Thursday, May 23, 2013

Lost a few more pounds

A few more pounds gone!  I've been bouncing between 20-30 pounds for the past two months, because I've been eating off-plan too much, but I'm back on track now.  My immediate goal is to lose 1.4 pounds by Monday, so I can get my next bear (it's a NS thing).

As expected, my TV had gone bad, and I've just replaced it with a new one, a Samsung 22" LED HDTV, and everything's nice a clear now.  It's surprising how much lighter this TV is than my 5-year-old one.  Technological advances, woohoo!  My old one is being delivered to a man who rebuilds them, so hopefully he can reuse some of the parts.  Also being donated is a Bean Exerciser that I never even took out of the box.  Good intentions, bad follow-through *LOL*  The rest of my stuffed animals (yes, I still had some) are also being donated, although I'm hanging on to the Raggedy Ann I've had all my life.  She's a little worse for wear but full of good memories.  How many times did my Mom have to toss her in the washing machine because I fed her orange juice? 

I'm almost ready to conquer all the boxes of books in the garage and my room and let go of the ones I no longer need.  Already the air in my room is lighter, definitely cleaner (dust is my enemy!) and I feel more inspired to be creative.

Finished reading Dan Brown's "Inferno".  I'm always amazed at the depth and amount of research he does for his books.  Not only are they filled with exciting action, he makes the architecture and artwork in his books come alive, and he always leaves me wanting to know more.  This one will make a great movie.

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