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Books Read - November 2017

Bruni, Riccardo
The Night of the Moths *****
Fiction.  Ten years ago a young woman was killed.  When her boyfriend at the time returns to the small town to sell the family home, secrets arise that question the identity of the murderer and what really happened that night.

Galenorn, Yasmine
Siren’s Song ****
Fiction.  Sixth book in the Bewitching Bedlam urban fantasy series set in the San Juan Islands.  Maddy’s best friend, Sandy, is in the hospital, the victim of a hit and run.  When her brand new restaurant is burned to the ground, Maddy and her friends realize someone is definitely after Sandy.  Struggling to find out who is responsible is taxing Maddy, who is willing to put her own life on the line to save her friend.

Glidden, Helene
The Light on the Island ****
Fiction.  Based on the true story of a young girl brought up as the lighthouse keeper’s daughter on Patos Island in the San Juans.  Her exploits  with her many siblings, their losses, and their joys tell an interesting story.

McKay, Ami
The Witches of New York ***
Fiction.  Three witches are simply trying to live their lives and ply their trades, when a rogue preacher and a demon set out to destroy them.

Stevermer, Caroline
A College of Magics ****
Fiction.  First in the College of Magics series.  Faris has been sent by her uncle to attend Greenlaw Finishing School, which graduates witches.  When her uncle demands that she return home before she graduates, the headmistress charges her to stop in Paris to visit a mysterious person who has a task for her to accomplish.  Upon finding  the man, she learns that she is the new warden of the North and must close a rift that has opened in the world.  Her life is in jeopardy, but she has given her word that she will follow through on her mission, one that will challenge her to give up all she desires.

A Scholar of Magics ***

Fiction  Second in the College of Magics series.  Jane travels to England to visit her brother Robert at Glasscastle, which is a school that graduates male witches.  She meets an American sharpshooter there who is helping out on the Agincourt Project being run by the university.  Unknown to them, the project is creating a weapon, but it’s stolen and is being misused to gain power.  Jane and Samuel try to find the weapon and a missing professor who was working on the project.

Books Read - October 2017

Beaton, M.C.
The Witches’ Tree ****
Fiction.  31st book in the Agatha Raisin cozy mystery series.  A body is found hanging from the Witches’ Tree in a neighboring town, and Agatha is hired to uncover the murderer, which puts herself and Toni in danger.

Blake, Deborah
A Year and a Day of Everyday Witchcraft ****
Non-fiction.  A calendar of thoughts, lore, and exercises to last you through the year.

Brown, Dan
Deception Point *****
Fiction.  Rachel Sexton is an NRO analyst who has been sent up to the Arctic circle to learn about a secret NASA discovery that will affect national security.  She meets up with three civilian scientists and embarks on a journey fraught with deception and danger.

Digital Fortress *****
Fiction.  NSA has developed a secret computer program that can break any code, but someone has announced they can break into it.  Susan is called in on a weekend to assist her boss with the problem.  They’re on a timeline racing against the clock to find a pass key that can stop a virus from attacking their program.  Susan’s fiancé is sent to Spain to find a ring and bring it back, but the person with the ring has died, and the ring has disappeared.

Origin ****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Robert Langdon mystery books.  Robert has been invited to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao by his former student and good friend, Edmond, a billionaire genius computer scientist, whose eccentric view on religion has drawn a large following.  He’s promised the world that he will unveil a world-changing theory to answer two questions: Where did we come from? and Where are we going?

Charles, Ann
Rattling the Heat in Deadwood *****
Fiction.  Eighth book in the Deadwood Mystery series.  Hawke is still out to nab Violet as a murderer, and he is convinced she is a witch with the power to hex him.  Violet can’t help playing along when he continues to annoy her.  Cooper has to put a tracker on her phone, but when that doesn’t work, he’s forced to move into her home to keep her in his sights.  That puts a crimp into Violet and Doc’s plans, and she gets word that her treacherous sister is coming to visit with their parents.

Hanna, H.Y.
All-Butter ShortDead ****
Fiction.  Prequel in the Oxford Teashop Mystery series.  Gemma is returning to England to open a teashop in Meadowforde-on-Smythe.  She meets a woman named Jenn on the plane and they get to chatting.  When they arrive, Jenn leaves a scarf behind, and Gemma grabs it to return it to her.  When Jenn is found dead, Gemma is suspected to be the murderer.

Hoffman, Alice
Angel Landing ***
Fiction.  There has been an explosion at the nuclear power plant being built in Fisher’s Cove, and the welder responsible for the faulty valve makes a therapy appointment with a social worker who quickly falls for him.  Though he knew what he was doing when he damaged the valve, his lawyer thinks he’ll be found innocent.  The social worker wants a relationship, but the welder pushes her away.  She’s relentless, and he finally agrees to spent one night with her.  Their relationship causes problems for her at work, but she doesn’t care.

The Drowning Season ***
Fiction.  Esther the Black lives at her grandmother’s compound in Connecticut, but she has received no love from Esther the White while she was growing up and hates her grandmother.  Her father has suicidal tendencies and tries to drown himself every summer.  When Esther the White knows she is dying of cancer, she tries to reach out to her granddaughter, without much luck.  She’s a hard woman, but Cohen, who works for the compound, has fallen in love with her.  The past threatens the future of the family and the compound.

Illumination Night ****
Fiction.  Jody is sent to her grandmother’s house when her grandmother falls and injures herself.  Bored, Jody sets her sights on the man who lives next door and doesn’t care that he’s married and has a young son.  Andre is aware of Jody’s presence, and though he has a good marriage, he’s feeling lost and afraid that he might succumb to her charms.

Rules of Magic ****
Fiction.  Prequel to Practical Magic.  Franny, Jet, and Vincent are living in New York and wishing they could be anywhere but there.  A summer visit with their Aunt Isabelle in Massachusetts introduces them to the magic that runs through their veins and changes their lives forever.

Turtle Moon ****
Fiction.  A woman flees her ex-husband, taking their daughter with her.  They end up in Verity, Florida where they settle.  But when the woman is murdered, and her baby daughter is missing, a young boy becomes the prime suspect.

White Horses ****
Fiction.  A girl grows up in love with her brother, a bad boy who stays out all night and commits petty crimes.  Their mother also idolizes the boy, believing in stories told by her father of the mysterious man who will come into her life and sweep her away.  She thought she found him in her husband, but when he wanders off, she realizes the stories were just stories and not truth.

Kimelman, Emily
Unleashed ***
Fiction.  First in the Sydney Rye mystery series.  Joy has worked as a dog walker for just one day before one of her clients turns up dead, and she’s the one who finds him.  While the police consider her as a suspect, she is determined to solve the mystery.  But things turn dangerous for Joy, and she’s finally forced to flee the city.

McNicol, Donna B.
Not a Whisper ***
Fiction.  First in the Klondike Mystery series.  Cherie is spending time with her aunt, who is recovering from a stroke.  A fire has burned down a bar in town, and in the basement, a body is found in an old freezer.  A twenty-year-old mystery comes back to haunt the town, and the townspeople are determined to find the solution.

Rowland, Laura Joh
The Ripper’s Shadow *****
Fiction.  First in the Victorian mystery series set in London.  Sarah Bain is a photographer working in a field usually reserved for men.  One sideline of hers is taking boudoir of some ladies of the night.  When these women become victims of the murderer known as The Ripper, Sarah is determined to do what she can to protect the rest by uncovering his identity, putting he own life in danger.

Wrede, Patricia & Caroline Stevermer
The Grand Tour ****
Fiction.  Second in the Cecelia and Kate novels.  Cecelia, Kate, and their new husbands are on their wedding tour of Europe.  They are staying with Thomas’ mother, Lady Sylvia, in Paris when an ampoule is stolen.  The ampoule was an ancient relic used in a ritual to name a king.  Other items have been stolen around Europe, and the foursome realize  they are being collected to be used in a new ritual naming a new King of Europe.  They must stop the ritual in time, or the entire continent will end up at war.

The Mislaid Magician ****
Fiction.  Third in the Cecelia and Kate novels.  Ten years later, Cecelia and James leave their four children with Kate and Thomas and head north on another mission for the Duke of Wellington.  He has charged them to find out what happened to a Prussian wizard surveyor who had been trying to discover if ley lines are interfering with the railway lines for the steam engines.  As they try to unravel the mystery, Thomas and Kate are having problems of their own when someone repeatedly bypasses all the wards Thomas has set around their property.

Sorcery & Cecelia ****

Fiction.  First in the Cecelia and Kate novels.  Cecelia and Kate are cousins living in England in the early 1800’s.  Cecelia lives at a manor in Essex, and Kate is in London for her first Season.  Magic is alive in their world, and the girls become embroiled in a war of magic between bad wizards and good wizards.

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Books Read - September 2017

Abbott, Adele
Witch Is When It All Began ***
Fiction.  First in the Witch P.I. paranormal cozy mystery series.  Jill is a P.I. living an ordinary sort of life, when she receives a call from a nursing home telling her that her birth mother is about to die and wants to see her.  She knew she was adopted and had tried to contact her birth mother years before but had been rejected.  When she sees her birth mother, the only thing she  says to Jill is, “You’re a witch!” Jill thinks she has been insulted, but in fact the words are true.

Baldacci, David
The Winner *****
Fiction.  LuAnn Tyler is a single mother raising her baby in a trailer she shares with her deadbeat boyfriend.  She is contacted by a stranger and offered the chance of a lifetime, to win the lottery, guaranteed.  She is planning on refusing the offer, as it just doesn’t sit right with her, but when her boyfriend is murdered and the killer comes after her, she takes the one chance she has and agrees to the deal.  She was right to be suspicious, because her life from now on is owned by a psychopath who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

Blake, Deborah 
Wickedly Spirited ****
Fiction.  Sixth book in the Baba Yaga series.  Jazz is impatient.  She wants to prove to Bella that she’s ready to learn higher spells, but Bella doesn’t agree.  One thing Jazz really wants to do is get back the Riders’ immortality, so she sets about designing a spell, and with Koshka’s help she gets the ingredients and begins the spell.  Unfortunately, it has unforeseen consequences.

Campbell, Glynnis
Lady Danger ***
Fiction.  Scottish romance between a Scottish Lady and a Norman Lord.  She’s a Warrior Maid, and he’s not sure he can tame her.

Charles, Ann
Make No Bones About It *****
Fiction.  Second in the Dig Site mystery series.  Angélica waits on Quint to return from his trip to the North Pole, while she busies herself and her team in beginning the recovery of a dig site in Mexico.  The site is the same one her mother died at years ago, and Angélica is determined to figure out the mystery of what her mother uncovered there.

Galenorn, Yasmine
Blood Vengeance ****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Bewitching Bedlam urban fantasy series.  Maddy and Aegis are at an alpine chalet for a week, during with Aegis’ band will be performing.  Aegis receives a note to meet someone outside, and when he’s gone for an hour, Maddy rounds up the band to start searching for him.

Tiger Tails ****
Fiction.  Novella in the Bewitching Bedlam urban fantasy series.  Sandy meets a new and intriguing weretiger, but her attention is drawn away when her ward gets lost on a mountain hike in a blizzard.  Max accompanies her on her search for the girl.

Hanna, H.Y.
A Scone to Die For ****
Fiction.  First in the Oxford Mystery series.  Gemma has left a top corporate job in Sydney to return to England and open a teashop in a village near Oxford.  A rude American tourist begins to complain about the service and takes liberties with Cassie, Gemma’s assistant.  They see him that night arguing with a drunk in the bar, where the owner forces them both to  leave.  The next morning Gemma goes to work and is dismayed to see the rude American sitting at one of her outdoor tables.  When she walks over to ask him if she could help him, she realizes he’s beyond any help.

Harman, Dianne
Murder on Bainbridge Island ***
Fiction.  First in the Bainbridge Island cozy mystery series.  DeeDee moves to Bainbridge Island after her divorce and begins a catering company.  At her first dinner, one of the guests is murdered, and at first the rumor is that she was poisoned.

Hoffman, Alice
The Ice Queen ****
Fiction.  A girl wishes her mother dead, and she learns that wishes can come true.  When she is struck by lightning as an adult, she goes in search of a man who died and has risen from death.  With his help she finds redemption.

King, Stephen
Different Seasons ****
Fiction.  Four novellas, three of which have been made into movies, Shawshank Redemption, Apt Pupil, and Stand By Me>

MacInerney, Karen
Deadly Brew ****
Fiction.  Third in the Dewberry Farm cozy mystery series.  Lucy and her friends attend a Halloween party at the Honeyed Moon Mead Winery, but when the owner of a game farm dies at the party, Lucy’s friend finds herself in jail, and Lucy must solve the case and prove her friend 

Mother’s Little Helper *****
Fiction.  Third in the Margie Peterson cozy mystery series.  Margie is undercover at a genital waxing salon to figure out why the business isn’t doing very well.  She’s also been hired by the president of the PTA to help her hide a body and keep the president out of jail.  Elsie is still channeling a Pekingese, and Margie’s soon-to-be ex-husband is moving in with his partner, a Madonna impersonator.

Mugavero, Liz
A Biscuit, A Casket *****
Fiction.  Second in the Pawsitively Organic cozy  mystery series.  Stan now has a business selling pet treats, and she volunteers to cater a doggie birthday party at the Happy Cow Dairy Farm Halloween party, which features a large corn maze.  As the party is getting started and people are venturing into the maze, one of them finds the body of the farmer stabbed with a sickle.  When his wife is taken in for questioning, Stan goes out of her way to try to prove her innocence.

Custom Baked Murder *****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Pawsitively Organic cozy mystery series.  Stan’s mother and Tony Falco, the mayor of Frog Ledge are having an engagement party, but when Stan’s sister finds a dead woman in the bathroom and Stan’s ex-boyfriend  is arrested for murder, Stan is determined to find the real culprit.

The Icing on the Corpse *****
Fiction.  Third in the Pawsitively Organic cozy  mystery series.  Town historian, Helga, is found dead at the foot of the stairs in the museum, and Stan finds out that everyone is hiding secrets that go back decades to another death that took place in Izzy and Jake’s building under renovation.  Stan’s questions get her into trouble, as nobody is happy about her digging into the past.

Kneading to Die *****
Fiction.  First in the Pawsitively Organic cozy mystery series.  Stan’s job has been eliminated through no fault of her own, and she visits a small town, spies a lovely Victorian house, and on the spur of the moment purchases it.  While out jogging, she meets her neighbor, a homeopathic veterinarian.  The local “traditional” vet sees them chatting and appears on Stan’s doorstep and coerces her to make an appointment the next day for her cat.  When Stan arrives for the appointment, she finds the vet dead, and she becomes the main suspect.

Murder Most Finicky *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Pawsitively Organic cozy mystery series.  Stan is spending the weekend in Rhode Island helping Sheldon with a special dinner.  Her co-chefs have all gathered at the mansion, but one of them is missing.  When she walks out back to see the ocean, Stan finds the missing chef with his throat cut, and the weekend gets even worse when one of the other chefs goes missing.

Purring Around the Christmas Tree *****
Fiction.  Sixth in the Pawsitively Organic cozy mystery series.  Christmas is just around the corner, and Stan is getting ready for her grand opening the next day.  But trouble comes when Santa is found dead in the sleigh at the town’s Christmas Festival, however Stan thinks it’s a case of mistaken identity.

Rescued ****
Non-fiction.  12 stories of rescued cats written from the POV of the cats themselves.

Murphy, J.J.
A Friendly Game of Murder *****
Fiction.  An Algonquin Round Table mystery.  The Algonquin is under quarantine on New Years Eve, and as Douglas Fairbanks and his wife were throwing a party, Dorothy and her friends head up to the penthouse to have some fun.  A precocious starlet, Bibi Bibelot, interrupts the party, as she strolls naked into the bathroom and into a tub of champagne.  When she is later found dead and wearing a stolen necklace, Dorothy has the help of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle to assist her in finding the murderer.

Hair of the Dog ***
Fiction.  Short story in the Algonquin Round Table mysteries.  The chef has lost some veal, and while he suspects Dorothy’s dog, Woody, the manager of the hotel suspects Pietro, one of the waiters.  Dorothy discovers the truth at a birthday party

Murder Your Darlings ****
Fiction.  First in the Algonquin Hotel cozy mystery series.  Dorothy Parker enters the famed dining room at the Algonquin Hotel and finds a body tucked under the Round Table.  The police have already been called, and while she waits in the lobby, a young William Faulkner approaches her asking if she’ll read some of his writing.  When her friend Robert Benchley arrives, he’s called  in to identify the body and learns that the man had been stabbed to death with a fountain pen.  There are many suspects to interview.

Stage Fright ***
Fiction.  Short story in the Algonquin Round Table mysteries.  Dorothy is watching Aleck Woolcott performing in Uncle Vanya, but when the gun he fires proves to be real, she assists the police in discovering the culprit.

You Might as Well Die ****
Fiction.  Third book in the Algonquin Round Table mystery series.  An acquaintance of Dorothy’s, Ernie MacGuffin, meets her at the Round Table and hands her an envelope, asking that she not open it until midnight.  Her curiosity is aroused, and when she does read the contents, she and Robert dash across town with the police to try and stop Ernie’s suicide.

Neal, Toby
Nightbird ****
Fiction.  JET Kindle World novella.  Maya’s estranged older sister Lila is a neurobiologist who speaks seven languages.  When she sees her little sister on TV after thirteen years apart, she rushes to do whatever she can to help Maya, even if it means spying for the Mossad.

Rough Road *****
Fiction.  Sydney Rye Kindle World novella.  Lei and Amy are on vacation and traveling to Cabo.  On the way there, their car gets stuck off the road, and the two men who offer to help them turn out to be predators.  Amy is taken, and Lei finds her way to an RV parked at the beach. Sydney lives there and agrees to help Lei get Amy back.  

Wired Dark *****
Fiction.  Fourth book in the Sophie Ang crime series.  Sophie and Jake are still on the security job at rocker Shank Miller’s estate on Mau’i.  A crazed fan has been sending disturbing items to Miller, and the threat is escalating.  Sophie’s ex, Assan Ang, has plans for Sophie.  Plans she will never live through, but when her lover is caught in the crossfire, Sophie goes on the offensive.

Odell, Terry
Deadly Bones ****
Fiction.  Second in the Mapleton mystery series.  Megan as quit her job and returned to Mapleton.  Human bones are found on the Kretzer’s property, and Gordon has to find out who they belong to and what their connection is to the Kretzers.

Deadly Places ****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Mapleton mystery series.  Gordon is on a leave of absence, and Ed Solomon has stepped up as acting Chief of Police.  Ed has been working on the Deadbeat Dad Killer case for months, and it finally seems to  be coming to an end.

Deadly Production *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Mapleton mystery series.  There’s a movie crew in town, and Gordon has to supply them with security.  When one of the production crew is found dead, Gordon investigates.

Deadly Puzzles *****
Fiction.  Third in the Mapleton mystery series.  Gordon is forced to take some time off and heads to a secluded B&B in the mountains just as a winter storm arrives.  A man stumbles to the inn saying that his car had stalled and his wife was waiting for him.  Gordon agrees to drive him back to the car, but when they find it, it had gone off the road and down a ravine.  The man’s wife was nowhere to be seen.

Deadly Secrets ****
Fiction.  First in the Mapleton mysteries series.  Megan flies home to visit with her elderly guardians, the couple who raised her  from a small child.  Their grandson, Justin, is also visiting.  A stranger has a car  accident, and when a file is found in the car containing pictures of Megan and information about Rose and Sam, the police chief tries to find out who the man was and what’s going on.

Welling, ReGina
Witch or Treat ****

Fiction.  15 novellas written by paranormal cozy authors with the theme of Halloween.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Books Read - August 2017

Allen, Amy
Holiday Surprises ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Jeremy captures Lana and fills her full of drugs.  Jared rescues her and proposes marriage.

Masquerade Gone Awry ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Lana and Jared get married.

New Beginnings ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Jared meets Lana, a survivor of attacks by a family friend.  Their budding romance begins, as Jeremy, the family friend sets fire to Lana’s cottage.

Simmering Illusions **
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Lana has a vision of a fire, and Jared ends up in the hospital with a broken leg.  Jeremy’s siblings come from Guam, but not to support him, as Lana thinks, but to apologize to her for their brother’s actions.

Ambrose, Terry
Stealing Honolulu ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Marty Fitch and his friend, Jake, are high on the rooftops of Chinatown scoping out an import/export shop that Jake believes harbors thieves who break into ATMs  When Jake falls to his death, Marty promises to continue his investigation.

Bassett, JoAnn
Isle Be Seeing You ****
Fiction.  Pali and Finn are having trouble conceiving, and Finn is contemplating a divorce.  Farrah has seen a ghost in her backyard and wants to have a kahu come bless the house.  Pali’s sifu, Doug, has confessed to killing his wife, but Pali doesn’t believe him and is determined to find the truth.

Bevill, C.L.
Bubba and the Curious Cadaver *****
Fiction.  Eighth in the Bubba cozy mystery series.  Bubba stops to help a woman, which causes him no end of trouble, starting with finding another dead body and involving the Department of Homeland Security.  Willowdean is heavily pregnant and can’t stop eating, but Bubba’s afraid his wife will find out he spent the afternoon at a strip club.  She’s usually carrying mace.

Blake, Deborah
Reinventing Ruby *****
Fiction.  Romance between two chefs and how Ruby learns to trust herself and others.

Bury, Scott
Echoes *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Vanessa Scott is drawn into a drug case that has echoes back to her own teenage years, when she was in love with a local drug pusher.  He disappeared 15 years ago, and when he shows up again, it’s to save his younger brother.

Calverley, J.M. (Meg Amor)
Pele’s Revenge *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Reef is back on the Big Island serving as a detective with the HPD.  His partner, Pono, and he have been called on an odd case.  A body has been found sitting in lava, and though Reef has had his fill of drug-related cases on the mainland, he and Pono trace the corpse back to a meth lab.

Crosby, Tanya Anne
The MacKinnon’s Bride ****
Fiction.  First in the Highland Bride’s series.  Page has been bathing in the pond when she suddenly hears noises nearby.  Fleeing the water, she runs through the darkness, only to find herself caught by a clan of Scotsmen.  Iain MacKinnon plans to trade her for his son, who Page’s father has been holding to give to the king of England.  Though Page’s father does release the boy, he refuses to take back his daughter.  Not wanting to tell Page her father cares nothing for her, he decides to let her believe she is his prisoner.  Until they fall in love.

Deitch, Gale
Pineapples and Pearls *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Anna Scatalini gets a call from her niece, Paolina, in New Jersey.  Paolina asks if she can come for a visit.  Her ex-boyfriend has beat her up, and she needs a place to hide.  Anna asks her worker, Makoa, to watch over Paolina when she arrives, but they can’t keep Gino from showing up and attacking her again.

Doyle, M.L. 
Hidden Designs *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Ken Yamada and his lover, Chuck, are on a romantic weekend cruise on a friend’s yacht.  Pirates invade the ship and leave a corpse behind after dismantling all communication systems, so the passengers cannot get help.  Ken and Chuck begin investigating as their feelings for each other build.

Dragon, C.C.
Golden Owls ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  FBI consultant Sandra Gates is working with the police on the Big Island to find the source of some fake golden owls that have been pawned in Vegas, where she is based.  

Garrett, Danielle
The Ghost Hunter Next Door *****
Fiction.  Second in the Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mystery series.  Scarlet is enjoying running her own floral shop and meeting with the neighborhood ghosts once a week, but when a frightening specter invades her shop and demands her help, she’s not sure what she can do.  A TV show is renovating a local mansion into a B&B, and the specter, Rosie, is adamant that Scarlet stop the production and send everyone away.  While Scarlet can’t promise that, she does promise to look into Rosie’s death and try to figure out why she hasn’t passed over to the other side.

Filler, Lynda
Narco Orphans ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Jared and Peace are still in Mexico.  Peace finds out Paddy is her father.  A group of children are found injured and taken in to safety in San Pancho.

The Road to San Pancho ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Jared is on a break from firefighting and travels south to Mexico.  Along the way he meets Peace, a young woman on a search for her Mexican father.

Galenorn, Yasmine 
Fury Calling *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Fury urban fantasy series.  Fury, Tam, and the others are settling in to Willow Wood and the Underburrow.  A traitor is in their midst, and he targets Fury and the villagers.  Lyon is still attempting to open the Chaos portals, but Fury is determined to find a way to stop him and end his fight forever.

Gilbert, Julie C.
Christmas Makes It Chaos *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Marcella and her partner are in New York for an anti-terrorist conference, but Cassandra appears in Marcella’s room asking for her help.  When she learns what the stakes are, Marcella  follows her conscience and goes along with the plan.

Money Makes It Deadlier ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Marcella and her partner are assigned to work on a banking case, but bank robbers attempt to hold up the bank while she’s there, and she must give chase.

Rescue in Reno *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Marcella works with Jeff Gatton, inventor of Eagle Eyes, to shut down a human trafficking ring run by the mob.

Revenge Makes It Sweeter *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Marcella is still embroiled in the Berkley attempted murder case, and she and Cassandra team up to help save a girl.

Treachery Makes It Tense *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Matts family has been taken hostage, and it’s up to Marcella and Cassandra to save them.

Violence in Vegas ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Marcella is in Vegas visiting a friend who owns a hotel.  Angela is having a hard time with vandals, and Marcella decides to look into it for her.  What she finds is tied to the mob and an  old lover, Trevor.  He’s after a prototype supposedly about to be unveiled at a gathering at the hotel.

Grafton, Sue
Y is for Yesterday *****
Fiction.  25th in the Kinsey Milhone mystery series set in Santa Teresa, California.  Ten years prior, a young woman was murdered.  Now, the repercussions of that crime have surfaced, and Kinsey is drawn into a complicated plot that leads to another murder.

Guthrie, R.S.
Elysium Tombstones *
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Pono asks Lei to help him work a cold case for an ex-SEAL friend of his.  Lei cheats on Michael.

Hanan, Laurie
Hoaka Moonshine *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Dee Malkin is haunted by the sounds of cats every night, which keep her awake.  One day a woman comes to her door and says she believes that Dee is her mother.  Astonished, Dee talks to a friend who lives nearby, and he shares some secrets with her.

Hansen, Craig
Fireweed Trail *****
Fiction.  A young Lei is hiking with a group of troubled teens along the Oregon Coast Trail.  One of the girls, Fang, disappears during the night and is found at the bottom of a cliff the next day.  Three of the hikers point their fingers at Lei as a murderer, but a savvy cop follows her instinct and saves the day.

Harper, Steven
Writing the Paranormal Novel *****
Non-fiction.  Tips, suggestions, and lessons on how to write a paranormal novel, as well as each step of the publishing process.

Hornsby, Kim
Rocky Bluff *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Lei has met a new friend, Kali, who introduces her to the world of acting.  During a performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, a prop falls killing one of the actors.  Kali is being stalked by an ex-boyfriend, and Lei and Stevens try to track him down.

Kana, Lucas
Princess Eyes Pt. I ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Michael Stevens starts out as a forensic pathologist then quits to become a detective.  Working with an FBI agent, he helps solve a cold case that has resurrected.

Keefer, Dylan
Angel’s Poison ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Raine is a criminal psychologist and has returned to Hawai’i to give a talk at the university.  She’s approached by Micah, an MP, who asks for her help in solving a case.  A young woman disappeared for a week, and when she returned she had no memory of how she got there.  Raine wonders about her picture-perfect family and soon finds out the horrible truth.

Kuhn, N.
Deadly Treasure ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  A woman trying to find a wrecked ship in order to correct the tale of her ancestor, ends up in danger, and Lei and a former SEAL have to save her.

Levy, Mark
P.S. from Paris ****
Fiction.  Mia, a movie star, meets Paul, a reluctant writer, when she leaves England to visit her best friend in Paris.  Fleeing a failing marriage, she wants to be free, to be herself.  Paul’s books are selling like hotcakes in Korea, but not so well at home.  Paul’s best friend sneakily sets him up on a blind date, but when he meets Mia, their date is full of surprises.

Llewellyn, A.J.
Mercury Blues ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Mercury is trying to start his life over as a private investigator on Mau’i, but his past continues to follow him around.  He has a deadly enemy and calls on his acquaintance, Lei, to help him figure out who it is.

Logan, Patricia
Unforeseen Dangers *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Jack Jenkins’ brother, fellow detective Lane, has gone missing in Los Angeles, and Jack jumps on a plane in the islands heading to the mainland to help Lane’s partner find him.  Ties to the case lead back to Hawai’i, and Jack coordinates with Lei in resolving the issue.

Logan, Ron
Of Rainbows and Butterfly Wings ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Mau’i Medical Examiner, Philip Gregory, is called to the scene of a dead body on the beach.  She looks familiar, and he travels to O’ahu to do some research on her, not knowing that his interest has started the ball rolling for a hitman to target him.

MacOwl, Joanna
Silvery Moon *****
Fiction.  Third in the Fern witches trilogy.  Dana and Carla are raising their baby girl, when Carla is in a horrible car accident.  Dana tries to heal her with her powers, but something goes wrong.

Talking to Trees *****
Fiction.  First in the Fern witches trilogy.  Dana takes a year off of her job teaching English in college to work on her dissertation while living in her uncle’s cabin in New Hampshire.  She meets a fascinating woman named Liz who is suffering from a deadly disease.  Dana also reconnects with her first love, Carla, who happens to be Liz’s lover.  When Carla asks Dana to heal Liz, she agrees, knowing that it will have repercussions on her own life.

Wand *****
Fiction.  Second in the Fern witches trilogy.  Dana has an enemy, one she has been sharing a bed with, and one who is after her power.  As Dana works with the Dark energy of the wand, her power almost overtakes her, but she needs to keep control of it to protect herself.

MacRae, Molly
Plaid and Plagiarism ***
Fiction.  Janet, Tallie, Christine, and Summer have purchased Yon Bonnie Books and hope to run it along with a teashop next door and a B&B upstairs.  When a body is found in the shed behind Janet’s house, the four women put their minds together and try to figure out who the murderer is.

Mailliet, G.M.
Death and the Lit Chick ****
Fiction.  DCI St. Just is at a Scottish castle for a weekend speaking to crime writers about police procedure.  When one of the authors is murdered, he assists the Scottish police in solving the crime.

Manning, Fiona
Dark Dawn ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Tiare is worried about her missing aunt and cousin, and in trying to find them, she learns that their disappearance is linked to her other aunt and possibly to a fraud case.

Darker Dawn *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Tiare is on O’ahu for a training course at Tripler, when her good friend and fellow nurse, Kalu, disappears.  Kalu’s daughter is also missing, and Tiare is desperate to find out what happened to the two women.

McGuire, Shawn
One of Her Own ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Gemi’s sister has gone missing, and Gemi must face off with the Yakuza to fine her.  

Out of Her League *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Gemi has to go undercover at Kenichi Tanaka’s estate to try to find her sister, Ashley.  The problem is that Tanaka is the head of the Yakuza on Mau’i, and Gemi’s life might be in danger.

Over Her Head *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Gemi has graduated from the police academy and is busy walking a beat, but Lei asks if she’d be willing to do some undercover work at a local restaurant.  Women have been disappearing from there and ending up in Japan, and Gemi’s job is to help stop what’s happening.

McNicol, Donna B.
Paradise Dead ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Ten former bandmates are gathered on Kaua’i to scatter the ashes of their former manager.  Even before they arrive at the C’mon Inn, two of them are almost forced off the road.  Another falls victim to poisonous mushrooms, and the attacks keep coming.

Paradise Down ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Jared is on vacation on Kaua’i, and he meets Lucia, a woman looking for her brother who owns a dive shop on the island.  Her brother has gone missing, and when Lucia is attacked and the shop is trashed, Jared gets the police involved.

Morrigan, Laura
A Tiger’s Tale *****
Fiction.  Second in the Call of the Wilde cozy mystery series.  Grace gets called out to help a depressed tiger who tells her that a girl has been kidnapped.  Grace sets out to find the girl, whose parents aren’t even interested in locating her.  When she runs afoul of the mob, Grace isn’t sure who to trust.

Woof at the Door ****
Fiction.  First in the Call of the Wilde cozy mystery series.  Grace is an animal behavioralist who happens to be able to communicate with animals psychically.  She’s called out to subdue an angry doberman who witnessed his owner’s murder and is caught in a quandary of how to tell the police who the killer is without sounding like a nut.

Nayes, Alan
The Eclective: The Haunted Collection ****
Fiction.  Collection of haunted stories.

O’Flynn, Corinne
Pay the Price *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Lei and April are posing as Half-Moon Girls while the FBI runs a sting against the Oasis Group.  The job is dangerous, and both women end up in trouble as they try to save the other women from the trafficking group.

Pierce, AP
Murder Most Maui ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Lei has been invited to a fancy party at a Hollywood star’s new house by the beach.  He confesses to murder, but she doesn’t plan on arresting him.

Pierce, Noelle
Spark My Desire ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Jared is a firefighter in Los Angeles, and when his best friend’s sister arrives in town, he’s determined to stay away from her.  But he just can’t help himself when she starts flirting with him.

Sands, Patricia
Soga’s Second Chance *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Soga had a hard time dealing with his wife’s mental illness, and when his good friend and confidante was killed in a car accident, he had no one else to turn to.  Years later, during a pilgrimage to Japan, he meets a woman who bears a mysterious likeness to his old friend.

Schoonover, Dave
Kapu *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Katie is fresh off probation with the police force, and she’s been assigned to the computer lab.  Lei and Pono get called out on a murder which is traced to a mysterious man calling him self Mu, a Warrior of Kamehameha.

Shenold, Carol
Dragon Touched ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Kat works and lives at an art gallery on the Big Island.  Her mentor and guardian dies and leaves the gallery to Kat, angering his nephew.  Kat feels dragon spirit moving through her, and she uses it to help get her out of trouble.

Shojai, Amy
Born to Love ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Keiki is  just a puppy living in Texas and being trained to be a police dog.  Her trainer is trying to set up her own training facility, and the opportunity rests on a the dogs’ owner who wants to sell the dogs for dog fighting.

Trained to Serve ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Lia and Keiki are training for Keiki’s K9 police dog training.  While out tracking, they discover the body of a young woman and a Hawaiian girl hiding nearby.  Mele is terrified she will be returned to The Boss, who abuses her, but she runs from Lia in fear.  Keiki follows her, but a fire is on the way and traps them at a water tank.  Lei Texeira is assisting the local police and helps track the girls and dog.

Thomas, Kayla Dawn
The Bet’s Off ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Vale’s uncle has died, and she travels to the family ranch on Kaua’i to help her grandfather get the ranch back into shape.  With a mobster pressuring her to sign over the ranch to repay gambling debts her uncle owed, she turns to lawyer Weaver to help her sort things out.

Broken Beginnings *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Weaver returns to Montana to work out a custody agreement with April but arrives just in time to find out she’s been killed in a car accident, leaving him Shaylee’s only parent.  The search for the killer continues as Weaver gets to know his daughter and gets ready to take her back to Kaua’i.

Timmer, Julie Lawson
Mrs. Saint and the Defectives ***

Fiction.  A newly divorced woman moves with her teenage son to a small bungalow.  When they arrive, they’re met by a whirlwind of an elder French woman dead set on running their lives.  The divorcée is determined to keep the woman out of her life, but it doesn’t work that way.