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Books Read - July 2017

Ambrose, Terry
Tough Choices ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Marty Fitch wants to put the bad guys on his video blog, but he gets caught up in a drug deal caper that goes wrong, and the next thing he knows, he’s running for his life.

Arden, Zoe
Witch Cake Murders ***
Fiction.  First in the Sweetland paranormal cozy mystery series.  Ava and her father have been living in New York, and she has been blissfully unaware of who, or what, she really is.  When two women appear and tell her  they’re her aunts and want to take her home, she doesn’t know what to think.  But she goes along with them and finds a whole new world.

Ashford, Lindsay Jayne
The Woman on the Orient Express *****
Fiction.  Agatha Christie has just divorced her husband, and she travels on the Orient Express to Baghdad in an effort to get away from the publicity for awhile.  On the train she meets two women, both of whom also have their secrets.  The three women get to know each other, creating a tie that binds them forever together.

Atreya, Rasana
Valley Isle Secrets ***
Fiction.  Wayne Texeira stumbles over a dead body while out on a  hike, and Barreira, Pono’s  partner, accuses Wayne of murder, though there is no evidence.  When Wayne finds out that a number of grown children from Ailani’s Children’s Home have died, he believes them all  to  be connected.  With the help of Lei, he tracks down the murderer.

Aylward, Malcolm
Dead Flow *
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Gaby Texeira has just been hired  as a detective on the HPD.  A crazed man is determined to obey Pele and become a god in his own right.  But three women must give their lives for that to happen.

Baylee, Eden
Charade at Sea ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Lainie is on a Hawaiian cruise with Max when she meets Clara, a new bride with a husband twenty years her junior.  When his stories about himself prove suspicious, Lainie and Max worry that he’s up to no good.

Seal of a Monk ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Lainie is on Kaua’i at a meditation retreat, where one of the other participants is her best friend’s daughter, who goes missing a few days into the retreat.  With the help of an ex-SEAL, Lainie goes looking for her.

A Snake in Paradise ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds  book.  Lainie is newly divorced and is celebrating her new life by vacationing on the Big Island.  She meets Julian, a younger man who seems too good to be true.  And he is.

Blackwell, Juliet
A Ghostly Light *****
Fiction.  Seventh book in the Haunted Home Renovation paranormal cozy mystery series set in San Francisco.  Mel Turner runs her own construction company, and she’s been hired to work on a lighthouse on a small island off the coast.  When a homicidal ex-husband chases down his former wife, the woman Mel is working with, a ghostly interference might take over.

Bury, Scott
Dead Man Lying *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Vanessa Storm is called out to investigate the death of a famous musician on his estate near Hana.  Lei is there assisting, and as they’re checking the heiau the man seems to have fallen from, a shot rings out and comes close to hitting Vanessa.  A tropical storm brews, trapping everybody on the estate, and Vanessa and Lei end up with more bodies on their hands.

Palm Trees and Snowflakes ***
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Vanessa Storm works a case of drugs being imported from Asia to the U.S. and reconnects with her old boyfriend.

Torn Roots ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  A development company is building a wharf and a subdivision of mansions along the Hana coast, but a group of environmentalists is protesting the development.  Vanessa Storm is alerted to the presence of a rogue Homeland Security officer and has to catch him before someone dies.

Caine, Rachel
Stillhouse Lake ****
Fiction.  Gwen Proctor and her kids are on the run.  Not that the law is after them, but other people are.  After changing locations and names  eight times, Gwen is tired of running and finally starting to feel as if the cabin at Stillhouse Lake could be their home.  But her ex-husband Mel still wants her.  Dead.  Being in prison isn’t stopping him, and Gwen suddenly realizes her family is still in danger, and the danger is even closer than she imagined.

Cassidy, Dakota
Witch Slapped ****
Fiction.  First book in the Witchless in Seattle paranormal cozy mystery series.  Stevie Cartwright has lost her witchy powers and was kicked out of her coven in Texas.  She returns to the only other home she’s ever known, Ebenezer Falls, Washington, with her familiar Belfry in her purse.  He’s a bat.  Running low on funds and not being able to find a job, Stevie is getting desperate when a windfall lands in her lap.  A ghost, Crispin Alaistar Winterbottom, needs her help in solving a murder, but Stevie ends up being the prime suspect.

Crosby, Bette Lee
Esther’s Gift *****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Esther Ka’awai is a special woman.  Known by all to be a Kahu Kupuna, knowledgeable in Hawaiian lore and healing.  When John introduces her to his grandson, the Knowing tells her he is a very sick young boy and is in need of medical help.

Doyle, M.L.
Hidden Poppies ****
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Marcella Scott is partnered up with Ken Yamada for a kidnapping case.  A young girl has disappeared, and a kidnap  message has just been received.

Galenorn, Yasmine
Maudlin’s Mayhem *****
Fiction.  Second in the Bewitching Bedlam urban fantasy series.  Maddy is hit with a Dirt Witch’s hex, and bad things begin happening at the B&B.  She has to find the witch and find a way to break the hex before someone gets hurt.

Garrett, Danielle
Along Came a Ghost ****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Beechwood Harbor paranormal cozy mystery series and first in the Beechwood Harbor Ghost Mysteries.  A ghost named Lenny appears to Holly while she’s working in her greenhouse, and he mentions Earl, Posy’s husband.  She’s been waiting over 100 years for him.  Holly asks Scarlet, the local florist and ghost whisperer, to help find Earl and bring him back to the manor where he is reunited with Posy.

Murder’s a Witch ****
Fiction.  First in the Beechwood Harbor paranormal cozy mystery series.  Holly Boldt is a witch living in Beechwood Manor along with a shifter, a vampire, a ghost, and a mysterious tenant nobody knows anything about.  She works as a barista at a local coffeehouse and is shocked one day when she arrives at work to discover her boss lying dead in the alley.  When her best friend becomes the prime suspect, Holly does whatever she can to find the real murderer.

Twice the Witch ****
Fiction.  Second in the Beechwood Harbor paranormal cozy mystery series.  A new witch, Evangeline, has come to live in the manor, and Holly fears she’s after Adam.  At work, Paisley is upset that her cousin is missing, and her aunt hires Nick to find the girl.  Unfortunately Holly finds her first.  At least she finds her ghost.

Witch Slapped *****
Fiction.  Third in the Beechwood Harbor paranormal cozy mystery series.  The vampires are in town, and when Nick gets caught up with them working on a case, Holly has to come to his rescue while at the same time keeping him blind to the supernatural life.  Harvey comes to stay at the manor, and he catches Holly making illegal potions and hauls her off to jail.  Again.

Witch Way Home *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Beechwood Harbor paranormal cozy mystery series.  Holly has to go  to court to beg for her potion master’s decree, but it doesn’t look like she’ll win when Harvey disappears in the middle of the hearing.

Gilbert, Julie C.
Never Again **
Fiction.  Lei Kindle Worlds book.  Alana’s best friend is Michael Stevens, and her boyfriend is  jealous of her relationship with Mikey.  But that doesn’t stop her boyfriend from cheating on her with another woman, and when Alana finds them together, she breaks up with the man.  He retaliates by planning to murder Michael.

Grafton, Sue
Writing Mysteries *****
Non-fiction.  Collection of essays by members of the Mystery Writers of America on the craft of writing mysteries.

Hamilton, Laurell K
A Shiver of Light *****
Fiction.  Ninth in the Merry Gentry urban fantasy series.  Merry, a faerie princess living in Los Angeles, has just given birth to the first sidhe triplets to be born in hundreds of years, and her uncle Taranis is claiming one of the children as his own.  He wants Merry as his queen, but she refuses his advances, and her lovers want him dead because of the rape.  His anger is such that he sends sidhe assassins after one of her lovers, who is killed in her arms.

Hamilton, Lyn
The Etruscan Chimera *****
Fiction.  Sixth in the Lara McClintoch mystery series.  Lara is in Italy, hired by a reclusive billionaire to buy an Etruscan hydria from another collector in Paris.  When the collector ends up dead, and the hydria goes missing, Lara figures her job is over.  But when the hydria appears in her car, she panics and drives it over the border back into Italy.

The Thai Amulet *****
Fiction.  Seventh in the Lara McClintoch mystery series.  Lara is in Thailand on a buying trip.  She was asked by a woman to find her ex-husband, who lives in Thailand but has gone missing.  Lara meets up with Jennifer and her Thai boyfriend and is invited to stay with his very wealthy family.  While tracking down the missing man, Lara discovers that Jennifer’s boyfriend’s family is involved, and whatever she finds will affect Jennifer.

Herbert, A.L.
Murder with Fried Chicken and Waffles ****
Fiction.  First in the Mahalia Watkins cozy mystery series set in Washington, D.C.  Halia owns Sweet Tea, a soul food restaurant, but when she finds her business partner dead in her kitchen, the victim of murder, she panics and convinces her cousin to help her move his body out into the alley behind the restaurant.  When his body disappears and her cousin becomes the prime suspect, she is determined to solve the mystery.

Murder with Macaroni and Cheese ***
Fiction.  Second in the Mahalia Watkins cozy  mystery series.  Mahalia is contacted by an old classmate to cater a reunion.  The woman, Raynell Rollins, was extremely popular in high school, but she was also an incredible bully, and Halia doesn’t have fond memories of her.  When she finds Raynell dead on the bathroom floor, Halia tries to figure out which of their acquaintances could be the culprit.

Hoffman, Alice
Blackbird House *****
Fiction.  Collection of short stories centered around a farm on the Cape in Massachusetts.  For over 200 years people have lived and died here.  These are their stories.

Green Angel *****
Fiction.  First book of Green.  Green lost her family on the day of the fire.  She was left with ashes, and that’s how she wanted it.  Time passed, and she slowly grew back into herself, and she knew her family was there still with her.

Green Witch *****
Fiction.  Second  book of Green.  Green is in search of the future.  She finds the present.

Faithful *****
Fiction.  Shelby struggles with the memory and guilt of a car accident that left her best friend  in a coma, and at first she takes it out on herself.  Ben is also a lost soul, but he falls in love with Shelby, and they move to New York together.  Shelby feels she is unworthy of Ben’s love and sabotages herself in an effort to lose Ben.  But as she lives her mundane life, we see another side  to Shelby as she slowly works her way to acceptance of what went before.

The Marriage of Opposites *****
Fiction.  Rachel Petit Pizzarro was born and raised  in St. Thomas.  She was a strong woman who went against her religion and community in marrying the man of her dreams, and she ran her family with an iron fist though based in love.  When her son, Camille, wanted to live his life as an artist, she fought against him but finally gave in, and he became one of the founders of 

Nightbird *****
Fiction.  Twig and her family  live on a farm in Sidwell, Massachusetts.  They’re in hiding.  People know they’re there, but they want no contact with anyone else.  But when Twig meets the family who live down the road, she befriends Julia, who is her  own age, and that one act leads  to the entire town discovering the Fowler secret.

The Probable Future ****
Fiction.  Stella comes from a long line of Sparrow women, each of whom receives a special talent on her thirteenth birthday.  Stella’s is that she can see people’s deaths.  Her vision lands her father in jail when she foresees a woman’s murder and insists that her father tell the police.

Property Of ****
Fiction.  She wants McKay.  No matter what it costs  her, she want him.  The President of the Orphans.  She competes against the gang, and against the Dolphin, and against the drugs.  She survives.

Howey, Hugh
Casting Off *****
Fiction.  Third in the Wool dystopian series.  Although Juliette at first refuses to take the sheriff’s job, she eventually relents and agrees, hoping to do more good up top than she can down deep.  But her curiosity makes her a target, and she doesn’t last long at her job.

Proper Gauge *****
Fiction.  Second in the Wool dystopian series.  A new sheriff is needed, and the mayor’s choice is a woman from deep down working in Mechanics named Juliette.  But the powerful head of IT has promised the job to someone else, and when he doesn’t get his way, he gets rid of those in his way.

The Stranded *****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Wool dystopian series.  Fighting continues in Silo 18, but as Juliette finds her way to Silo 17, she feels as if someone is watching her.

The Unravelling *****
Fiction.  Fourth in the Wool dystopian series.  Juliette has been sentenced to the cleaning, and her friends in Mechanics are feeling her loss, knowing that the sentence is undeserved.  They begin a new rebellion that shakes the entire silo.

Wool *****
Fiction.  First in the Wool dystopian series.  Thousands of people are living in a concrete silo sunken deep into the earth.  A winding staircase is how they travel from one level to another, and there are 148 levels in total.  Life seems good, but there are some things you cannot speak about.  It’s not even safe  to wonder about them.  If you do, bad things will happen.

Kimelman, Emily
Warrior Dog *****
Fiction.  Kindle Worlds book.  Keiki, the Rottweiler, loves her masters and takes her job as protector very seriously, but when a man arrives and starts a fire under their house, Keiki feels as if she’s failed her masters.

Llewellyn, A.J.
Bullets and Birthday Lu’aus ****
Fiction.  Kindle Worlds book.  A baby is up for adoption, but the mother keeps telling lies.  Abe and Lei are trying to figure out what’s going on and how they can keep the baby safe.

Coffee and Kukui Nuts ****
Fiction.  Kindle Worlds book.  Abe Torufu is on O’ahu to help his sister taste test cakes for her wedding.  While at the bakery, he spies a man putting a bomb into a woman’s car.  The killer then comes after Abe while he’s under protection by Tony, a detective with the HPD.

Hula Pie and Coconut Bras ****
Fiction.  Kindle Worlds book.  Abe and Lei are on O’ahu to take a training course, and while there they get a case of a woman who was found strangled.  While out with his sister, they buy a starving dog from a homeless couple, but when he sees the couple selling another dog the next day, he becomes suspicious.  They’re somehow tied to the dead woman.

Ti Leaves and Moon Cakes ****
Fiction.  Kindle Worlds book.  Abe’s sister is getting married, but when Abe sees a familiar young boy in a photo taken at the wedding site, he and Tony tie him to a missing-child case on the Mainland.

Mahkovec, Linda
The Garden House ****
Fiction.  Miranda’s children have grown and gone, and she’s struggling with trying to figure out what to do with all her time.  Her husband is very supportive, except when it comes to the strange dreams she’s been having.  Their new tenant living in the garden house is secretive, and Miranda is worried that her dreams are tied to him.

McNeal, Laura
The Practice House *****
Fiction.  Aldine leaves Scotland to move to America.  After spending some time with her sister in New York, she accepts a job as a teacher in Kansas.  She boards with a local farm family but soon finds herself falling in love with the husband.  And he with her.  When the family moves to California, Aldine takes work as a waitress at a Harvey House.  She spends her days daydreaming of Ansel but expects to never see him again.

Neal, Toby *****
Fiction.  Sixth in the Scorch series.  Lucy is in love with Roan, but he keeps pushing her away.  When she is kidnapped by Kane, Roan rushes out to recover her on his own without waiting for the Luciano men.  When he fails, he realizes that his effort put Lucy into even more danger and is determined that once she is safe, he’ll leave forever.

Nolfi, Christine
The Shell Keeper ***
Fiction.  First in the Lei Texeira Magic series.  Lei in on vacation in South Carolina before she begins her job as a police officer in Hilo.  Pixie, the B&B’s hostess, tells Lei she’ll meet a woman on the beach at night.  Mystified, Lei does in fact meet with a strange woman, who seems to have psychic skills.

The Shell Seeker ****
Fiction.  Second in the Lei Texeira Magic series.  Lei is waiting to join the Hilo PD, but on vacation in South Carolina, a new friend asks for her help in solving a robbery.  An expensive Pirate Necklace has gone missing, and Lei needs to find it before her vacation is up.

O’Flynn, Corinne
Half-Moon Girls ****
Fiction.  Lei is called out on a case of a murdered woman who has a half-moon brand on her ankle.  When she finds out the woman was with a missing friend, Lei is doubly invested in solving the case and hopefully finding her friend.

Tell the Truth *****
Fiction.  Lei is waiting to testify in the trial for the man responsible for her kidnapping the year before.  She learns  that a prison guard has attempted to kill him in prison and realizes the Oasis Group wants to silence all the witnesses to the crimes, and they’re coming after Lei and Alicia.

Oakley, J.L.
The Christmas Well ***
Fiction.  Short story about a community coming together around a well at Christmas.

Coconut Island *****
Fiction.  In 1946 at tsunami wiped out much of Hilo, and Wendy Watanabe’s grandfather’s family was split in two with the deaths of his siblings.  Wendy’s Auntie Bee remembers vividly her experiences, and after some bones were found and determined to have been a family friend, she begins to remember darker secrets of murder.

Saddle Road *****
Fiction.  A vet has been murdered, and it’s up to Lei, Michael, and Pono to find the murderer.  Their journey takes them to the Big Island, where Michael and Pono end up being stalked by the killer and stranded in the fog.

Volcano House *****

Fiction.  Auntie Bee is getting ready to celebrate her 80th birthday, when someone leaves a box in the back of her car.  When she unpacks it at home, she finds a haversack filled with old magazines and papers left by Robert Louis Stevenson who had written a story during his stay on the Big Island.  But someone is after those papers, and when they’re tied to an old murder case, her niece, Wendy, gets involved with saving her aunt.

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