Wednesday, May 15, 2013

General update

I'm behind on my posting, I see, but I've been busy.

We had the Verizon tech out installing the FiOS system to our TVs, Internet and phone on Saturday.  The Internet and phone are working fine, and my parents' box is working well, but my screen is extremely dark, which did not begin happening until they hooked up the FiOS.  Talked to customer service the other day and went through all the troubleshooting, and they sent me a new box, which arrived today. No change on the picture, however, but I have a feeling it's my TV and not the cable.  GRRR.  One nice thing is that he cleaned up all the wires I had running here and there and removed all the unnecessary ones.  Their router also operates as the modem, so that's one less piece of equipment to deal with.  I had to call them yesterday, because my laptop and two of our Kindles weren't connecting to the Internet, although our other computers and one laptop were working fine, so I was using the password printed on the router label to try to connect, but surprise!  The actual password to use wasn't the one labeled password!  Duh.  Everything's connecting now, and I spent an hour yesterday getting my dad a new email addy, updating all his sites and sending the new address out to his contacts.  It would have taken him a couple of days to do it, and it would have been so frustrating for him to get everything done.

I finally went through my Facebook friends list and dropped over 400 people that were friended to me through games I no longer play or they no longer play, and it felt good to clean that up, and I dropped all but two games, which frees up more time for writing.

And I've been working on sorting and getting rid of things I no longer need, which also feels good.  Lots of things going to Goodwill.  I still need several boxes to pack books in for the garage, though I seriously need to go through them and let go of the books I don't really need.  These are mostly non-fiction books that I use for reference, but how many books that say the same thing does one person need?  Time to let others learn from them.

I WILL finish this book up before November, but I'm hoping to get it done before July's camp now that I've refocused the purpose and finally realized that it doesn't need a specific word count.  Think I got so caught up with that doing NaNo, that I wandered off-topic.  NaNo's awesome for getting a book started, but I have to get my head straight for the work afterwards.  I'd like to try a short story for July's camp, so I need to get moving on this one.

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