Sunday, July 1, 2012

Books Read in June 2012

Dereske, Jo
- Savage Cut
Fiction.  1st in the Ruby Crane series.  A forgery expert moves back to her hometown in Michigan after her daughter’s auto accident.  She tries to pick up the pieces and heal her daughter while trying to solve a murder and start a new romance.

Dullemond, Tom
- The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy:  Volume One 
Non-fiction.  Covers Roots of Fantasy, Worldbuilding, Race Creation Plot Construction, Medieval Clothing and Food, Mythology, Religion, Martial Arts, Humor, Research and Marketing

George, Anne
- Murder on A Girl’s Night Out
Fiction.  First in the Southern Sisters mystery series, about two 60-something sisters living in Alabama, who end up involved in two local murders.

Morris, Tee
- The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy: Volume Two 
Non-fiction.  Covers Myth Busting, Writing Short Stories & Novellas, Worldbuilding, Writing YA, Mystery and Fantasy, Romance and Fantasy, Government, Magic Systems, Herbalism, Shared World Writing, Writing Arthurian Legends, Self-Editing

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