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Books Read - February 2017

Ash, Maureen
A Deadly Penance ****
Fiction.  Sixth book in the historical mystery series set in the early 1200’s England.  Sir Bascot de Marins is a Templar Knight stationed at Lincoln.  When a man is murdered at the castle, Lady Nicolaa de Hayes and her son, Richard, send for Bascot to help them solve the murder, as he has done in the past.

The Canterbury Murders ****
Fiction.  Seventh book in the historical mystery series set in the early 1200’s England.  Nicolaa de la Haye has been summoned to the king, who is staying in Canterbury.  As the king readies to take a bath, his washerwoman is brutally killed.  When another member of his household is also murdered, he asks Nicolaa if she can ask for permission for Bascot to come and help with the inquiries.

A Holy Vengeance ****
Fiction.  Eighth book in the Bascot de Marins historical mystery series.  A woman travels to a nearby shrine to pray to St. Dunstan that she will be fertile.  Instead of her prayers being answered, a knife slices twice into her back killing her.  Bascot must find her killer.

The Devil’s Companion ****
Fiction.  The story begins in 1087, when a young scribe is sent to court to record the daily lives of young squires.  He tells the tale of Robert fitzHaimo, who grows to become a worthy knight and familiare of King William Rufus of England.

Death Riddle ****
Fiction.  The story begins in 1088 in Rochester, England.  A local pig farmer and a Norman soldier are found murdered at the pig farm.  A young man happens by to check on his friend, the pig farmer, who failed to meet up with him as they had planned.  When he sees the carnage in the shack, he panics and runs out, only to come face to face with two men-at-arms who are searching for the soldier.  Thinking the young man is the murderer, the soldiers chase him.  The young man flees to the sanctuary of the cathedral, and his mother is given 40 days to prove his innocence.

Barrows, Annie & Mary Ann Shaffer
The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society ****
Fiction.  Story written in letters about a group of people living on Guernsey in the English Channel and their experiences during and after WWII.

Beaton, M.C.
As the Pig Turns ***
Fiction.  Agatha is ticketed by a belligerent police officer, and when she finds him spinning on a spit at the local barbecue, Agatha is surprised to find herself suspect number one.

Hiss and Hers ****
Fiction.  Agatha is always looking for love in the wrong places, and her current idol is the neighborhood gardener, George Marston.  When she finds him dead in a compost heap, she channels her grief into finding his murderer.

Christmas Crumble ***
Fiction.  Agatha hosts a Christmas dinner for some elderly villagers, and things quickly go sour as one of her guests dies.

Something Borrowed, Someone Dead ****
Fiction.  Agatha is hired to ferret out the murderer of a woman from the tiny hamlet of Piddleburt.  Gloria French was well known for borrowing items and never returning them.  She has died of poisoning with elderberry wine.

The Blood of an Englishman ****
Fiction.  Agatha gets talked into attending a local pantomime with Mrs. Bloxby.  Bored at first, but in one of the final scenes, a man is viciously murdered.  For real.  And Agatha must solve the mystery.

Agatha’s First Case ***
Fiction.  Agatha is a young twenty-something and working as a secretary at a PR agency.  Her boss sends her out to meet a client suspected of murder, and Agatha takes it upon herself to solve the mystery and prove his innocence.  In doing so, he sets her up in her own PR agency, and her new career takes off.

Dishing the Dirt ****
Fiction.  A new therapist has moved to Carsley, and she is telling tales about Agatha’s past, that Agatha would like to keep quiet.  After Agatha threatens to kill the woman, she becomes suspect number one when the therapist is found strangled.

Pushing Up Daisies ****
Fiction.  Mrs. Bloxby has a problem and needs Agatha’s help.  Lord Bellington wants to destroy the village gardening allotments to turn them into a housing estate.  Agatha agrees to speak to him and try to convince him not to go through with his plans.  He refuses to change his mind, but when he’s murdered, his son hires Agatha to discover the killer’s identity.

Berry, Steve
The Admiral’s Mark ****
Fiction.  Cotton’s brother-in-law has been killed in a diving accident in Haiti, and his wife asks Cotton to investigate.  

Bevill, C.L.
Forest of Dreams ****
Fiction.  Third book in the Dreams dystopian series.  Lulu is investigating an energy bubble but falls into a trap and is taken prisoner by her worst enemy.  Landers and the others are coming, but they might not there in time.

Gaarder, Jostein
The Christmas Mystery ****
Fiction.  Joachim finds an old Advent calendar in a bookshop, and each day as he opens a door, part of an intriguing story comes to light about a young girl who went missing in 1948 and follows a little lamb on an extraordinary adventure.

Galenorn, Yasmine
Bewitching Bedlam *****
Fiction.  Second book in the urban fantasy series set on Bedlam Island in the San Juans.  Maddy is getting ready to open her bed and breakfast, but when she hears that Aegis’ ex-girlfriend, vampire Rachel, is in town and gunning for her, Maddy has to do whatever she can to stop her.

Hamilton, Lyn
The African Quest ***
Fiction.  Fifth in the Lara McLintock cozy mystery series.  Lara is guiding a tour through Tunisia while search for antiques to furnish a client’s home back in Canada.  When members of her tour group start dying, she has to find the solution.  

Jaffarian, Sue Ann
The Ghosts of Misty Hollow *****
Fiction.  Ninth book in the Granny Apples paranormal cozy mystery series.  Emma and Phil are visiting their friend, Gino, a writer of crime novels, at a lovely vacation rental in the country.  As they arrive, Emma notices a number of ghosts waiting to speak with her.  A century-old mystery awaits her, and in investigating that, she and Phil discover a dead body.

Rhythm & Clues ***
Fiction.  Eleventh book in the Odelia Grey cozy mystery series.  Odelia’s mother asks her to investigate the whereabouts of her neighbor, a musician named Bo Shank, and they, along with Odelia’s niece, Lorraine, embark on an adventure that leads to murder.

Jordan, Lucia
Pleasure **
Fiction.  First in an erotic series about Kelly, an uptight rich CEO, and Levi, a hunky firefighter who saves her life.

Kontis, Alethea
Once Upon a Kiss *****
Fiction.  Anthology of 17 romantic tales based on well-known fairytales.

MacInerney, Karen
Mother Knows Best ****
Fiction.  Second in the Margie Peterson cozy mystery series set in Texas.  Margie is a private investigator who is married to a gay man and is the mother of two young children, one of whom thinks she is a pekingese named Fifi.  Margie and her boss, Peaches, are hired to investigate a possible cheating husband.  Where they follow him to is a strip club, but he’s not there to meet a woman.

Morton, Kate
The House at Riverton ****

Fiction.  Grace Reeves is sent to work at the House at Riverton when she is 14 years old.  Her mother had worked there before her as a lady’s maid.  Grace is introduced to a new world, a hard world in terms of hard work, and a restricted world in which the upstairs doesn’t mix with the downstairs.  But she forges a quiet relationship with the family for whom she works and is privy to their secrets.

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