

  • The Secret of the Pendant ***
Fiction.  Corby inherits a house from her great-uncle, but it comes with a spirit who shows herself in the turquoise pendant also left to Corby.  Carlo is doing everything he can to help her work through her emotional issues and is on hand when Corby finds love.

  • The Secret of the Quilt ****
Fiction.  Kim wants to expand the nursery and Rob is more than willing to help her.  When she comes home with an old quilt, it has a strange effect on them.  It’s a love knot quilt with a message written into it, and Kim wants to mend it and recover the missing middle portion, and she gets a hand from the other side.

  • The Secret of the Stones ***
Fiction.  Ben is getting to build his house, and Kat decides to help him. When they come across some unusual stones, danger arrives in the guise of people trying to steal the stones.

Westover, Tim
  • The Winter Sisters ***

Fiction.  Three sisters and a doctor with differing modes of healing join forces to protect a town against rabies.

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Books Read - August 2019

Barks, Colman
  • The Essential Rumi **
Fiction.  Rumi poems.

Bellet, Annie
  • Once Upon a Quest ****
Fiction.  Anthology of quest-type fantasies, based on fairytales.

Black, J. Carson
  • Cry Wolf ****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Laura Cardinal police series.  A man of lies is found dead in his car, but Laura is having trouble finding her way through his web of lies. 

  • The Devil’s Hour ****
Fiction.  Third in the Laura Cardinal police series.  Girls have gone missing, and it’s up to Laura and her team to find out what happened to them.  When bones are found in two locations, she knows there’s a serial killer at large.

Blackwell, Juliet
  • Bewitched and Betrothed ****
Fiction.  Tenth in the Witchcraft paranormal cozy mystery series.  Lily and Sailor are moving forward toward their handfasting, but an old enemy of Lily’s has returned.  He now makes his home on Alcatraz Island, and the demon is ready to challenge Lily once again.

Ching, G.P.
  • The Soulkeepers ***
Fiction.  First in the Soulkeepers urban fantasy.  A young man finds himself at a loss when his mother disappears and he is forced to move into his uncle’s house in a small town in Illinois.  What he finds is an extraordinary woman living across the street with an even more exotic garden that leads to hidden places.

Colgan, Jenny
  • The Bookshop on the Corner ****
Fiction.  Nina has lost her library job, and prospect of getting one at the new office downtown are very slim.  When asked what she’d really like to be doing, she answered that she’d love to own a small bookshop.  Having no funds to rent a space, she comes up with the idea to buy a large van to sell books from.  But the only van she likes is in Scotland, so she makes the move and starts a new career.

Danley, Kate
  • Maggie for Hire ***
Fiction.  First in the Maggie MacKay paranormal cozy mystery series.  Maggie lives in two worlds, Earth and the Otherworld.  She learns that the vampires are trying to open portals between the two worlds, so they can take over, and Maggie is the only one who can stop it from happening.

  • A Spirited Manor ****
Fiction.  First in the O’Hare House mysteries.  A recent widow moves into a new house hoping to get away from memories of her husband.  But there she finds the house already occupied by a teenage ghost who was murdered.

Dark, Juliet
  • The Angel Stone *****
Fiction.  Third in the Fairwick Trilogy.  Callie must travel to the past to help save Fairwick and her college, but she must go through Faerie to get there.  She meets William, who will someday become Liam then Bill, and though they fall in love, they know she loves the man he will become.

  • The Demon Lover ****
Fiction.  First in the Fairwick Trilogy.  Callie takes a new job at Fairwick College in upstate New York.  She is fascinated by an old Victorian that used to be owned by Dahlia La-Motte, a Gothic romance writer.  Callie is drawn into Dahlia’s work and also finds that she has a nighttime visitor, one she thinks is only in her imagination, only to find that he is very real.

  • The Water Witch *****
Fiction.  Second in the Fairwick Trilogy.  Callie is missing Liam, but she knows she can’t let him back into her life or he’ll suck the life out of her.  Her grandmother summons her to the Grove for an initiation, but when Callie finds out the Grove is planning on closing the gate to Faerie, she is determined to keep it open.

Fowley-Doyle, Moira
  • Spellbook of the Lost and Found ****
Fiction.  A mystical tale of seven girls and two boys set in Ireland.  A spellbook is found, and a spell is cast that has repercussions through generations.

Gilbert, Elizabeth
  • City of Girls *****
Fiction.  Vivian flunked out of college, struggling to find herself and her path in life.  When her parents ship her off to live with her Aunt Peg in a theatre in New York City, she finds a world like none she has never known about.  This is her story,

Harper, Helen
  • Slouch Witch ***
Fiction.  First in the Lazy Girl’s Guide to Magic paranormal cozy mystery series.  Ivy had been kicked out of the Order years ago and worked driving a taxi.  But when she accidentally gets bound to an Order witch to help solve a mystery, she dives right into the job.

Jaffarian, Sue Ann
  • Wilde in Love ***
Fiction.  Third in the Winnie Wilde trilogy.  Winnie finds true love in Hawai’i.

MacInerney, Karen
  • Scone Cold Dead ****
Fiction.  Twelfth in the Gray Whale Inn cozy mystery series.  Trouble is afoot for the lobstermen, and they suspect an investigator is there to check on them, but when she is found dead, Natalie jumps in to find the killer.

Marple, Mona
  • The Ghosts of Mystic Springs ***
Fiction.  First in the Mystic Springs paranormal cozy mystery series.  Connie and her ghostly sister Sage have to solve a murder with the help of their ghostly friends.

  • The Secrets of Mystic Springs ****
Fiction.  Second in the Mystic Springs paranormal cozy mystery series.  A journal hides the truth about their town, but someone wants to keep that truth quiet.  Connie, Sage, and the new sheriff are trying to solve a killing, but someone keeps attacking the residents of the town.

May, W.J.
  • Rae of Hope ***
Fiction.  Rae is invited to attend a prestigious school in England where only very special student live.  At the age of sixteen, each student receives a tattoo, one that unlocks their special powers.

  • Seventh Mark ***
Fiction.  Rouge moves to a new town and meets a girl and her brother who are not quite human.

  • Shadow of Doubt ***
Fiction.  A Shadow haunts a college campus and falls in love with a human against the law.

McNeill, Robert
  • The Innocent and the Dead ***
Fiction.  First in the DI Jack Knox police drama set in Scotland.  One girl is kidnapped, and another is murdered, and Jack’s team has to solve both cases.

Neal, Toby
  • Razor Rocks *****
Fiction.  Thirteenth in the Lei Texeira thriller series.  Lei gets drawn into a piracy and human trafficking case and ends up with her life in danger.

Payne, Melissa
  • The Secrets of Lost Stones ****
Fiction.  Jess has lost her son and her will to live.  When she’s kicked out of her apartment, she grabs a few items and takes off in her car heading nowhere.  When it breaks down in a small town, she ends up meeting Lucy, an elderly woman with a special talent for gathering loose ends and tying them together.

Sharp, Anthea
  • The First Adventure ****
Fiction.  Prequel to the Feylands cyber fantasy series.   Jennet enters a cyber game only to find it interacts with real life.

  • Once Upon a Star ***
Fiction.  Anthology of Sci-Fi stories.

VanBergen, Shannon
  • A Family Affair ****
Fiction.  Third in the Glock Grannies cozy mystery series.  A gangland-style murder leads the ladies into a chase to find the killer.

  • The Root of All Evil ****
Fiction.  Second in the Glock Grannies cozy mystery series.  Senior men are being killed, and the ladies decide to find out who the murderer is.

  • Up in Smoke ***
Fiction.  First in the Glock Grannies cozy mystery series. A group of grannies help stop crime and solve cases in their hometown. 

Whitney, Phyllis A.
  • Silversword *****
Fiction.  Caroline was raised by her paternal grandmother after her parents’ death, but after her own divorce, she finds out that her maternal grandmother wants to see her, so Caroline flies to Mau’i to be reunited with her grandmother and her aunt, only to find that her mother is still alive, and the family has been hiding more than one secret for years.

Winter, Justine
  • Nature’s Destiny ***

Fiction.  Woman gets bitten by a werewolf, the Alpha of a pack comes searching for her, they fall in love, Evil werewolf attacks but is beaten.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Books Read - July 2019

Anderson, Amorette
  • The Case of the Love Spell ***
Fiction.  A private eye gets drawn into a case of murder, but when she is gifted a box of items from the murder victim that contains a book on witchcraft, she starts noticing changes in her life.

Barz, Vivian
  • Forgotten Bones ****
Fiction.  A child’s body has been uncovered at the site of a car accident, and when his body leads to the discovery of dozens more, a local sexual predator is suspected.

Berneathy, Sally
  • Death by Chocolate ****
Fiction.  First in the Death by Chocolate cozy mystery series.  A woman running from her past is befriended by a chocolatier who helps her with shelter, a job, and the end of a nightmare.

Booth, Stephen
  • Black Dog ****
Fiction.  First in the Cooper and Fry mystery series.  A girl has gone missing, and when her body is found there are multiple possible suspects.  Cooper and Fry are determined to solve the mystery.

Charles, Ann
  • In Cahoots with the Prickly Pear Posse ****
Fiction.  Sixth in the Jackrabbit Junction cozy mystery series.  Natalie is visiting her cousins in the Winnebago park, while she tries to figure out her relationship with Coop.  Diamond thieves are still after the sisters, and the girls can’t stay out of trouble.

Christian, Claudia Hall
  • The Fey *****
Fiction.  First in the Alex the Fey thriller series.  Alex has lost her team and suffers agonizing injuries.  After over 40 surgeries, she is finally able to walk again and goes back into training.  Eleazar is coming after her soon, but he’ll destroy everything she loves before he kills her.

Crowley, Harper
  • Pretty in Pink *
Fiction.  First in the Brady Investigation paranormal. Three members of a ghost hunting team find that there are no ghosts in the pink house.

Diede, Kimberly
  • Whispering Pines ****
Fiction.  First in the Whispering Pines series.  Renee is raising two teenagers on her own, and when she loses her job, she re-evaluates her life.  She wasn’t happy working in the corporate world but isn’t sure what will make her happy.

Galenorn, Yasmine
  • Witching Hour *****
Fiction.  Seventh in the Wild Hunt urban fantasy series and first in the Witching Hour series.  Raven BoneTalker is hired by a woman who believes her house to be haunted, though her live-in boyfriend is not a fan of Raven and resents her interference.  Raven is determined to help the woman, even if it means losing her friendship.

Garrett, Danielle 
  • A Royal Witch ****
Fiction.  Eleventh in the Beechwood Harbor paranormal cozy mystery series.  When a princess is placed in the manor as a safe house but then is kidnapped, Holly and her friends set out to find her.

Henry, Angela
  • The Company You Keep ****
Fiction.  First in the Kendra Clayton cozy mystery series.  Kendra’s friend is accused of murder, but Kendra believes she is innocent and goes out of her way to prove it.

McGowan, Claire
  • What You Did *****
Fiction.  A group of college friends is gathering at Ali’s house for a reunion weekend, but when a woman starts screaming in the middle of the night and accuses Ali’s husband of rape, a lifetime of secrets unravels drawing them all down.

McGurl, Kathleen
  • The Forgotten Secret *****
Fiction.  A woman leaves her husband and retires to an Irish farm she has inherited.  The farm has secrets from the past when another young woman falls in love with an Irish Volunteer who is fighting to gain Irreland’s independence.

Patterbee, Kee
  • The Death of a Celebrity Chef ***
Fiction.  First in the Hannah Starvling cozy mystery series.  Hannah and her friends travel to a small town where a celebrity chef has died.  In investigating her death, they seek to prove that it was murder.

Pepper, Angela
  • Wolves of Wisteria ***
Fiction.  First in the Wisteria Witches City Hall paranormal cozy mystery series.  Zinnia works at City Hall, and when she gets to work she finds out that one of her co-workers has been murdered.  The co-worker has written a tell-all book lightly disguising her co-workers  as characters in the book, and she has told all her secrets there.  Secrets someone is willing to kill for..

Selfman, Sylvia & Leigh
  • Eclair Case of Murder ****
Fiction.  Second in the Rosie Kale cozy mystery series.  Rosie volunteers at the local crisis center, when she receives a call from a woman who wants to commit suicide.  By the end of the call Rosie has gotten the woman to promise to call back the next night, but by chance the bakery is catering an anniversary party, and Rosie realizes the woman caller is the woman whose anniversary it is.  But the next day the woman is dead, and everyone is convinced she committed suicide.  Everyone except Rosie.

  • Haunt Flashes ****
Fiction.  First in The Ghost paranormal cozy mystery series.  Arden moves into a Hollywood bungalow that happens to be haunted by a man who died in the 40’s.  She is convinced he is evil until the whole story of his love life is played out, and she realizes why he can’t move on.

  • Murder by the Book ****
Fiction.  Second in the Izzy Greene cozy mystery series.  Izzy’s friend Flo is to be interviewed for her novel on TV, which is to be followed by the prime spot in the book fair.  But when her spot is taken by a competitor who ends up dead, Izzy realizes her book was full of secrets nobody wants to be let out.

  • Murder Over Miami ****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Izzy Greene cozy mystery series.  Izzy travels to Miami to attend the wedding of her college roommate, but when the bride is killed on her way to the ceremony, Izzy becomes the prime suspect.

  • Murder She Typed ****
Fiction.  First in the Izzy Greene cozy mystery series.  Izzy belongs to a writing group, and a newcomer, Sondra, joins, looking like she just stepped out of a magazine.  While out hiking, Sondra passes Izzy on the trail, and after a scream, Izzy believes she has been murdered, but without any proof, the police won’t believe her.  She sets out to discover the truth.

  • Murder Takes a Holiday ****
Fiction.  Third in the Izzy Greene cozy mystery series.  Izzy is invited to a posh Christmas party, and when the hostess asks for her help in determining if her boyfriend is cheating on her, Izzy is happy to help.  But when someone breaks into her condo, she realizes she, herself, is a target and goes on the offensive.

  • Nothing Bundt Murder ****
Fiction.  First in the Rosie Kale cozy mystery series.  Rosie works at a bundt cake bakery, and when she and her boss cater an event and her boss’s rival ends up poisoned, Rosie is determined to prove her boss is innocent.

Strang, Phillip
  • Death Unholy ****
Fiction.  First in the DI Tremayne thriller series.  Clare and Tremayne are drawn into a murder case involving an ancient pagan cult and a small village that practices the old ways.

  • Murder is a Tricky Business ***
Fiction.  First in the DCI Cook thriller series.  Cook and Ahmed are trying to find a missing woman, but when three people are killed, supposedly because they know a secret she has been keeping and a high-level governmental personality gets involved, they realize they might never learn the answers.

Weiss, Kirsten
  • Bound ****

Fiction.  First in the Doyle Witches paranormal cozy mystery series.  The three sisters are grieving the upcoming loss of their beloved aunt, but when Jayce is arrested for murder, Karin is determined to find the real killer.