Monday, February 1, 2016

Books Read - January 2016

Downie, Ruth
  • Terra Incognita ****
Fiction.  Medicus Gaius Petreios Ruso is riding north to a fort on the borderlands with his slave, Tilla, walking alongside.  She is returning home to her people.  Along the way, the cavalcade are harassed by a long rider wearing the antlers of a deer.  Tilla is convinced that it is the Stag God, Cernunnos.  When a heavy wagon carrying lead suddenly careens down the hill taking out men and carts, she believes it is the work of the god in retribution for all the injustices done upon her people by the Roman army.  When they reach Coria, Ruso finds himself investigating another murder, one that might be tied to the Stag Man.

Gandy, Alan
  • Nina the Naughty Witch *
Fiction.  Graphic novel about the erotic antics of Nina.

Gregory, Philippa
  • Earthly Joys ****
Fiction.  John Tradescant is a traveling gardener who works on the most beautiful gardens in England.  He pledges his life, heart, and obedience to his masters.  God, his master, his gardens, and finally his wife get his devotion.  

Huff, Elizabeth
  • 150 Prompts for Fantasy Writers ***
Non-fiction.  List of fantasy prompts and other odds and ends of information about writing fantasy.

Kaling, Mindy
  • Why Not Me? **
Non-fiction.  Essays about her life.

Llywelyn, Morgan
  • The Greener Shore *****
Fiction.  Ainvar the druid has kept the remaining members of his clan alive in the forests of Gaul, but when Caesar’s men begin cutting down and burning the trees, Ainvar leads the Carnutes on a dangerous quest to Hibernia and an uncertain future.

White, Berry
  • If You Ask Me *****
Non-fiction.  Betty White’s sixth book about her life and loves.

Wiesner, Karen S.
  • Writing the Fiction Series *****

Non-fiction.  How to plan, write, and market the fiction series, complete with case studies of a number of series and examples throughout the book.

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