Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lost a little

In spite of having a week without being able to get to the refrigerator (due to kitchen refinishing) and two birthday dinners, I did manage to lose several pounds!  It should go a little faster now that the impediments are gone.

I've tried everything on the NS diabetic menu that doesn't include red meat and have come up with a nice selection of meals that I will order again.  My favorite breakfast is still the Turkey Sausage and Egg Muffin.  I add a slice of cheese for my Power Fuel.  Red Beans and Rice are my favorite lunch choice, a little Tabasco sauce heats it up nicely.  The Roasted Turkey Medallions with Mashed Potato is my favorite dinner.  It's like having Thanksgiving several times a month, minus the stuffing and pumpkin pie.  

I spent half the day shifting my manuscript notes from one journal to a new one, so I'll have more room to write in it.  In doing so, I came up with a whole raft of story ideas (including some for a different book) and research topics.  Spent a while researching Victorian shop windows, Victorian women's clothing, mullioned windows, and natural hot springs (for another story), among other things.  Wood crafting is next on my list.

Everyone is ramping up for Camp NaNo next month, and I just realized how much prep work I have to do this month to get ready.  This year we can set our own word count goal, but I'm hoping to get the full 50k again.  I have five books on my TBR list for this month to fulfill the March mini-challenge on Goodreads, and I would like to finish them all before Camp begins, since I won't be able to do much reading next month.

A commercial on TV said that the average adult only remembers 40% of the day before.  If only!  I think I'd be happy with that.  This growing older thing can be a real pain.  I make typo's when I'm handwriting things, and I insert completely wrong words that make no sense in my emails.  How can "isn't" change to "what"?  I think my brain synapses are fried.

On a very happy note, I ordered a pair of pants last week that arrived yesterday, and I've lost enough weight to need pants two sizes smaller, so I sent them back today.  Yay me!

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