Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fingernails and Tyger

I've lost another five pounds, which I'm thrilled about, and even better is the difference I've noticed in how my clothes are fitting, how I look in the mirror, AND how I feel physically.  I actually feel taller, is that odd?  Trying to get sufficient sleep every day helps a lot too.  I had an appointment with my doctor, and all my lab results came back fine, except that my thyroid is still messed up, so she boosted my thyroid med by 50%.  It's a relief that I finally know that's why my fingernails look like they do, though I don't know if they'll ever grow like other people's.  

The whole white part on the tip is where my nail comes off the nail bed, but it doesn't hurt.  They've been like that my whole life, but none of the doctors I've ever asked knew what caused it.

I've finished all the books I needed to read for this month's mini-challenge on Goodreads, so I have more time to come up with story ideas for Camp NaNo next month.  Writing the short story that I submitted to the Chicken Soup of the Soul people was so fun that I've decided to keep writing short stories and poems for camp this time instead of working on a novel.

So just for fun, I'm including some pics of my babycat.  His name is Tyger, and I adopted him from a cat adoption agency ten years ago.

That's him as a kitten.  He liked to sit on that yellow chair backwards and watch tennis matches on TV.

Cute little guy, wasn't he?  Not a very clear picture.

Here he is being nosey.

And here's my sweet handsome prince fast asleep in dream land.

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