Monday, August 5, 2013

August "fake" camp

July's camp is over, but since we've both been writing short stories, we see no reason to stop now, so both my writing buddy and I will be continuing with our own "fake" camp.  We've set word count goals, I'm shooting for another 10k this month, though that's the minimum I want to write, and we'll keep encouraging and supporting each other as always.  

Although I came up with 50 short story suggestions before camp started last month, I ended up working on only 15 of them, so I have enough to carry me over this month.  Most of those 15 are related stories about the characters I created years ago for an rpg, but they were only bare bones descriptions of who they were.  Now I'm filling in their histories and lives and stories and how they all ended up together and am having a lot of fun with it.  It might all end up in a single book someday.

Genealogy-wise, unfortunately both of the dioceses in Cuba that I had written to for information on my grandfather's birth wrote back saying that they had no information on him at all, so I'm having to re-group and figure out where I go from here.  Bayamo and Cienfuegos were the only two possibilities for his birthplace that were listed on his paperwork.  I'm fairly certain his mother was born in Cuba, but I haven't seen any information about her either, and I'm not sure I have a correct name for her.  His father was born in Euskal Herria (the Basque Country) and moved to Cuba with his parents and siblings apparently.  Think I'll try to find my great-grandparents' marriage information in Cuba.

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