Saturday, May 2, 2015

Books Read - March 2015

Behan, Chris
  • Exploring Midsomer *****
Non-fiction.  Pictorial essay of the towns and villages filmed in the making of the Midsomer Murders mysteries.

Castle, Angela
  • The Purrfect Picture ****
Fiction.  Second book in a shapeshifter series set in Australia.  Tinder Munro is hired by a wealthy businessman to investigate BlackTown and the surrounding forest.  While taking pictures of some big cat paw prints, she is surprised by a gorgeous man who quickly makes her feel things she has never felt before even during her ten-year marriage to Nick, her ex-husband.  Can she keep the secrets of the town, or will she do the job she has been hired to do?

Chambers, Meg
  • Running Wilde ****
Fiction.  First in an erotica novella series starring Winnie Wilde, a recent divorcee trying to figure out what to do with herself for the second half of her life.  Contemplating selling the house she shared with her ex-husband and children, she plans on doing some traveling, plans that get put on hold when she meets a fellow runner and co-owner of the construction company she hired to fix up the house before she puts it on the market.  The age of her grown children, Ben makes her feel beautiful and free, and she looks forward to an uncomplicated relationship with him.

Dugan, Ellen
  • Legacy of Magick ****
Fiction.  First in the Legacy of Magick series.  Autumn, a post-grad student, is living with her aunt and three cousins.  She has only recently become aware that they are witches, something her  parents had kept from her as they lived across the country.  But having returned to the family home, Autumn learns there are different types of magick, positive and negative, and while her family practices positive magick, there is another family in town who embraces the negative, and they’re out to regain some property that Autumn’s father had stolen from them twenty years ago.

Gaarder, Jostein
  • The Ringmaster’s Daughter *****
Fiction.  Tale of a Norwegian man with an amazing imagination and a gift of creating stories.

Genelin, Michael
  • Requiem for A Gypsy ***
Fiction.  First in a mystery series set in Slovakia.  Jana Matinova is a police commander stationed in Bratislova.  She investigates a series of murders that take her to several European countries, where along the way, a young girl attaches herself to Jana who resists taking her under her wing.  The mysterious girl is somehow linked with the murders, and Jana needs to solve them quickly while trying to keep the girl out of harm’s way.

Hoffman, Alice
  • Water Tales ****
Fiction.  Two short tales of mermaids, Aquamarine and Indigo.

Houck, Colleen
  • Tiger’s Promise  ***
Fiction.  Novella leading up to the Tiger’s Curse series.  Wicked military leader, Lokesh, has a beautiful young daughter named Yesubai, who Lokesh wanted to marry off to a prince.  Not for a political marriage, but in order to kill the royal family and obtain an ancient amulet which would make Lokesh even more powerful than he already is.  Though Yesubai is contracted to marry the elder prince, his younger brother is the one she has fallen in love with.  Yesubai uses her own magical power to save the princes’ lives, giving hers as sacrifice.

Llosa, Mario Vargas 
  • Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter ***
Fiction.  Interwoven storylines.  Mario is an 18-year-old news copywriter at a radio station in Lima, Peru.  He is in love with his much older aunt and plans to marry her.  Pedro Camacho is a Bolivian scriptwriter who prodigiously spends all of his waking hours writing very famous radio serials.  Over time, his overwork causes him to lose track of which character is in which serial, even who the characters are.  As Camacho’s plots become more and more confused, Mario is struggling to encourage his love, Aunt Julia, to take his advances seriously, something they try very hard to keep his family from finding out.

Martin, George R.R.
  • Songs of Love and Death *****
Fiction.  Collection of short stories from 17 fantastic authors with the theme of star-crossed lovers.

Oyeyemi, Helen
  • The Icarus Girl ****
Fiction.  Jessamy is half English and half Nigerian and lives with her parents in London.  She’s a bit odd and doesn’t fit in with the other children, who consequently tease her mercilessly, making her withdraw even more into herself.  On a trip to Nigeria to meet her grandfather and other relatives, she meets a mysterious girl named Titioba.  Jess can’t pronounce it very well and decides to call her TillyTilly.  Tilly is adept at getting into places she shouldn’t be, but Jess gamely goes along with her new friend..until her friend begins to frighten her.

Tan, Amy
  • Saving Fish from Drowning **
Fiction.  A Chinese-American artist living in San Francisco signs on to lead a tour to China and Burma, but before the tour takes place, she is mysteriously killed in her shop.  The other eleven travelers decide to go on without her, not knowing that her ghost will be tagging along for the ride.  The political front is up in arms in Burma, with the military junta controlling the country by violence.  During an early Christmas morning jaunt, the American tourists suddenly disappear, and the whole world becomes aware of their plight.

Weiland, K.M.
  • Structuring Your Novel ****
Non-fiction.  How to construct the various parts of a novel.  Showing the different parts of the entire plot, each scene and down to each sentence.

Weiland, K.M.

  • Structuring Your Novel Workbook ****
  • Non-fiction.  Workbook that goes along with Structuring Your Novel.

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