Saturday, June 2, 2012

Camp NaNo2012 is underway!


I did it!  I wrote 5,070 words the first day of camp.  My goal was 5,000, so I'm very happy.  That's a lot of writing for one day, at least for me, and I doubt I'll be able to keep up that rate.  I think I'll try for 3,500 each day, though I'll be happy with 2,500.  I'm trying to get a good buffer up front, because I know that there will be days this month that I don't get to write.

The writing is going well.  There's a lot already that I want to rewrite, but other than making notes in my Writing Journal, I'm not letting my inner editor take charge.  I'll wait until July for edits.

Sometimes I feel like I'm writing too quickly, not taking enough time to fill in the details, but I'm so concentrated on getting the story down in the first place, some of the detail will just have to wait.

Everyone in my cabin is doing really well, and I hope we can encourage each other to stay stimulated.

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