Saturday, May 2, 2015

Copyediting course

I've started an Intro to Copyediting course through Writer's Digest, hoping to not only improve my own editing, but also to see if it's something I could do professionally.  I find the problem-solving aspect of it very interesting.

Last month I sent off a poem to a Pagan magazine but haven't heard back if they'll publish it or not.  There's no money involved, but that's not always the point, is it?

Also submitted another poem for a competition but won't find out the results until June.

And again, I've participated in the Writer's Weekly 24-hours Short Story contest.  It's quite invigorating, I don't know the topic or the word count until the contest begins, so it's always very fresh.  I won't know the outcome of this contest for six weeks.  Just participating excites me, motivates me, and is just plain fun!

I'm still planning on moving up north, but rentals in my price range are few and far between.  I won't give up.

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