Sunday, April 7, 2013

NASA lassoing an asteroid?

This month, NASA has announced plans to lasso an asteroid, so it can be parked near the moon, and a team of four astronauts can study it.  The purpose of the study is to see how to mine asteroids for materials and to learn more about the mineral composition of the solar system.  For this experiment, the U.S. is planning to spend 100 million dollars.

$100 million dollars to figure out how to mine and destroy other bodies in our solar system, when we have hungry children and homeless people right here that we should be taking care of first.  $100 million would go far to help resolve those issues.

We should be spending money on finding forms of sustainable energy right here on earth, before we start thinking of mining elsewhere.  They think about traveling out into space and colonizing other planets.  Why not take better care of the one we live on now?  We need to quit treating the Earth as disposable.     

I don't understand how we can have $100 million to spend for exploration, when we still have such a huge national debt.  Why isn't the money going toward that?

There are so many other immediate and more important needs for the money right here on Earth.  Why can't those people in Washington understand this?

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