Friday, February 3, 2012

Books Read in January 2012

Chittenden, Meg
- Snap Shot 
Fiction.  Mystery in a town based on a real town in Washington.  An ex-PI-turned photographer and a chiropractor help solve a case of murder that has ties to the photographer’s secret past.

de Lint, Charles
- Spiritwalk 
Fiction.  Another excellent page turner from de Lint.  Fantasy/Paranormal tale about a very special house and its inhabitants, as well as the cadre of otherworldly beings that populate this story of good vs. evil.  This is the sequel to his Moonheart.

- The Harp of the Grey Rose 
Fiction.  A fantasy tale of a young man born to be a harpist, who was orphaned at a young age and taken in by a wise-woman.  He meets The Grey Rose, a beautiful wondrous daughter of the gods for whom he undertakes a dangerous journey to help her defeat the evil that is beginning to overtake the land.
Waters, Sarah
- Fingersmith
Fiction.  Story within a story, within a story, each part written in the first person by different characters, all coming together to tell one intricately written tale.  Two girls with vastly different backgrounds are thrown together in this intriguing, at times depressing, story of tangled lives.  Excellent tale.

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