Thursday, June 30, 2016

Books Read - June 2016

Barron, Stephanie
  • Jane and the Unpleasantness at Scargrave Manor ***
Fiction.  Jane Austen visits Scargrave Manor to attend a party celebrating the marriage of her good friend, Countess Scargrave.  Unfortunately, the household is in an uproar when the new groom, Earl Scargrave dies of poisoning, and the Countess is the number one suspect.

Battista, Jeanette
  • Jackal Moon ****
Fiction.  Second in the Moon series.  Kess is called back to Miami after her brother was murdered, and she has to deal with keeping the clan going while also repelling the werehyenas who wish to take over the city.  The Keepers are involved, and Laila is on her first assignment for them.

Blake, Deborah
  • Midsummer *****
Non-fiction.  Lore, recipes, crafts, and rituals of Midsummer.

Carroll, Lewis
  • Through the Looking Glass **
Fiction.  Alice leaps into a looking-glass and finds herself in another world.

Choo, Yangsze 
  • The Ghost Bride *****
Fiction.  Li Lan was of marriageable age, but her father had long since taken to opium and quit associating with other fathers with eligible sons.  One day a visitor arrives, a wealthy merchant, whose son had recently died.  He asks Li Lan’s father for her hand in becoming a ghost bride to his son.

Goudge, Eileen
  • Woman in Black *****
Fiction.  Three women’s lives intersect at crucial moments, after which nothing is the same.

McKinley, Robin
  • Chalice ****
Fiction.  Marisol has been chosen as Chalice to her demesne, but they are still without a Master.  The chosen Master had been sent away to become a Fire Priest, and it is uncertain whether he will be able to transform into Master.  The earthlines are in an upheaval, as the future of the demesne is in question, and it’s up to Marisol to bring things back into line.

Painter, Sarah
  • The Language of Spells *****
Fiction.  First in the magical realism series set in Pendleford, England.  Gwen’s great-aunt, Iris, has left her a house in the town that Gwen had lived in during her teen years.  The women of their family line, the Harper’s, have special gifts, though Gwen has tried hard over the years to forget about hers.  Upon her return, her gift grows in power, but she’s still not sure if  it’s a gift or a curse.

Peltier, Leonard
  • Prison Writings *****
Non-fiction.  Published in 1999, these writings of Leonard Peltier tell of his life and how he ended up accused of a double murder and sentenced to two consecutive life sentences plus seven years.

Roberts, Nora
  • Blood Magick ***
Fiction.  Last it in Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy set in Ireland.  A curse has haunted a family for centuries, and it’s up to three members of the family and their friends to destroy a demon.

Seton, Anya
  • Katherine *****
Fiction.  Historical fiction about the life and love of Lady Katherine Swynford, who marries a knight she does not love, but whose death frees her to be with the love of her life.

Sparks, Nicholas
  • The Choice ***

Fiction.  Travis’ new neighbor introduces herself while accusing his dog of impregnating hers.  By the time she quits ranting, he is quite taken with her.  He invites her for a day parasailing with his friends, and despite the fact that she has a boyfriend who probably wouldn’t approve, she agrees to go, and their romance is kindled.

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