Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Books Read - June 2019

Amphlett, Rachel
  • Scared to Death *****
Fiction.  First in the Detective Kay Hunter police series.  A girl has been kidnapped, and her parents haven’t called the police hoping to get their daughter back safely.  Their gamble failed, and the girl was dead before they found her.  Kay’s team is brought into find the kidnapper, but another girl goes missing.

Anderson, Catherine
  • Silver Thaw *****
Fiction.  First in the Mystic Creek romance series.  Amanda and her daughter are hiding out from her abusive husband.  Jeb happens on them during a snowstorm that makes their home uninhabitable and invites them to take shelter with him. Though Amanda is afraid of him, she has no choice but to stay with him, and as the days wear on, an attraction grows between them.

Bahrami, Beebe
  • Cafe Oc: A Nomad’s Tales of Magic, Mystery, and Finding Home in the Dordogne of Southwestern France *****
Non-fiction.  A memoir of an anthropologist/writer who finds home and peace in Sarlat, France.

  • Cafe Neandertal: Excavating Our Past in One of Europe’s Most Ancient Places *****
Non-fiction.  A memoir of an archaeological dig in the south of France.

Blair, Rickie
  • From Garden to Grave ***
Fiction.  A woman returns home to deal with the affairs of her aunt, who has disappeared and is presumed dead.

Blythe, Bianca
  • Murder at the Manor House **
Fiction.  First in the Starving Starlet cozy mystery series.  Cora accompanies her friend, Veronica, to England to stay with Veronica’s new in-laws, the Duke and Duchess of Hawley.  When the Duke is murdered, Cora is determined to find the killer.

Brassett, Pete
  • She ***
Fiction.  First in a mystery series set in England.  Munro and his DS solve a crime of a serial killer who dismembers her victims.

Briggs, Patricia
  • Moon Called *****
Fiction.  First in the Mercy Thompson urban fantasy series.  Mercy becomes involved in a power struggle between werewolves and rushes to help save a kidnapped girl.

Budewitz, Leslie
  • Assault and Pepper ****
Fiction.  First in the Spice Shop cozy mystery series.  Pepper runs her spice shop at the Pike Place Market in Seattle.occasionally giving out cups of tea to the homeless.  One morning she finds one of them dead on her doorstep with a cup of spilt tea at his side.  The police think he’s been poisoned.

Coehlo, Paulo
  • The Devil and Miss Prym ****
Fiction.  Set in a small village in southern France, this is the story of whether man is inherently good or inherently evil.

Crater, Theresa
  • The Judgment of Osiris ***
Fiction.  Short story in the Power Places series.  An Egyptologist and his wife are leading a tour of the Egyptian temples, when he is poisoned by a rival and experiences a dire vision.

  • Under the Stone Paw ****
Fiction.  First in the Power Places series.  Anne learns about her family’s big secret, but she has just two months to get caught up on all the training she’ll need to help the light come back into the world. There are forces all over the world trying to stop this from happening, but a core group of people, the Keepers of the Keys, might possibly have a chance.

Flower, Amanda
  • Assaulted Caramel ****
Fiction.  First in the Amish Candy Shop cozy mystery series.  Bailey leaves New York to visit her Amish grandparents in Ohio when she learns that her grandfather is sick.  He’s being pressured to sell his candy shop, but the man who wants to buy him out is murdered in the kitchen, and Bailey becomes the prime suspect.

  • Criminally Cocoa ***
Fiction.  Second in the Amish Candy Shop cozy mystery series.  A young Amish girl meets the Big Apple when Bailey takes her on rumspringa.  Bailey has a TV show to shoot, but someone on the set is sabotaging her.

  • Lethal Licorice ***
Fiction.  Third in the Amish Candy Shop cozy mystery series.  A candy competition has arrived in town, and Bailey is ready to compete.  But it’s an Amish competition, and one of the other competitors is incensed that Bailey was allowed to enter.  When she is found murdered, Bailey becomes a suspect.

  • Premeditated Peppermint ***
Fiction.  Fourth in the Amish Candy Shop cozy mystery series.  The Christmas festival is in town, and Bailey’s ex shows up with a TV crew to shoot an episode of his cooking show in Harvest.  His executive producer makes an impression on Bailey as an outstanding businesswoman, but when she is found strangled and Bailey’s ex becomes a suspect, he begs Bailey to help him.

Galenorn, Yasmine
  • The Silver Mist *****
Fiction.  Sixth in the Wild Hunt urban fantasy series.  Ember and the rest of the Wild Hunt travels to the Olympic Peninsula to help a friend and to save another from the Tuathan Brotherhood.

Gray, Lisa
  • Thin Air *****
Fiction.  First in the Jessica Shaw thriller series.  Jessica is a private investigator working on a missing persons case that is 25 years old.  She learns that it involves a murder.  Meanwhile, a police detective is investigating a new murder in the same general area.

Griffiths, Elly
  • The Crossing Places *****
Fiction.  First in the Ruth Galloway mystery series.  Ruth lives on the edge of the Saltmarsh, an eerie and dangerous place to wander.  When human bones are found, the police ask for her expertise in dating them but find the bones are thousands of years old, not the recent bones of a missing girl.

Higgs, Steve
  • Spooky Shopping Mall Case 1 ***
Fiction.  First in the Harper Folly cozy mystery series.  Amanda is a police officer who also works as a private investigator, and her first case takes place at a shopping mall where odd things are happening in elevators.

Jones, Stacy M.
  • Harper’s Folly ***
Fiction.  First in the Hattie and Harper Magical cozy mystery series.  Hattie always wanted Harper to come live with her, but Harper is business in New York working on a magazine and her marriage.  But when both come tumbling down, she’s off to visit Hattie in Little Rock.

Kaye, M.M.
  • Death in Kashmir ****
Fiction.  First in the Death In... mystery series.  Set in India in 1946, Sarah is enjoying the last days of the Raj by going on a ski trip to Kashmir.  She gets caught up in a spy mystery when her new friend is murdered, and Sarah is left to finish her mission.

Lester, Paula
  • Ghostly Trails ***
Fiction.  First in the Sunnyside Retired Witches Community Cozy Mystery series.  Zoey and her frenemy, Hope, are drawn into a case of a poltergeist who kills.

Lourey, Jess
  • The Adventure of the First Problem ***
Fiction.  Prequel to the Sophie’s Cypher series.  Sophie and Bel are in the cemetery to decode a cypher on a mausoleum, when Sophie ends up trapped inside with a dead body and an unconscious little girl.

Menuhin, Karen
  • Murder at Melrose Court ****
Fiction.  First in the Heathcliff Lennox mystery series.  Lennox’ butler finds a dead man on the manor’s front porch, and all he has on him is a pieces of paper with the Countess’ name on it.  Apparently this wasn’t a murder.  But Lennox goes to spend the holidays at his uncle’s estate, only to find out that his uncle is about to wed said countess.  When she is murdered, Lennox becomes the prime suspect.

Moore, Ann
  • Leaving Ireland *****
Fiction.  Second in the Gracelin O’Malley trilogy.  Grace and her daughter, Mary Kate, travel to the New World with the hopes that their troubles are far behind them, but when an evil man discovers that Grace is running from the law, he threatens to tell the police when they arrive.

  • ‘Til Morning Light *****
Fiction.  Third in the Gracelin O’Malley trilogy.  Grace and the children are settled in San Francisco, and she is looking forward to marrying captain Reinders.  Unbeknownst to her, her brother Sean is also living in the city, and her one true love is on his way to find her.

Mosse, Kate
  • The Taxidermist’s Daughter *****
Fiction.  Connie and her father ply their trade as taxidermists, but secrets from the pass might destroy them.  Connie has lost all memory up until after an accident she had as a child, and her father is pleased she can’t remember the awful night it happened. When men begin disappearing, Connie is swept into the investigation as bits and pieces of her memory slowly come back to her.

Smith-Padgett, Gayle
  • Passion for Provence ****
Fiction.  Memoir of a couple’s residence in France.

Stafford, K.P.
  • Money, Murder and Mayhem **
Fiction.  Cozy mystery. 

  • Mrs. Pickles’ Perilous Parting ***
Fiction.  Cozy mystery set in a theatre.  Jess is trying to keep her theatre going, but when her female star is murdered, she doesn’t know who is responsible.

Stone, Victoria Helen
  • False Step ****
Fiction.  Victoria is having an affair with her husband’s best friends, but then her husband had cheated on her at least once too.  She wants a divorce but is afraid of scarring their daughter.  When her husband finds a lost toddler, he’s touted as a hero, but Victoria finds clues that maybe he isn’t as innocent as he claims.

Weldon, Sarah Jane
  • Baa’d to the Bone ***
Fiction.  Beau is a young border collie getting ready to work at his new farm.

  • Dead on Doughnuts ***
Fiction.  Two young women head off to Austria to work as baristas during their gap year.

Workman, P.D.
  • Vegan Baked Alaska ***

Fiction.  First in the Auntie Clem’s Bakery series.  Erin and her friends are on an Alaska cruise but get into trouble when she sees one of the crew throw another man overboard.

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Books Read - May 2019

Baptie, J.V.
  • The Departed ***
Fiction.  Second in the Scottish police series.  It’s 30 years later, and Helen now heads up the detective bureau. The case she is on involves the murder of a woman, but it has ties 30 years in the past to a missing woman case.

  • The Forgotten ***
Fiction.  First in the Scottish police series.  Helen is just starting out as a new detective in Edinburgh, and her first case involves the deaths of several men who seem to be connected to an old crime.

Berry, Connie
  • A Dream of Death *****
Fiction.  First in the Kate Hamilton cozy mystery series.  Kate arrives in Scotland to visit her sister-in-law who needs her help, but before she can tell Kate what the mystery is, she is murdered.

Blake, Heather
  • A Witch to Remember *****
Fiction.  Ninth in the Wishcraft paranormal cozy mystery series.  Darcy’s pre-wedding party is to be held at Divinitea, the local tea shop, but when it suddenly catches on fire and they find the body of the owner inside, all eyes point to Dorothy as the culprit.

  • To Catch a Witch ****
Fiction.  Eighth in the Wishcraft paranormal cozy mystery series.  Darcy is involved in the planning of a big race in town, but when one of the racers disappears and is found dead, she has to get involved in the investigation.

Bradbury, Laura
  • A Vineyard for Two ****
Fiction.  Cerise is recovering from losing her husband, her parents, and her patron all within 6 years, and when she learns that her patron, Maxime, has left her joint ownership of Le Domaine du Cerise with his grandson, Clovis, she is incensed.  She doesn’t want a partner, she wants her independence, but how does she reconcile that with her growing attraction to Clovis?

Cadell, Elizabeth
  • My Dear Aunt Flora ***
Fiction.  Three women move to the country and live their lives in a small village.

Chase, Deanna
  • Soul of the Witch ****
Fiction.  First in the Witches of Keating Hollow witchy series.  Abby Townsend returns to Keating Hollow to care for her father dealing with cancer.  She hasn’t been back in years and is nervous about returning to the place her magic failed her.  When she runs into her ex-boyfriend, old passions are ignited, but she has a boyfriend back in New Orleans to deal with.

Dane, Lauren
  • Triad ***
Fiction.  First in the Witches Knot urban fantasy series.  Amelia meets a man she’s been dreaming of for months, and the connection between the two is immediate.  When she meets his best friend, she realizes that she has a connection with him also.  A demon lord has been called into the realm to destroy her family and claim their power, but she and her two men must combat him.

Garrett, Danielle
  • Big Ghosts Don’t Cry ***
Fiction.  Fifth in the Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries series.  Scarlet has new powers, but one of them gets her into trouble when she forcibly sends a ghost to the Otherworld.  Only the ghost ends up in Limbo and is in danger of being used by a demon to travel into our world.

Hamilton, Lyn
  • The Magyar Venus ****
Fiction.  Eighth in the Lara McClintoch mystery series.  Lara meets up with her old college buddies at a museum event.  An old boyfriend is the museum curator and has opened an exhibit of an ancient mother Earth goddess figuring, known as the Magyar Venus.  Lara drinks too much and doesn’t remember getting home, but she finds a large dent in her car.  When she finds out one of her friends has died, she worries that she might have been the cause.

Hanna, HY
  • Silent Bud Deadly **
Fiction.  Second in the English Cottage Garden cozy mystery series.  Poppy takes a job planting a garden for a wealthy couple, even though she knows nothing about gardening.  But when the nosy neighbor next door comes to teach her how to transplant the roses and suddenly dies, Poppy begins to investigate her poisoning.

  • Two Down, Bun to Go ****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Oxford Tearoom cozy mystery series.  One of Oxford’s dons, but when Gemma’s friend is accused of the murder, she jumps to the chance to prove his innocence.

Kimelman, Emily
  • Betray the Lie *****
Fiction.  Eleventh in the Sydney Rye thriller series.  Sydney is recuperating at Robert’s Miami mansion.  When Hugh tells her he is about to be married, she offers the mansion as the venue, but when Santiago is kidnapped, Sydney and Blue rush to save him.

Lang, Essie
  • Trouble on the Books ****
Fiction.  First in the Castle Bookshop mystery series.  Shelby takes over running the castle bookshop while her aunt is recuperating from knee surgery.  The manager of the castle is an over-bearing woman who tries to tell Shelby how to run the shop, but they end up in an argument overheard by some of the volunteers.  When Shelby finds the woman dead in the grotto, she gets embroiled in the murder mystery.

Lynn, Judi
  • The Body in the Attic ***
Fiction.  First in the Jazzi Zanders mystery series.  Jazzi is renovating a house where her missing aunt used to live, but she stumbles upon the skeleton in a trunk in the attic.  Her aunt has been missing for 26 years.  Then another body is found buried in the backyard.  Jazzi assists the detective in his interviews with suspects, and they finally figure out who the murderer, or murderers, were.

Moore, Ann
  • Gracelin O’Malley ****
Fiction.  First in the Gracelin O’Malley trilogy set in Ireland in the 1840’s.  Gracelin grows up in a loving, but poor, family.  At fifteen her father gives her hand in marriage to the local squire, son of an English lord, hoping that she’ll have a better life.  But the squire is a cruel man and causes Grace to lose two sons, before he is killed by Irish rebels.  The Great Potato Famine kills off a million of her countrymen, and her brother and her love fight to free Ireland from England’s vicious grip.

Noga, Cari
  • The Orphan Daughter ****
Fiction.  Jane runs a small farm in Michigan.  Her son is in the Army, her ex-husband is with his new wife and their daughter, and Jane is just trying to make it day to day.  She still grieves the stillborn daughter she lost and feels like a failure as a mother.  She finds out that her half-sister and her husband have been killed in a car accident, and they’ve appointed her as their daughter’s guardian, a job that she takes unwillingly.  Lucy is unwilling to move to Michigan and leave her life in New York, but when her parents die, she has no choice.

Norton, Graham
  • Holding ***
Fiction.  Guarda P.J. lives in Duneen, where he oversees the village.  A new development in town is paused when diggers find a skeleton buried on an old farm.  A 20-year-old mystery might have been solved, but when a second skeleton, this time a baby, is found on the same property, tongues start wagging in town about who the deceased were.

Owens, Delia
  • Where the Crawdads Sing *****
Fiction.  Kya lives in the marsh with her family, but one by one they all left her.  Living off grits and mashed mussels, she ekes out a living selling seafood at the local market. Spending her days in wonder at the living marsh around her, she can’t imagine living anywhere else.  One day she meets a boy who teaches her how to read, and a whole new world is opened to her.  But the day a man is found dead at the bottom of a water tower, signs point to her, and she lands in jail.

Perkins, S.C.
  • Murder Once Removed ****
Fiction.  First in the Ancestry Detective cozy mystery series.  Lucy is hired by a wealthy Texan to uncover the secrets of his ancestors, one of whom had been murdered.  The mystery deepens when it carries over to the present and Lucy’s life is in danger.

Santiago, Esmeralda
  • When I Was Puerto Rican *****
Non-fiction.  Memoir of Esmeralda when she was a child living in Puerto Rico up through when she moved to New York with her mother and siblings.

Vilhauer, Ruvanee Pietersz
  • The Mask Collectors ***

Fiction.  Grace and her husband, Duncan, get embroiled in a mystery surrounding a pharmaceutical company and a new drug meant to con people into believing it can cure their problems but is actually a placebo.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Books Read - April 2019

Aspenson, Carolyn Ridder
  • Deal Gone Dead *****
Fiction.  First in the Lily Sprayberry Realtor cozy mystery series.  Lily has been contracted to sell an elderly woman’s house, but when she finds the woman dead in the kitchen, she sets out to discover who killed her.

Ayers, Candace
  • Mating the Alpha ***
Fiction.  First in the Shifters Overload romance series.  ER doctor meets wolf shifter.

Baker, Blythe
  • To Capture a Crime **
Fiction.  First in the Piper Lane mystery series.  Pipe and her sister are vacationing in California when she spies a fishing boat capturing an endangered sea turtle.  After a man on a scooter knocks her off her bicycle, she follows him to a warehouse where sea turtles are being carved up.

  • To Drink of Deceit ***
Fiction.  First in the Maddie Morgan mystery series.  Maddie is shopping in Texas with her girlfriends when she is mugged, and a man looking for the Japanese fan she just bought wants to get it back.

Bell, Cindy
  • A Tough Cast to Crack ***
Fiction.  First in the Nuts About Nuts cozy mystery series.  Kerri is trying to start a new business in a small town, but when her handyman is found murdered in the shop, she realizes his death might be linked to a previous murder in town.

Berry, Steve
  • The Malta Exchange *****
Fiction.  Eighteenth book in the Cotton Malone thriller series.  Cotton is recruited to help Stephanie deal with an issue in Rome, while Luke is sent to Malta to spy on a meeting between a cardinal and a Knight of Malta.

Blake, Camilla
  • Wolfpack Security **
Fiction.  Shifter romance set in Colorado.

Brown, Josie
  • Hollywood Whore ***
Fiction.  Nina is supporting her husband with two jobs while he tries to get discovered in Hollywood.  When she meets a handsome agent at the gourmet grocery store she works at, she gives him her husbands demo tape.  He becomes a star, but when he cheats on his wife with his co-star, his wife can’t forgive him.

  • The Housewife Assassin’s Handbook ****
Fiction.  First in the Housewife Assassin books.  Donna is a suburban mom, but when her husband is killed and she finds out he was an assassin, she signs up with the same company to try to bring down his killers.

  • Onesies: Fall ***
Fiction.  First in the Totlandia series.  Mothers and one father of toddlers vie to win the few open slots in the Pacific Heights Mom and Tots preschool group.

Burrell, Teresa
  • Deadly Secrets ***
Fiction.  JP meets the woman of his dreams, and he has to keep her safe.

Carr, Robyn
  • Virgin River ****
Fiction.  First in the Virgin River series.  Melina accepts a job in the small town of Virgin River.  She needs to escape the stress of her old job and the grief of losing her husband.  When she arrives, she finds the situation is not as it was advertised, and all she can think is that she made a huge mistake and needs to leave.  But the town grows on her.

Castle, Angela
  • The Purrfect Predicament **
Fiction.  Third in the Australian Shifters series.  Juniper is hiding as a man when shifters Andy and Hamish spot her at a diner and recognize her as their mate.  They kidnap her and take her home with them and promise to keep her safe from her father, a crime lord out to kill her.

Charles, Ann
- Life at the Coffin Joint *****
Fiction.  First in the Deadwood Undertaker series.  Clementine is Deadwood’s first female undertaker, and the bodies are lining up.  But she has one other job that she keeps secret.  She’s a hunter, a killer, an assassin, a sharfrichter.

Connolly, Sheila
  • Relatively Dead ****
Fiction.  First in the Relatively Dead genealogy mystery series.  Abby moves to a new town with her boyfriend and meets Ned, a docent at a historical house she is visiting.  When she has a flash of visions and passes out, Ned helps her and they begin to talk about history and what happened to her.  With him as her tourist guide, they visit several locations in the Boston area, where she learns the history of her family.

Daley, Kathi
  • Snowmen in Paradise ***
Fiction.  Second in the paradise cozy mystery series.  TJ gets drawn into a case when a hated professional snowboarder is found dead.

Dane, Lauren
- Triad (reading)

Danley, Kate
  • The Woodcutter *****
Fiction.  The Woodcutter travels through the Wood trying to right wrongs and keep the balance in the world, but when the Queen and the Gentleman arrive wreaking havoc, he has to face his fears and give his all to save the kingdoms.

de Blasi, Marlena
  • A Thousand Days in Venice ***
Non-fiction.  A food journalist meets a banker in Venice and marries him, moving from America to Italy, where she revels in the customs and traditions of Venice.

DeLima, Jan
  • Celtic Moon ****
Fiction.  First in an urban shifter fantasy.  Sophie has spent 16 years running from Dylan, but when their son turns fifteen and begins to show signs that he is truly his father’s son, she takes him back to his father’s forest fortress, where they’ll both face dangers brought by the Guardians.

Fishman, Zoe
  • Inheriting Edith *****
Fiction.  Maggie is a housecleaner who inherits a house and a mother from a former client and friend.  Edith is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s, and when Maggie and Lucy, her daughter, move into the house, things are prickly.  These two women learn to live together and support each other in their lives.

Galenorn, Yasmine
  • Blood Bonds *****
Fiction.  Final book in the Otherworld urban fantasy series.  The girls are finally facing Shadow Wing.  Once he is defeated, they go on with their new lives.

Garrett, Danielle
  • Couture and Curses ****
Fiction.  Third in the Touch of Magic paranormal cozy mystery series.  A bridal gown designer is attacked, and Anastasia is caught in the crossfire.  When she becomes a target, Caleb insists that she hide out at a safe house, but the shadow man finds her there. 

  • Wedding Bells and Deadly Spells *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Touch of Magic paranormal cozy mystery series.  When the groom at the shi-shi wedding dies just before the vows, Ana’s harridan boss rushes to blame Ana, who has finally had enough and quits her job.  While she tries to figure out what to do for work, she ends up helping to solve the murder.

Green, Layton
  • The Brothers Three ****
Fiction.  First in the Brothers Three fantasy trilogy.  Three brothers from New Orleans get swept into a quest in an alternative universe where magic and monsters rule.

Harms, Kelly
  • The Overdue Life of Amy Byler *****
Fiction.  Amy is a single mother whose husband ran off to Hong Kong three years previously with his girlfriend.  Now he’s back in town and wants to spend a week with their children.  Amy is reluctant to leave them alone with him but is finally talked into going to a conference in New York where she stays with her college friend and becomes the star of a new magazine article about “momspringa”.  She’s anxious to get back to her kids, but when she returns home, her husband asks to take the kids for the summer, and she realizes she does want to spend time for herself.

Harris, Joanne
  • The Girl with No Shadow ****
Fiction.  Second in the Viane Rocher series.  Viane and her two daughters have moved to Paris where they run a chocolaterie.  Zozie, a stranger, approaches Viane and asks for a job, but she has nefarious plans for the family.

  • Peaches for Monsieur le Cure *****
Fiction.  Third in the Viane Rocher series.  Viane and her daughters return to Lansquenet for a visit and get embroiled in a war between the village and the Muslims, the traditional versus the modern, and men against women.

  • The Strawberry Thief *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Viane Rocher series.  Viane’s daughters are growing up.  Anouk has moved to Paris to live with her boyfriend, and Rosette has become a teenager.  When the local florist dies, he leaves his oak wood to Rosette, but his daughter tries to fight to get it back.  Reynard is fighting his own demon while he learns about the florist’s secret sin.  Viane is facing losing her youngest daughter, which would be what she dreads the most.

Heckart, Kelley
  • The Bear Goddess *****
Fiction.  First in the Arcadia fantasy series.  Callisto, a nymph, is on a quest to become the Bear Goddess, but when she meets and falls in love with Kasin, a centaur, it upsets her world in ways she can’t imagine.

Kimelman, Emily
  • A Spy is Born ****
Fiction.  First in the Starstruck mystery series.  Angela is an actress well on her way to joining the A-list, but when her director calls her to come out to his house, he has more in mind than just going over the script.  He drugs her, but Angela is able to fight him off, to the death.  And a mysterious man shows up offering her the chance of a lifetime, and she cannot turn him down.

MacInerney, Karen
  • Dyeing Season ****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Dewberry Farm cozy mystery series.  A scam involving a retirement home and a realtor results in the death of a home health care worker for Lucy’s neighbor.

Murray, Donna Huston
  • The Main Line is Murder ****
Fiction.  Ginger and her family move into a house owned by the private school her husband just became the headmaster of, but when she finds one of the staff murdered in the school, she’s determined to find the killer and hoping it won’t shut down the school.

Neal, Toby
  • Wired Truth *****
Fiction.  Ninth in the Sophie Ang series.  Sophie is now the CEO of Security Solutions, but she’s not happy behind the desk.  When a client approaches her about stolen diamonds, she decides to take on the investigation herself with a new partner.  Conner has graduated from his training and has taken his place as number One.  But he longs for Sophie, and she for him.

Nelson, Nova
  • The Missing Motive ****
Fiction.  Second in the Eastwind Witches paranormal cozy mystery series.  Ruby goes back in time to tell a story of how she does her job as ghost investigator.

Saint, Nic
  • Enemy of the Tates ***
Fiction.  First in the Tate-a-Tate series.  Cleo and Mark Tate are movie stars, but when Cleo finds a Mark look alike dead in her car, she becomes a suspect in his death.  When another Mark look alike kills their agent, Mark becomes a suspect.

Vallere, Diane
  • Designer Dirty Laundry ****

Fiction.  first in the Samantha Kidd cozy mystery series.  Samantha takes a new job in her hometown working for Patrick, a fashion icon.  But when she finds him dead on her first day on the job, she becomes the prime suspect.