Monday, March 4, 2013

One project completed!

The last two days have been non-NS days.  This whole week has been so bad!  Saturday, we went out to eat dinner for Mom's birthday at King's Hawaiian Restaurant and Bakery, the same place my cake came from.  It was great, and I ate too much, even though I brought home half my meal.  Most of it was meat, which I'm not used to eating, so I made sure to also get some fruit dairy in.  

I spent the weekend working on the lap afghan I was making for Mom and finally finished it Sunday evening, just in time!  She loved it :)
Here's a pic:

It came out really well.  Have left over yarn of the lighter green, so I'll make Tyger a kitty blanket.  Then maybe he'll give me MY blanket back.

I got into a good rhythm while working on the afghan.  I'd crochet five rows then take a little break and drink some water followed by several minutes of walking in place, then I'd go back to crocheting.  Have to get some movement back into my day!  I'll be using my shake weight and exercise DVDs to help get me back into shape, and watching the scale go down is a real motivator.

Didn't get any writing done at all this weekend, but I did some research and made some good plot notes.  All the hours of crocheting gave me plenty of time to think.

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