Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Books Read September 2014

Adams, Richard
  • Watership Down 
Fiction.  The lives of rabbits told from their view.  Hazel, a brave rabbit, takes a few followers with him when he flees his home warren.  Life there had been well-ordered, but hard on the general population.  He, along with his young brother with special gifts, encourage the others to follow him far away to begin their own warren.  Along the way, they face terrifying experiences, and even when they finally reach the Promised Land, life still hands them dangers to face.

Ball, Donna
  • A Wedding on Ladybug Farm 
Fiction.  Sixth book in the Ladybug Farm series.  Lindsey and the ladies are busy getting ready for her wedding to Dominic, while he has his hands full running the winery.  Lindsey wants the perfect wedding, but something keeps preventing her from nailing down the wedding date.   Calamity after calamity befalls the preparations, while secrets held by their children end up being the biggest surprise of the season.

Befeler, Mike
  • Care Homes Are Murder 
Fiction.  Fifth book in the Paul Jacobsen cozy mystery series.  Paul, his wife and his son’s family are vacationing in Hawai’i over the Christmas holidays.  They’re taking an after-dinner stroll along the dock when a rowdy group of men pass by.  One of them crashes right into Paul and words are exchanged.  The next morning, the man is found dead in the water.  Renewing his acquaintance with Detective Saito, Paul seeks to solve the murder for which he has become a prime suspect.

  • Nursing Homes Are Murder
Fiction.  Sixth book in the Paul Jacobson Geezer-Lit series.  Paul and his wife, Marion, are getting ready to leave Hawai’i to return to their home in Venice, California, when Detective Chun requests that they stay and help solve a crime that took place in a nursing home.  Paul agrees, and Marion is set up in a nearby condo for the week, while Paul is checked into the nursing home as a patient.  With some new friends and some old friends, he sets about trying to solve the mounting crimes before he, himself, becomes a victim,

Berry, Steve
  • The Charlemagne Pursuit
Fiction.  Fourth in the Cotton Malone adventure/thriller series.  Cotton’s father died when Cotton was 10 years old.  Forrest Malone was commanding an innovating new submarine, when the sub and the entire crew was lost.  The public story was that it occurred in the northern Pacific Ocean, but the reality was much different.  In his search to find out what happened to his father, Cotton stirs up an ancient quest and becomes involved with a ruthless family who holds the key to what happened.

Bowen, Rhys
  • Evans Above 
Fiction.  First in a cozy mystery series set in a small village in Wales.  Constable Evan Evans has fled the city to live in quiet Llanfair.  While the local women try to woo him, he tries to keep busy with work, which can be difficult in such a bucolic setting.  But one day, the own of the new resort hotel above the town bursts in with the announcement that one of his customers has gone missing up on Snowdon.  At first, Evans is disinclined to make a fuss, believing the man would make his own way down, but when another body is reported, Evans knows something bad is visiting his village.

Carroll, Rick
  • Madame Pele: True Encounters with Hawai’i’s Fire Goddess
Non-fiction.  Collection of spooky tales starring Hawai’is favorite goddess.

Galenorn, Yasmine
  • Tales from Otherworld: Collection One 
Fiction.  Collection of short stories from the Otherworld series.

Hannah, Sophie
  • The Monogram Murders

Fiction.  Policeman Catchpool is staying at the same boarding house as the famous Hercule Poirot, who seeks to spend some quiet time away from solving crimes.  The crimes find him, unfortunately, when a woman rushes into a cafe looking as if she fears for her life.  Poirot attempts to calm her, but she is convinced someone will be coming to execute her.  Not murder her, because she deserves the death, at least in her eyes.  The mystery intrigues Poirot later, when three bodies are discovered at the Bloxham Hotel, and Catchpool is assigned to solve the murders.  Poirot can never resist sticking his toe into mysteries, and he and Catchpool team up to track down the murderer.

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