Thursday, December 15, 2016

Books Read - October 2016

Abbott, Victoria
The Hammett Hex ****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Book Collector cozy mystery series.  Jordan and Tyler are off on a vacation in San Francisco.  Unbeknownst to Jordan, Tyler has a mission in mind.  He is reconnecting with his long lost grandmother.  While riding on a cable car, someone pushes Jordan out, into the swarm of traffic.

Adams, Ellery
Breach of Crust ****
Fiction.  Fifth in the Charmed Pie Shoppe paranormal cozy mysteries.  Ella Mae has lost her magickal powers, but she is still a wonderful pie chef.  She is hired to spend a weekend teaching members of the prestigious Camellia Club how to make pies at the Havenwood Resort, but when members begin dying, she suspects magickal elements are the issue.

Murder in the Paperback Parlor ****
Fiction.  Second in the Storyton Hall cozy mystery series.  Jane is preparing for a week-long event at the Hall.  Romancing the Readers will feature romance writers and events related to romance.  When the most famous of the features authors is found dead. Jane and the Fins seek to help the police solve the murder.

Arlington, Lucy
- Off the Books ***
Fiction.  Fifth in the Inspiration Valley cozy mystery series.  Lila is a literary agent working for a publishing company set in a beautiful valley in the North Carolina mountains.  The entire town has a literary theme and stages many events during the year.  This event is set on brides and weddings, and one of Lila’s new authors will be speaking at her first presentation at the art center.  When notified that the refrigeration in the kitchen has gone off, Lila rushes to check on the situation and finds the handyman face down in a wedding cake.

Charles, Ann
The Rowdy Coyote Rumble ****
Fiction.  Fourth book in the humorous cozy mystery series of Jackrabbit Junction.  The girls are still in danger from a mystery person seeking the diamonds that Ronnie and Claire found a month ago.  Kate is suffering from the crazies of being pregnant with Butch’s baby.  Mac and Claire investigate the Humdigger mine that recently came into ownership by Ruby.

The Wild Turkey Tango ****
Fiction.  A novella in the Jackrabbit Junction cozy series.  The gang is getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner, but when the girls attempt to set a live turkey free, they run into all kinds of trouble.

Dams, Jeanne M.
Blood Will Tell ****
Fiction.  17th book in the Dorothy Martin mystery series.  Dorothy’s husband is giving a talk at Cambridge, and Dorothy accompanies him for the week.  While wandering around the campus, she mistakenly enters a zoology lab and spies a large pool of blood on the floor.  She looks up just in time to see the tail end of a lab coat disappearing around the corner, but suddenly afraid, she retreats and runs to find her husband.

Galenorn, Yasmine
Flight from Mayhem *****
Fiction.  Second in the Fly By Night urban fantasy series.  Shimmer, the blue dragon, works for Alex, a vampire who also happens to be her lover.  A serial killer is roaming Seattle killing off Fae and stealing their money.  Chase Johnson, head of the FH-CSI, asks Alex to investigate the killings and to help stop the killer.  Tonya, Shimmer’s witch friend from Port Townsend, flees a stalker and moves in with Shimmer until the stalker can be stopped.

Shadow Silence *****
Fiction.  Second in the Whisper Hollow urban fantasy series.  Kerris Fellwater, the town’s spirit shaman, must save her town from evil influences.  The Hounds are causing problems, and Veronica, Queen of the Unliving, requires her presence at a meeting.  Peggin, Kerris’ best friend is being kicked out of her rental home and decides to move into a rundown Victorian on the shore of the lake, which is much too close to the Lady’s domain to suit Kerris.

Jones, Sarah Marie
Grace-Ella: Spells for Beginners ****
Fiction.  Grace-Ella is nine years old and has just found out she’s a witch.  While she’s never been great in school, she takes naturally to her spellwork with the assistance of Mr. Whiskins, the black cat who came to stay with her.  She takes on the school bully by using a bit of magick and has the time of her life at the school Halloween party.

Rajchel, Diana
Samhain ****
Non-fiction.  Lore, rituals, crafts, and recipes of Samhain.

Shelton, Paige
The Cracked Spine ****
Fiction.  First in the Scottish Bookshop cozy mystery series set in Edinburgh, Scotland.  Delaney has been laid off from her museum job in Wichita and answers an online ad for a job in Scotland.  She’s never been out of Kansas before but is ready for an adventure.  An adventure, she’s found, as the sister of her new boss is murdered during Delaney’s first week there.  As she gets to know her co-workers, the city of Edinburg, a handsome pub owner wearing a kilt, Delaney sets out to answer questions in the murder.

Silver, Samantha
The Purr-fect Crime *
Fiction.  First in a paranormal cozy mystery series set in a small town on the Oregon coast.  A witch veterinarian who can speak with animals lives with her sister and her best friend.  Early one morning as she arrives at work, she notices the door is ajar.  Walking into her exam room, she finds a body on the floor, and the women decide to solve the mystery.

Wiseman, D.J.
A Habit of Dying ****

Fiction.  Lydia buys a box at an auction sale containing  several photo albums, a ledger, and a few other items.  She’s bought them to solve the mystery of whose family owned the albums in the hope that she can reunite them with a family member.  She slowly weaves a tapestry of the family and realizes that there is another mystery attached to the ledger that needs to be solved.

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