Sunday, November 30, 2014

Books Read November 2014

Archer, Connie
  • Broth of Betrayal
Fiction.  3rd in the cozy mystery series set in Vermont and starring Lucky, owner of By The Spoonful, and soup and sandwich shop near a ski resort.  The town is in an uproar because a developer wants to build a car wash right in the middle of their picturesque village.  Unfortunately, the town council has voted to let the construction go through, but the townspeople band together to picket the site and disrupt the construction.  Just as the bulldozer is beginning to move, a sack of old cloth buried in the dirt starts moving.  Up pops the town drunk, but the real surprise is the human femur he has grasped in his hand.  The construction is halted as archaeologists arrive to excavate the site and dig up a full skeleton.

Cates, Bailey
  • Some Enchanted Eclair
Fiction.  4th in the Magical Bakery paranormal cozy mystery series set in Savannah, GA.  Katie Lightfoot and her aunt and uncle own the Honeybee Bakery.  Along with a group of friends known as the spellbook club, they’ve been known to solve a mystery or two.  A movie crew has invaded the town to film some scenes for a historical romance, and Katie’s uncle, Ben, and her beau, Declan, have been hired as part time security.  Honeybee has been hired to cater lunch for the crew, but when Katie delivers their lunch, she arrives just in time to hear an awful scream coming from the leading lady, only it’s not part of the movie.  A man lies on the ground with a knife sticking out of his back.  A knife that belongs to Honeybee.

Chapman, Lyssa
  • Walking on Eggshells: Discovering Strength and Courage Amid Chaos 
Non-fiction.  Lyssa Chapman is the daughter of Dog the Bounty Hunter.  This is the story of her tumultuous childhood and how she has risen above it all to become a strong and brave woman who concentrates on bringing up her two daughters with love and grace.

Dams, Jeanne M.
  • Day of Vengeance
Fiction.  15th book in the cozy mystery series set in England.  Dorothy and her husband, Alan, are drawn into another mystery when a clergyman candidate for the bishopric of Sherebury is found murdered in his cathedral.  Alan is on the selection committee, and as they know he’s a former police inspector, the other committee members ask him to look into the matter in an unofficial capacity.  With the help of their friends, Alan and Dorothy begin their search.

Galenorn, Yasmine
  • The Men of Otherworld: Collection One
Fiction.  Collection of short stories about some of the lovely men in the lives of the D’Artigo sisters.

  • Priestess Dreaming
Fiction.  23rd book in the Otherworld urban fantasy series set in a Seattle altaverse.  The three D’Artigo sisters and their family and friends are called upon by the Raven Mother to awaken The Merlin from a millennia-long sleep in order to defeat Yrann, one of the ancient wyrms who spawned the dragon races.  Working with others she doesn’t fully trust, Camille teams up with Morgaine to find the wizard.

Hoffman, Alice
  • The Dovekeepers 
Fiction.  Set in 70 CE when the Romans were burning Jerusalem, a young girl is forced to flee the city with her father and brother.  Traveling through the desert, they find their way to Masada, a fortress built 100 years prior by Kind Herod to protect his people.  This story is told by four incredible women whose lives are woven together as they strive to live their lives in the face of war and their faith in God.

Hunter, Maddy
  • Fleur de Lies

Fiction.  9th in the traveling cozy mystery series.  The group of seniors from Iowa are on a river cruise in France.  Tour group leader, Emily, has her hands full trying to keep track of her rambunctious group, as they visit several famous sites from WWII.  Calamity strikes when a beautiful young woman on the tour collapses and dies.  Not an accident, it’s murder.

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