Saturday, February 2, 2013

Books Read in January 2013

Boneham, Sheila Webster
  • Drop Dead on Recall
Fiction.  First in a cozy series starring a freelance photographer/dog enthusiast who witnesses a co-competitor collapse at a dog obedience trial and becomes involved in solving the murder.

Brady, Joan
  • God on a Harley 
Fiction.  Interesting tale of a woman burned out on life who meets a mysterious man on a Harley Davidson who seems to have all the answers.

Brown, Rita Mae
  • A Nose for Justice 
Fiction.  Boring and full of rhetoric.  Too many things going on, couldn’t even figure out what the main mystery was.  I thought I’d like talking dogs, but not in this book.  Actually, the dogs were more entertaining than the human characters.

Burke, Jerome 
  • Black Point 
Fiction.  Time travel novel about a man who finds himself in another century, who falls in love and makes a life for himself, while trying to avoid a lawman intent on finding his secrets.

Galenorn, Yasmine
  • Etched in Silver 
Fiction.  Novella starring Camille D’Artigo of the Sisters of the Moon series.  She meets Trillian while tracking down a murderer.

Peters, Elizabeth
  • Crocodile on the Sandbank 
Fiction.  First in a long-standing series of cozy mysteries starring a wealthy English woman who adopts a companion and takes her on a tour of Egypt’s archeological sites.  They discover the beauty of Egypt along with the dangers, as they encounter a mysterious mummy who threatens them.

Sparks, Nicholas
  • True Believer
Fiction.  Mysterious lights flicker in a cemetery, and a freelance journalist is hired to solve the mystery.  He finds love and loss along the way.

Wallace, Benjamin
  • Dumb White Husband vs. Santa
Fiction.  Short story of Dumb White Husband’s struggle to provide the perfect Christmas for his family.

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