Thursday, January 1, 2015

A brand new year!

2014 is in the past, and 2015 leads on into the future.  It's been an interesting year.  Plans have changed, my writing is coming along, but slowly.  My plan for the new year is to make writing a priority, rather than reading.  Beki, Anne and I have challenged ourselves to write one short story per week while still working on our longer pieces.  My plan for Chrysalis is ever clearer.  A book I read by K.M. Weiland called Outlining Your Novel really helped to clarify things about the story and has re-inspired me to jump back into it, change the beginning and re-direct where I thought the end would be.  

My planned move to PT has shifted toward a move to just south of Portland.  One of my best friends lives there, and we look forward to spending a lot of quality time getting crazy.  PT is still somewhere on the horizon, but for now I'm looking forward to being an Oregonian again.  Go Ducks!

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