Thursday, March 1, 2012

Books Read in February 2012

Barrett, Lorna
- Murder is Binding 
Fiction.  A woman moves to a small New Hampshire booktown to open a mystery bookstore.  Her next door neighbor is murdered, and she becomes the number one suspect.  Her sister, with whom she’d never gotten along with, moves to town determined to blend their lives together.  First in the Booktown Mystery series.

Blackwell, Juliet
- Dead Bolt 
Fiction.  Female general contractor begins working on an old Queen Anne Victorian, only to find several sinister ghosts inhabiting the home and terrifying the new owners.  Can Mel send the ghosts packing, or will she succumb to possession?

Blake, Heather
- It Takes a Witch 
Fiction.  An Enchanted Village on the outskirts of Salem, Massachusetts.  Two sisters move in with the aunt they’d never gotten to know during their childhoods.  A witch.  A witch who informs them that they too are witches.  Do they embrace this new life?  Their new hometown?  The magical and mystical townspeople?  The first in the new Wishcraft series.

Brandon, Ali
- Double Booked for Death 
Fiction.  The new owner of a bookstore sets up a book signing with the author of a series of ghost stories, an author who ends up dead.  Along with a grumpy cat, a real cop and an ex-cop best friend, the store owner goes looking for the killer.

Bretton, Barbara
- Casting Spells 
Fiction.  The half-human Wishcrafter new to her skills assists an outsider cop in finding the murderer of a ravishing tourist in the small village of Sugar Maple, an enchanted suburb of Salem, Massachusetts.

Childs, Laura
- Keepsake Crimes 
Fiction.  First in the Scrapbooking Mysteries series.  Hot steamy New Orleans at Mardi Gras time.  Creepy rundown cemeteries.  What better setting for a mystery?  Can Carmela save her soon-to-be-ex husband from being charged with murder?  Anything goes in The Big Easy.

Galenorn, Yasmine
- Shaded Vision
Fiction.  11th in the Otherworld series.  Once again, Shadow Wing’s minions are wreaking havoc in Seattle.  The sisters and their extended family do battle to regain one of the spirit seals and to save the Supe community from evil predators.

Herr, Michael A.
- The Bones of Kuhina Nui 
Fiction.  The bones of an long-dead queen, the mystic ambience of a tropical isle, a family whose traditions are steeped in ancient ways, and a murderer haunting the halls of a Hawaiian resort.  First book in a new series, Kohala Coast mysteries.

Hunter, Maddy
- Dutch Me Deadly 
Fiction.  Another seniors’ tour, this time to Amsterdam.  Emily, the erstwhile tour escort, has her hands full with her group of 80-somethings, who scramble to assist her in solving the disappearances and murders of several of their fellow travelers, while driving her crazy with their senior antics.

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