Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Finally editing

I certainly enjoyed my week and a half of pleasure reading, but I finally got started on editing this morning and finished the first chapter.  Made some notes that I'll have to reconcile later in the novel, but I'm happy with my writing.  With some short term memory loss, reading it is almost new, which is wonderful.  Only have the first 4 chapters printed (Dad's printer blew a gasket on me), but hopefully that will get fixed so I can print the other 6 chapters out.  It's easier to catch and note the edits on paper than it would be online.  Lots of my own shorthand symbols.  I'm looking forward to getting some plot points down on paper for the second half of the book.  I think I'd like to end up with around 120k words after editing.  Not sure I can write all that in August, but we'll see.  At least I have a couple of months before I need to write again in November.  That should give me time to write and edit the rest of this book, before I start the second book.

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