Friday, July 12, 2013

Camp Status and Short Stories

It's almost the middle of the month, and I have just over 6,800 words written so far, which I'm very happy about, as I set my challenge at 10k, though I'll keep plugging along after I reach that.  I'm really enjoying writing the short stories, although some of them are much longer than the 1,500 count I was expecting. 

Some of the stories are standalones, but there's a large group of interrelated stories that might end up in one book someday down the road, and I'm having fun being able to jump around and tell each character's story.  These are characters near and dear to my heart that I created years ago for an MMORPG, though the stories do not take place within the world of that MMORPG at all.  But now I have the pleasure of being able to have my characters interacting in the stories, which I could never do before.  I have a little concern as to how much of modern culture I want to include in the story, as it does include creatures like trolls and dragons, and the land is sparsely populated and based on an earth-like medieval-like landscape. 

I'm also looking forward to writing some poetry this month, it's always very relaxing for me, and I'm thinking of challenging myself to write in different poetic forms, which I haven't done a lot of before, so it will be fun.

The weight is still going down slowly, but I'm happy as long as it keeps heading in that direction.  NutriSystem just added some new gourmet frozen meals this month, and my next post will be a review of those once I've tried them.

I'm also trying to stay on top of my reading challenges for Goodreads.  During November's NaNo event, I don't do any reading at all, there just isn't enough time, but since my word count is more relaxed this month and because I'm better prepared for what I'm writing, I think I can stay on track with the reading.  

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