Thursday, May 31, 2018

Books Read - May 2018

Adams, Ellery 
Murder in the Locked Library ****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Book Retreat cozy mystery series.  Jane receives a postcard from Edwin advising her that one of the Fins is false, but she doesn’t have time to dwell on that when one of her guests is poisoned and dies at her feet.  The spa project has been stalled when a skeleton and an old cookbook are found on the grounds, and she suspects that somehow the two deaths are related.

Murder in the Secret Garden ****
Fiction.  Third in the Book Retreat cozy mystery series set in Virginia.  Jane, the manager of Storyton, is busy raising her twin sons and trying to keep order at the manor.  A group of herbalists descends on the hotel, but when one of them is found dead, Jane and the Fins assist the police i finding the murderer.

Boone, Martina
Bell of Eternity ****
Fiction.  Second in the Celtic Legends romance series.  A castle on a sea mount  off the Cornish coast plays host to an American woman traveling with her best friend who was raised in the castle.

Echo of Glory ****
Fiction.  Third in the Celtic Legends romance series.  An American woman travels with her mother to an island off the southern coast of Ireland to work at an archaeological dig.

Lake of Destiny ****
Fiction.  First in the Celtic Legends romance series.  A small village in the Highlands of Scotland become home to an American woman who arrives to help her aunt with the annual local Beltane celebration.

Magic of Winter ****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Celtic Legends romance series.  Fearing something wrong has happened to her father, a young woman returns to the Highland village she was born and raised in, leery of seeing her ex-fiancé, but hopeful she can figure out what her father has been hiding.

Welcome Home ****
Non-fiction.  History of the British Islands and how they came to be.

Boyles, Amy
Southern Magic ****
Fiction.  First in the Sweet Tea Witches paranormal cozy mystery series.  Pepper arrives in Magnolia Cove to find that she has inherited a shop from her uncle, one that she didn’t know existed.  Neither did she know that she comes from a family of witches but is thrilled when they welcome her with open arms.  Unfortunately for her, a fellow shopkeeper is killed, and Pepper is the main suspect.

Southern Spells ****
Fiction.  Second in the Sweet Tea Witches paranormal cozy mystery series.  Pepper’s grandmother, Betty Craple, receives a hen in the mail that is supposed to lay silver eggs.  Her rival, Melbalean, has bought a hen who lays golden eggs just to spite Betty and win the contest at the fair.  When Melbalean is killed, the only suspect is a chicken, but Pepper and Axel go on the hunt for the real killer.

Charles, Ann
Gone Haunting in Deadwood *****
Fiction.  Ninth in the Deadwood Humorous cozy mystery series.  Cooper demands that Violet help him out with a problem in Slagton.  The residents are different in the supposed ghost town, but something there has turned deadly and is killing them.  Violet, along with Cooper, Harvey, Doc, and Cornelius are armed to the teeth when they descend on the town, and Violet wields a deadly crowbar when she comes up against the first of the killers.

Galenorn, Yasmine
Harvest Song *****
Fiction.  20th in the Otherworld urban fantasy series.  Delilah is dealing with the feeling of loss as her sisters begin their lives in their new homes.  But they’ll all be gathered for the wedding as long as nothing happens to interfere with their plans.

Garrett, Danielle
Once Upon a Hallows Eve  *****
Fiction.  First in the Beechwood Harbor paranormal romance series.  Lacey has been summoned back to the east coast to her father’s court.  He’s determined to marry her off so she can provide an heir for their family, but she’s not interested.  A tournament of eight suitors with the final bout to the death, and he fate will be sealed.

Hart, Andrew 
Lies that Bind Us ****
Fiction.  Jan is a liar.  She doesn’t know why she lies, just that she does.  She’s invited to Crete on a week’s vacation to join some friends she met there five years earlier.  When she arrives, she quickly wonders why she bothered to come.  Her friends are all so successful, and she is a glorified check out girl.  When danger comes to the villa, Jan has to confront herself, her fears, and her lies to save herself.

Jones, John Legget
Catherine: A Hundred Year Love Story ****
Fiction.  Catherine is a young bride whose husband is stationed in France during WWI.  When he is listed as missing, Catherine and her grandfather go on a search to find him and bring him home.  The story doesn’t end until 100 years later.

Kimelman, Emily
Death in the Dark ****
Fiction.  Second in the Sydney Rye thriller series.  Sydney is in Mexico, restless, and out of control and needing to burn off some steam.  When the family she lives next to hears that their daughter has been raped and killed, Sydney takes them to bring the body home.  While there, she meets up with the girl’s friend who leads her to the killers, in this case, the police.  Sydney has her own brand of justice in mind.

The Devil’s Breath *****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Sydney Rye thriller series.  Sydney has been called back to the states to help her brother’s former lover who has been accused of murder.  She tangles with an old enemy who wants her to join FGI, but she doesn’t trust him.  A specialty drug is being used to control men and women, but when Sydney rushes in to help, she becomes a victim herself.

Flock of Wolves *****
Fiction.  Tenth in the Sydney Rye thriller series.  Sydney and Robert are in Syria.  He wants her to return to Miami for medical help, but she refuses.  She wants to find and slay the woman she believes held her as a captive after saving her life.  April, Sydney’s mother, is determined to spread the prophet’s word and returns to the States to begin preaching.  Robert realizes he is in love with Sydney but also knows she loves another.

The Girl with the Gun *****
Fiction.  Eighth in the Sydney Rye thriller series.  Sydney is blackmailed by Declan Doyle and his Homeland Security boss  to help them broker a deal with a female freedom fighter in Iraq.  When Doyle’s boss is killed, Sydney and Blue are kidnapped by said freedom fighters so she can meet The Tigress, who is leading the band of women.  They realize they’re both on the same side and fight to free themselves from the U.S. soldiers  trying to kill them, as well as from the Iraq’s with the same goal.

Insatiable *****
Fiction  Third in the Sydney Rye thriller series.  Sydney is still in Mexico, when she gets an assignment from Global Investigations to locate and return a missing teenager to her wealthy parents.  They think the girl is being helped by her cousin, so Sydney and her co-worker, Blane, travel under the guise of a honeymooning couple to a fancy hotel along the coast to find the girl.  When the girl convinces Sydney that her parents aren’t the people she thinks they are, Sydney decides to help her escape to the Caribbean, only to find that things are still not what she thinks they are.

In Sheep’s Clothing *****
Fiction.  Ninth in the Sydney Rye thriller series.  Sydney has gone missing, and her friends are trying desperately to find her.  The CIA has become involve and is trying to track her down to imprison her, and Robert walks a narrow line playing them on one hand and trying to use them on another.

Inviting Fire *****
Fiction.  Sixth in the Sydney Rye thriller series.  Sydney is at the Costa Rican base for Joyful Justice.  She’s trying to come to grips with the organization even existing, much less joining them.  Still recovering from being dosed with datura, she slowly comes back to herself and wants to prove herself ready for duty.  Merl takes a chance on sending her on a mission, but there is real danger ahead, and she has to leave Blue behind.

Shadow Harvest *****
Fiction.  Seventh in the Sydney Rye thriller series.  Sydney flies to Shanghai to rescue Merl, who went there himself to rescue his old teacher.  Something went wrong, and now Merl is missing.  Sydney and Blue meet up with Lenox’s Shanghai contact to travel to a tai chi center where all communications have gone down.

Strings of Glass *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Sydney Rye thriller series.  Sydney and dan are in India relaxing, when they’re drawn into a case involving a wealthy sexual predator who preys on both women and children.  When a reporter asks for  their help, Sydney and Dan step in to stop the man.

Mayne, Andrew
Fire in the Sky ***
Fiction.  Second in the Jessica Blackwood thriller series.  Jessica and fellow FBI agent, Natalie, investigate the possible sighting of a UFO.

Morton, Andrew
Meghan: A Hollywood Princess *****
Non-fiction.  The tale of Meghan Markle, an American actress who ends up marrying a prince.

Orenduff, J. Michael
The Pot Thief Who Studied Edward Abbey *****
Fiction.  Eighth in the Pot Thief cozy mystery series set in New Mexico.  Hubie is invited to teach a semester of Anasazi pottery at the local university  When one of his students is found dead, Hubie goes on the hunt for the murderer.

Summers, Natalie
Mountains and Magic
Fiction.  First in the Witches of Pine Lake paranormal cozy mystery series set in Arizona.  Amalie inherits a cottage from a great-aunt she never knew existed and leaves her social work job in Minnesota to move to a small town in Arizona.  Upon reaching her new home, she meets a group of strangers who inform her that she’s a witch.  When a young girl is orphaned under mysterious circumstances, Amalie quickly takes her under her wing and tries to solve the mystery.

Swanson, Cynthia
The Bookseller ****

Fiction.  Kitty, also known as Katharyn, is a bookseller in Denver in the 60’s.  She’s single and lives with a cat.  Her best friend, Freida, is her business partner.  One night Kitty dreams of a man who says he is her husband, and they have three children.  It’s a life that Kitty might have wished she’d had if she wasn’t so happy with her life as it was running her shop.  But the dreams don’t know, and as she gets more and more drawn into her dreamlife, she starts to worry that she won’t be able to wake up into her waking life.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Books Read - April 2018

Blackwell, Juliet
A Magical Match *****
Fiction.  Ninth in the Witchcraft Mystery paranormal cozy mystery series.  Lily and her friends are getting ready for a Magical Match tea party at the shop when Sailor is arrested for murder.  Lily’s powers have gone on the fritz due to some goodies from the cupcake lady, but she needs to gather her strength to find out who has framed Sailor and why.

Cisneros, Sandra
The House on Mango Street ***
Fiction.  Collection of vignettes about the characters who live on a street as told by the author as a young girl and as she grew up.

Jaffarian, Sue Ann
The Trouble with Midnight *****
Fiction.  Three first stories in series by three talented authors.

Lourey, Jess
August Moon *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Murder-by-the Month cozy mystery series set in Battle Creek, Minnesota.  Mira is fed up and ready to leave the small town to return to the Cities where she won’t be tempted by the gorgeous Johnny Leeson.  But when a local cheerleader is found dead, Mira has to lend her help to solve the murder.

Beauty is in the Eye of the Newt ****
Fiction.  Short story about a private detective who is hired by a man to find his missing wife.

The Catalain Book of Secrets ****
Fiction.  Katrine flees a broken marriage and heads home to Faith Falls, where she will be reunited with her family.  Her homecoming isn’t welcomed by all, and she needs to find a way to reconnect with her beloved sister.

Death by Potato Salad ****
Fiction.  Short story in the Murder-by-the-Month cozy mystery series.  Mrs. Berns is off to a church gathering where she attends a class on making homemade mayonnaise.  When a man has food poisoning, it’s up to Mrs. Berns to solve the murder.

December Dread *****
Fiction.  Eighth in the Murder-by-the-Month cozy mystery series.  Mira is on the trail of a serial killer, but when the killer turns to her, Mira’s life is in danger.

February Fever *****
Fiction.  Tenth in the Murder-by-the-Month cozy mystery series.  Johnny is in Portland, and Mira, Mrs. Berns, and Jed hop a train to visit him.  The Valentine Train is supposed to be a lonely hearts train, but when woman is killed and her daughter has gone missing, Mira has flashbacks to her youth when a young friend was kidnapped.

Give Her a Hand ****
Fiction.  Short story about two sisters with a dangerous relationship.

January Thaw *****
Fiction.  Ninth in the Murder-by-the-Month cozy mystery series.  The town is celebrating a Winter Festival, but Mira comes face to face with a corpse below the ice at the lake, and he looks very familiar.

June Bug *****
Fiction.  Second in the Murder by the Month cozy mystery series.  Mira has been made the head librarian and is working part time as a reporter for the Recall.  When she’s assigned a story about an old jewelry heist, she stumbles into trouble.

Knee High by the 4th of July *****
Fiction.  Third in the Murder-by-the-Month cozy mystery series.  Mira’s fantasy love, the 23-foot tall fiberglass statue of Chief Wononga goes missing, and Mira is determined to bring him back.

March of Crime *****
Fiction.  Twelfth book in the Murder-by-the-Month cozy mystery series.  Mira makes up her mind about her relationship with Johnny.  Kennie arranges for a library intern to begin working for Mira.  She’s a wealthy benefactor who is doing volunteer work with the promise of donating money to the town and especially to the library.  Life-size dolls begin appearing around town, but when Mira accidentally knocks one to the ground, she finds a corpse inside.

May Day *****
Fiction.  First in the Murder by the Month cozy mystery series set in Michigan.  Mira is fired form her waitressing job just as her friends asks her to housesit for her in Battle Lake.  Not having anything better to do, Mira agrees and moves in with her cat and her friend’s dog.  Working as the assistant librarian at the town’s small library, she meets handsome archaeological Jeff Wilson, who is surveying a nearby property to see if it would be an appropriate place for a Native American museum.  A week later, they’ve spent most of their time together, and she is really falling for this guy when she finds him dead in the library, and she’s determined to find out who killed him.

November Hunt *****
Fiction.  Seventh in the Murder-by-the Month cozy mystery series.  A friend kills his friend during a hunt, and the whole town grieves.  But when a second man is killed, Mira sets about trying to figure out what happened and how it is connected to an old crime.

October Fest *****
Fiction.  Sixth in the Murder-by-the-Month cozy mystery series.  Two congressional candidates arrive in town for a debate and series of interviews.  Mira attends so she can write articles for the paper.  Johnny invites her for dinner at the lodge, but she’s not prepared to find a dead body.

The Paper Frog ****
Fiction.  Short story about a woman who travels to an island to help remodel a house and finds a paper frog.

Salem’s Cipher *****
Fiction.  First in the Salem Cipher thriller series.  Agoraphobic Salem receives a midnight call from her best friend, Bel, who tells her that her mother is missing, and there is a dead body in her apartment.  The women rush to the crime scene, only to find out that both of their mothers are missing and a neighbor woman’s body has been  found in the hallway.  Trying to find their mothers, the women are caught up in a centuries-old puzzle that only Salem can solve.

September Fair *****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Murder-by-the-Month cozy mystery series.  Mira’s boss at the newspaper assigns her to the State Fair, where she will write articles focussing on the Battle Lake participants.  The most important event is the crowning of the Mildfed Mary beauty pageant and the butter carving that takes place afterwards.  But this year’s Queen of the Court suffers a quick death while having the likeness of her head carved, and Mira risks her life to solve the murder.

The Seven Daughters *****
Fiction.  Second book in the Catalain magic realism series.  Helena and Xenia are running the candy and clothing shop and being picketed by Meredith Maum and her friends.  Meredith has a long hatred of the Catalain family ever since her husband cheated with Ursula on her.  Helena has to deal with her threats as well as a devastating health issue and only realizes she can overcome them by opening herself up to the magic.

Mayne, Andrew
Angel Killer ****
Fiction.  First in the Jessica Blackwood thriller series.  Working for the FBI, Jessica is on a mysterious case about a young girl who was found in a cemetery seemingly coming out of a grave.  But the body has been recently killed, though the girl was killed two years before.  A serial killer is on the loose, and Jessica and her team have to find him before he kills again.

Looking Glass *****
Fiction.  Second in the Naturalist mystery series.  Theo Cray now works as a contractor to an intelligence company named OpenSkyAI.  When he is contacted by a grieving father whose son went missing nine years ago, Theo can’t turn his back on the man and flies to Los Angeles  to try to help him out.  What he finds is a killing field.

The Naturalist *****
Fiction.  First in the Naturalist mystery series.  Professor Theo Cray is in the middle of research before his teaching semester at the university begins, when he finds that one of his former students has been found dead in the woods nearby.  A bear is suspected, and one is killed in the area, but Theo suspects there is more to her death than a simple bear kill.

Noah, Trevor 
-Born a Crime *****
Non-fiction.  Memoir of the comedian’s life growing up in apartheid and trying to find his way after it ended.

Oakley, J.L.
Mist-chi-mas *****
Fiction.  Saga of the PNW and the people who lived there in the late 1800’s.  Jeannie, an English woman, travels with her young son and her uncle to the PNW to escape the disaster and notoriety of her marriage to a bigamist.  There she meets Jonas Breed, an untamed man with a complicated past and even more complicated future.

van der Zijt, Annejet
An American Princess *****
Non-fiction.  Biography of Allene Tew, a woman from a modest beginning who became very wealthy and had five husbands, one of whom she married for love.

Winters, J.D.
Cloudy with a Chance of Ghosts ****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Mele Keahi paranormal cozy mystery series.  Mele and Jill attend an art show opening at a fancy mansion on the hill.  Jill’s new boyfriend Jagger, is one of the artists.  The artists all have a stake in winning the show, but when one of the attending reporters is found dead, Jagger has her purse in his hands.

Little Ghost Lost *****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Mele Keahi paranormal cozy mystery series.  Mele has to check out a mansion to see whether it should be destroyed or renovated into a museum, but as she approaches, she realizes it is haunted by quite a few ghosts, but she has no idea how dangerous they could be.

Mele’s Ghostly Halloween Caper ***
Fiction.  Sixth in the Mele Keahi paranormal cozy mystery series.  Mele is invited to a Halloween party at the Carlton mansion.  Debbie, Carlton’s daughter, has hired her to spy on Carlton’s new girlfriend.  Debbie believes she has been stealing from the mansion.  But when the girlfriend is found dead in the pool, Mele is convinced she was innocent of the thefts.

Murder and the Secret Spring ****

Fiction.  Seventh in the Mele Keahi paranormal cozy mystery series.  Mele and Bebe lunch at the famed Italian Kitchen on the hill, but when the manager of the restaurant is killed, they do what they can to solve the crime.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Books Read - March 2018

Benson, Clara
The Murder at Sissingham Hall ****
Fiction.  First in the Angela Marchmont mystery series.  A young man returns from the gold fields of South Africa with money in the bank.  Two of his old friends invite him to an estate party at Sissingham Hall.  The woman who lives there used to be his fiancée, but she’s married to an older man now.  When he is found dead, suspicions run rampant among the house guests.

Berry, Steve
The Bishop’s Pawn *****
Fiction.  17th in the Cotton Malone thriller series.  Cotton is taken back in time to the 1960’s when the FBI is corrupt and race riots are rampant.  Martin Luther King, Jr. is giving speeches and marching in protests, but J. Edgar Hoover is determined to destroy King.  When documents surface that certain members of the FBI want to remain hidden, Cotton is ordered to deliver a special gold coin to his new employer.  The coin and the documents are tied together.

Blake, Deborah
Dangerously Fierce *****
Fiction.  Third in the Broken Riders urban fantasy series.  Alexei Knight has been riding his Harley across the country drowning his sorrows in alcohol and fights, when he arrives in Cape Cod and meets up with a feisty redheaded bartender who challenges him to face reality.  Blackbeard has returned to find his lost treasure with the help of a kraken, and Alexei goes on the hunt to stop him from killing the local fishermen.

Veiled Enchantments *****
Fiction.  Third in the Veiled Magic urban fantasy trilogy.  Donata travels to Gimle, Maine, home of the Ulfhednar, to help Magnus with a ghostly problem his clan is having.  Not only does one of the Major Anemoi follow and threaten her, but the Council is trying to enlist her as a spy against the Ulfhednar, something she refuses to do.

Calverley, J.M.
Poliahu’s Payback ****
Fiction.  Novella in the Lei Crime Kindle World.  Reef is  on the case of a dead astronomer at an observatory on Mauna Kea.  He and Pono are investigating, and Hibby is busy at the morgue during a bad flu epidemic.  Reef is still having trouble opening up to Hibby, and tempers flare when she tries to get him to open up to her.

de Cervantes, Miguel
Don Quixote ***
Fiction.  Tale on a Spaniard who think he is a knight and continuously attacks innocent people and sheep thinking they’re his enemies and gets beaten up each time.

Evesham, Frances
Murder at the Lighthouse ****
Fiction.  First in the Exham on Sea cozy mystery series.  

Finch, Charles
A Beautiful Blue Death *****
Fiction.  First in the Charles Lenox Victorian mystery series.  Charles’ lifelong friend and neighbor, Lady Jane Grey, asks him to investigate the death of her former maid who had been working for George Barnard for the past several months.  The death was thought to be a suicide, but Charles soon finds that it not the case, and while the police don’t want him interfering in the case, he is determined to bring the girl justice.

The September Society *****
Fiction.  Second in the Charles Lenox Victorian mystery series.  Charles is drawn into a decades old murder that has lasting effects to the present day when a Oxford student and his friend goes missing, and one of them is found dead.

The Woman in the Water *****
Fiction.  Prequel in the Charles Lenox Victorian mystery series.  Charles is trying to get his detective business off the ground.  Every morning he and Graham go through all the London papers and clip out the articles about crimes.  A letter in the paper catches his eye, as it’s written by a person who claims to have committed the perfect crime and warns that he, or she, will commit another perfect crime soon.  Charles is determined to solve the mystery.

Galenorn, Yasmine
The Silver Stag *****
Fiction.  First in the Wild Hunt urban fantasy series.  Ember is a halfbreed Fae.  Half Dark and half Light fae but rejected by both courts.  She works as an investigator, but when she and her best friend become targets for the fae courts, Herne the Hunter comes to their rescue and hires them to work at his investigation service, The Wild Hunt.

Garrett, Danielle
Betwixt ****
Fiction.  Short stories in the Beechwood Harbor cozy mystery series.

Gilbert Julie C.
The Collins Case ***
Fiction.  First in the Heartfelt Cases mystery series.  Old ties bring bad luck for Chris Collins, when his family is kidnapped and kept at a compound in South Dakota.  Collins must hack into the banking system and steal millions of dollars to get them back.  

Danger in Dallas ****
Fiction.  Novella in the Lei Crime Kindle World.  Marcella is in Dallas and still working against the Club when she is kidnapped to lure Cassandra out of hiding.  The Shadow Council wants her dead, and Marcella uses Eagle Eye to try to free herself.

Keefer, Dylan
Satan’s Torment **
Fiction.  Novella in the Lei Crime Kindle World.  Raine is called in to negotiate with a bank robber  for the release of hostages.  He doesn’t want money, he wants a serum that might save his mother’s life.  Micah happens to be in the bank at the time, as is Eli, Raine’s stalker.  While Raine searches for the serum, Micah threatens Eli with capture if they can get free of the bank robbers.

Lawrence, Carole
Edinburgh Twilight ****
Fiction.  First in the Ian Hamilton mystery series set in Edinburgh.  Ian is fighting demons from his past and throws himself into the search for a killer who leaves a calling card at each murder.  When his brother shows up, Ian wonders if the murderer is him.

Llewellyn, A.J.
Mercury Mojito *****
Fiction.  Novella in the Lei Crime Kindle World.  Merc flies to O’ahu to visit Tony, but Tony is busy on a case.  Merc is also on the island to visit an inmate at Halawa prison, someone from his past.  Tony’s assistant drives Merc around town, and he gets drawn into a drama with her roommate, a strange woman with a child who seems to be trouble.

Marple, Mona
Once Upon a Crime ***
Fiction.  First in the Waterfell Tweed cozy mystery series.  Sandy owns Books and Bakes, a combination cafe and bookshop.  When a potential rival bookseller is found dead, Sandy becomes the number one suspect, and it’s up to her and her sister, Coral, to solve the case.

McNicol, Donna B.
Paradise Drift ****
Fiction.  Novella in the Lei Crime Kindle World.  A chartered yacht is blown up, and the survivors gather at the C’mon Inn to wait out the search for the captain and one of the passenger who had remained on board.  Lucia and the Aunties keep them company until the Coast Guard calls off the search.  A year later, Jared is visiting from Mau’i and decides to do his own investigation.

Neal, Toby
Wired Justice *****
Fiction.  Sixth in the Paradise Crime series starring Sophie Ang.  Sophie is unsure where her relationship with Alika stands, and she continues her “walk-about” on the Big Island.  She and Ginger are exploring the lava fields near Kalapana when Ginger finds a body dump.  A family has been murdered.  Sophie calls in the police.  Jake contacts her about a case he is working on about a missing hiker, and the two cases seem to be related, causing Jake and Sophie to work closely together again.

Nyhan, Loretta
Digging In ***
Fiction.  Paige has lost her husband and is raising her teenage son.  She’s not dealing well with her grief, and her stressful job environment isn’t helping.  One night she begins digging in her yard, which makes her feel better.  Before she knows it, she has dug up her whole yard and decided to make a garden.  This brings new people into her life and helps her find herself.

Oakley, J.L.
Hilina Pali *****
Fiction.  Novella in the Lei Crime Kindle World.  An old injustice begs to be cleared up, and as people are receiving mailers with hints to what happened, an old man wants to bear his soul.

Shojai, Amy
Called to Protect ****
Fiction.  Lia and Lei are temporarily living together while Lei is working with the police department in Texas.  Keiki is very pregnant and feeling confined in the small apartment.  Lei goes undercover to break up the sex slave ring, but when she is captured, Lia rushes in to save her and the dog.

Thomas, Kayla Dawn
Hostile Hearts ****
Fiction.  Vale is re-opening ‘Aina Ranch, and Weaver attends the gathering in the company of his beautiful real estate agent and his young daughter.  Vale and Weaver still have feelings for each other, though they’re both trying to move on with their lives.  Pono and Tiare Kaihale are vacationing at the ranch when another visitor arrives and takes an instant dislike to Pono.  Her pranks get more deadly, and Tiare is in real danger before Pono can come to her rescue.

Welling, ReGina
Cat Killed a Rat ***
Fiction.  First in the Ponderosa Pines cozy mystery series.  A man falls from a ladder and dies.  When his brother is also killed, the townspeople suspect an elderly woman of killing them.  She had been seen arguing with both of them the day before.  She and her friend decide to investigate on their own and end up facing a man with a gun.

Murder Above the Fold ***
Fiction.  First in the Elder Witch paranormal cozy mystery series.  Two elderly witch sisters move to Harmony to join the local coven, and when they stumble over a dead body, they’re determined to solve the murder.

Rings on Her Fingers *****
Fiction.  First in the Psychic Seasons paranormal cozy mystery series.  Julie’s friend drags her to see a psychic, and while there, Julie’s grandmother and great-grandfather appear to take over the psychic’s body with messages for Julie.  A treasure hunt ensues, one that Julie hopes will help pay for the upkeep on her home, the one she shared with her grandmother.  Julie’s fiancé is unaware of the supposed treasure, but he wants Julie’s house for his own purposes and pressures to sign a pre-nup.

Winters, J.D.
A Ghost for Christmas ****
Fiction.  First in the Mele Keahi paranormal cozy mystery series.  Mele visits her Aunty Bebe and trips over a body on the way to the front door.  A man hated by most, he was the husband of Bebe’s best friend, Caroline.  The local police suspect Bebe, and when the man’s son is also killed, Mele does her best to figure out who the killer is before he, or she, strikes again.

A Ghost in Time ****
Fiction.  Third in the Mele Keahi cozy mystery series.  The annual flower show is coming up, and Aunty Bebe is the chairperson in charge of the organization, but she has a rival in Starflower, who is out to make trouble for Bebe.  After a heated phone conversation, Bebe rushes toward Star’s mansion, but in taking a sharp turn too fast, she runs into someone.

Ghost on Duty ****

Fiction.  Second in the Mele Keahi cozy mystery series.  Mele has a new job as Activities Director for the town, and part of her duty is to deal with a crotchety old man.  When she arrives at his home, she finds his body at the bottom of a cliff, and once again, Mele becomes the prime suspect.