Friday, June 15, 2012

Days 11-15, Where have I been?


Okay, first off, I have NOT been lazy, although I did take a few days off from writing.  I was not neglecting my novel.  Worldbuilding took over my life, and I got a lot worked out.  I finished reading the 2nd volume of The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy by Tee Morris.  It was so full of really helpful advice.  I gave it 5 stars!  I'm now in the middle of volume 1 of the same title, by Darin Park & Tom Dullemond.  Don't ask me why I read them out of order.  I just happened to grab the 2nd one first.

Had a great day of writing today.  I'm in the middle of another story-within-a-story, and I find them so fun to write!  They up your wordcount AND add so much to the novel.  This one is a tale told to the children of the clan by a warrior about when he was young and went with his father on a trading journey and sailed on the ocean for the first time in his life, landing on an island and meeting members of a very different clan.  So fun!

I passed today's writing goal and might have written more, but my eyes wouldn't let me.  They're tired.  One hour of sleep just doesn't cut it anymore.  I'm old.  I need rest.

When I write at night, I get stopped periodically by my cat, who insists that he must receive cuddles and reserves the right to fall asleep on my chest.  If I ignore him, sometimes he attacks, and sometimes, like the other night, he rolls around and around on my bed, making little kitty "play with me" noises.  Next thing I heard was THUD!  I turned around to find him glaring at me from the floor.  Goof fell off the bed again, but somehow, it's MY fault!

Of course it is.

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