Thursday, October 18, 2012

Avienne (Spirit of the Clans, Book 1)

Back when I began this novel during June's NaNo camp, I pictured it as a trilogy, with Aliyah growing up and returning to the Felisene in the first book.  But I got 50k words into the story, and she's still 4-years-old, and then I got stuck and couldn't decide whether to advance her to her teenage years, then advance her again to adulthood.  So I wrote something else for August's camp.  Now that NaNo is here again, I'm going to continue the fantasy, beginning when she's an adult and including a few flashbacks to her teenage years, and this phase of her story will be told in one volume.  I'll have her story continue in the 2nd book where she will resolve the issues in her own clan.  Subsequent volumes will revolve around other stories related in time and space but still separate.  

I'm looking forward to continuing her story and getting back into mad-writing mode with all the craziness that NaNoWriMo evokes.  I have some awesome writing buddies this year and look forward to sharing and caring with them.

In the meantime, I'm trying to, at least, finish reading "The Story of Norway" before the end of the month, although I also need to read "The Scarlet Letter" ick.  That's the one book from high school I could not get through, and yes, when it came time for me to write the report on it, I read the first 50 pages and the last 20 pages and wrote the darn report...the only time I cheated in school.  I still feel guilty, but it still doesn't make me want to read that book!  And to compound my feeling of guilt about it, when my grandmother learned that I was supposed to read it in school, she gave me a 2nd printing copy of "The Scarlet Letter" that had belong to her mother, Rosie Belle Tinsley, who had traveled with it across the plains in a covered wagon.  It's a family heirloom, and I will always treasure it because of that.

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