Monday, May 28, 2012

In good shape for Camp to begin

Still working on my char profiles and thinking up minor conflicts to come up during my story.  I've finally decided on the major conflict, which should be interesting to write.  I'm missing my cozies, but I'm so excited for Camp to start on Friday, and I'm trying to fill the time I'm not working on it by messing around on Facebook (can't let my crops go to waste!), checking the various genealogy boards, and reading Damn You Autocorrect.  Oh, the odd conversations I'm missing by not having an iPhone!  Ah yes, and watching reruns of NCIS and Golden Girls (can't miss my girls!)

As for NCIS, I have a crush on all of them.  I'd love to be BFFs with Abby and have wild and crazy sleepovers where we braid each other's hair, eat clowny cakes, scare up a ghost or two, and watch old black and white horror pics.  I'd want Tony for a brother, believe it or not.  He's too pretty boy for me, but you can count on him when the going gets rough.  Timothy McGee would be my boyfriend (I'm crazy about him!), and Ziva would be my lover (hot!).  Gibbs, he would have to be my father, although I'm sure he would drive me crazy with his rules.  Ducky would be the eccentric uncle who still lives in that gorgeous Victorian mansion (where else?), and Jimmy...I guess he'd be my slightly awkward, but lovable, cousin.

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