Sunday, April 24, 2016

Reiki Attunements and Lani's Passing

On March 31, 2016 I received my Reiki attunements from Lisa Powers.  I'd been wanting to study Reiki for years but only now acted on it.  Ever since Lani died, which I'll explain in a moment, things have been changing in my life.  I'm now studying things I've wanted to learn for years, and it feels great.

Every year on my birthday (and on hers and on Mother's Day) I called my birthmom, Lani.  I've only met her once, but we kept in touch through the mail and via phone calls.  This year, however, six days before my birthday Lani died.  She had gone into the hospital on Friday, February 19, with internal bleeding, and she had a small heart attack.  They were going to take her into exploratory surgery on Saturday to find out where she was bleeding from, but she wasn't stable enough for the procedure.  I found out when my sister, Christine, contacted me on Sunday.  I was waiting to hear back from her on Monday, but when she called it was with the worst news.  Lani had passed away on February 22.  

This woman who had been such a huge part of my life, even before I knew who she was, was gone.  But I don't feel sad.  I feel closer to her than ever.  Before, we were separated by geography.  Now, she is right here with me.  I can still see her smile and hear her laughter.  I love her, and I know she's watching over me.  And smiling.


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