Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Books Read in December 2012

Campbell, Joan; Jennifer Fromke; Sheryl Holmes; Deanna Klingel
- The Christmas Tree Treasure Hunt
Fiction.  Short story written by several authors about a woman fighting an old hurt, and the treasure hunt her grandmother sends her on to find balance.

Hill, Nancy
- Twelve Days of Fruitcake
Fiction.  The story of people connected by a fruitcake.

O'Dell, Scott
- Island of the Blue Dolphins
Fiction.  Fictionalized representation of a true story.  In the book, a young Native American girl is accidentally stranded on a small island off the coast of California, when the rest of her tribe flees to the mainland. Her quest to survive under harsh conditions with little more than her two hands to make her way as her life is threatened by a pack of wild dogs and Aleut hunters.

Thomson, Rachel Starr
- Worlds Unseen
Fiction.  First in a fantasy series starring a group of people united in a common cause to save the world.

Wagler, Ira
- Growing Up Amish
Non-fiction.  Autobiography of a man who struggled with being Amish and went against everything he had been taught and left his family and his religion to find peace.

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