Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Nine more days until NaNo

I think I'm ready for NaNo this session and still plan to work on the short stories this time, though I reserve the right to change my mind at the last moment.  I haven't done nearly all the plotting that I'd hoped to this month, but it's just a matter of setting the time aside every day, and that will help me get back into the rhythm of NaNo.

This year, I'm participating in the postcard swap, the tea swap, and the package swap.  It's all of the little extras that go into the NaNo experience that make it so fantastic, and of course there are my wonderful writing buddies, and the close friendships that have come about through them.

My reading challenges are coming along fine, though I doubt I'll finish the continent or ethnic challenges this year.  I'll have to plan better for next year to fit them all in. 

My dreamwork is going very well, and I'm able to journal a couple of times each week.  It would be easier if people would quit waking me, which makes me lose the dream, but those around me seem untrainable ;)

This week, Ancestry.com released their new DNA results under their improved system, and I was very happy to see how detailed they are now, and that they separated out Polynesian from East Asian.  Under their old process, there was still a large 16% of my DNA that they couldn't identify, but now they're able to complete the chart. 

My old results were:

44% East Asian 
27% Southern European 
7% Eastern European
6% Pacific Islander 
16% uncertain

With the new and improved process, my results now read:

6% African
- 2% Southeastern Bantu
- 1% Ivory Coast/Ghana
- 1% Africa North
- 1% Mali
- 1% Senegal

4% American
- 4% Native American

22% Asian
- 21% East Asian
- 1% South Asian

38% European
- 34% Iberian Peninsula
- 1% Europe East
- 1% Europe West

- 1% Scandinavia
- 1% Italy/Greece

29% Polynesian 

1% West Asian
- 1% Caucasus

I've added them to my main DNA post.

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