Sunday, September 2, 2012

Books Read in August 2012

Alderman, P.J.
- A Killing Tide 
Fiction.  Kaz returns to her hometown of Astoria, Oregon to find her brother accused of murder, and the whole town keeping secrets.

Arlington, Lucy
- Buried in a Book
Fiction.  1st in a series about an ex-journalist who wants to be a literary agent, her teenage son, who wants to raise goats, and her mother, who reads tarot cards, all living in a quaint little town with all sorts of interesting characters.

Blair, Annete
- Cloaked in Malice 
Fiction.  Maddy owns a vintage clothing store that comes complete with a drop dead handsome ghost.  She also has an FBI agent boyfriend who is slightly overprotective.  Maddy’s great talent?  She’s a psychometrist.  Someone who receives visions when touching clothing, in her case, vintage clothing, a talent that not only helps her solve mysteries, but also gets her into trouble.

Freethy, Barbara
- All She Ever Wanted
Fiction.  Standalone mystery set in California.  Four girls meet at college and become sorority sisters.  They’re best friends, but one of them ends up dead, and another is suspected of murder.

Galenorn, Yasmine
- Night Seeker
Fiction.  The battle between Cecily Waters and Myst continues, as she discovers her new powers and reconnects with her father, Wrath, King of the Rivers and Rushes.  Can she save Grieve from his bloodlust and connection with Myst, or will the effort cause him his life?  

Lavene, Joyce
-Wicked Weaves 
Fiction.  1st in the Renaissance Faire mystery series.  Jessie is working as an apprentice to a master basket maker, a Gullah woman with secrets.  Those secrets start coming out, and Jessie and the village bailiff, Chase, join forces to try and solve them.

Waiwaiole, Lono
- Wiley’s Lament 
Fiction.  Rather gritty tale of murder and revenge and a father’s love, full of up-close action.

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