Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Camp NaNoWriMo 2013 2nd Session has begun!

Camp has officially begun, and I'm ahead at the moment.  Didn't write a word yesterday (for Camp), but I was otherwise occupied and will be able to write today.  Working on short stories is very different than working on a novel.  I'm trying to keep the stories to 500-2000 words.  I'm currently working on one that is related to several of the other stories, so some continuity will happen that is a little unusual in short stories.  Some of these will be based on characters that I created and played in an rpg, but their personal stories were never told.  This will be fun, because I can finally have them interacting with each other, which was impossible before, and allow me total freedom to take them places they've never been.

I have already received the package from my swap partner and have sent hers off on Monday.  The eight postcards I wrote for the postcard swap went out in the mail on Saturday, and I'm hoping they get to their destinations without any trouble.  The swap events are always very fun, and I look forward to them during each NaNo.  

On the genealogy front -- I emailed two dioceses in Cuba on Saturday asking for birth information for my grandfather, Pedro Corpion, who was born on June 7, 1908 in either Bayamo or Cienfuegos (which is why I emailed two dioceses).  I think the name I have for his mother is incorrect, and the birth information will clarify that for me.

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