Thursday, August 2, 2012

Day One of August's Camp NaNo 2012


Day one went slowly.  I stressed myself into a depression day before yesterday, because I still hadn't come up with an outline for this second part of my novel.  I couldn't figure out how to transition my character from 4-years-old to a teenager, without jarring the reader with a Part One and Part Two.  I was also blocked, because I had so much fun writing her as a child and didn't really want her to grow up, although she has to.  It was suggested to me that I had invested so much of myself in my character, that I was creating the block because of the rough years I had growing up.  That made a lot of sense, and after that discussion, I felt better about the writing.  I decided to jump right in and start writing her as a teen and deal with the transition after the end of the month, unless I can figure it out before then.  That worked, and I finally got into writing.

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